Kathleen...and other CTS shoppers

slinkeyOctober 31, 2010


I know you're still recouperating, but 'Heads Up'!

I went to CTS today, and found great Christmas buys.

They had the most fabulous cotton kitchen towels with pretty detailing,(can use for napkins) on sale -marked down to $.50 ea... I bought a bunch. They were like 'potato chips' .. I just couldn't stop! lol

I also found a nice selection of placemats for $1 ea.

And glittered Reindeer candleholders for $2.99 ea.

All their Halloween was half off. They still had quite a bit left. I'm sure they'll go lower in price.

They had so many other great things...but I really couldn't

stop...DH was with me and I had to hurry b/c we were headed for the mall, and this was just a quick 'pitstop' ! :(


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No CTS here
Pounding head on computer desk.....

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Awww Karen...
'Keep the Faith'..
I'm sure one day soon! lol


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Sniff . . sniff . . . no CTSs here in New Mexico either! Your haul sounds fantastic, though, and I'm anxious to see it all. What fun!
Kathleen, hope you're feeling better.

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No CTS here either--darn it! But I'm happy you had fun and found some good bargains. BUT now you've made me want to go out shopping today! My plans were to get all the Halloween things packed away, but I can be so easily swayed! LOL


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We are suppose to get a CTS in our area but it will be close to 2 hours away - not exactly convenient for just a quick trip but I do plant to make several trips there a year with my sister in crime :D

I am so excited to start seeing all the Christmas stuff start showing up here - that is my all time decorating season with fall/harvest being a very close second - so the next 2 months I will be in heaven here

Jane - you finds sound so neat - can't wait to see them incorporated in your decorating .....


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Jane, thanks for the heads up, I hope to get there tomorrow, I can't believe how tired I am still from the pneu.
Sounds like you found some goodies. Alma sent me pics of what she bought for 300!
Thanks for thinking of me!
They just opened a few new stores, PA, and GA and somewhere else.
Lynn, it is a good hour from me, but worth it!!!

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Crying in my beer...ohhh, guess not, I don't drink beer...but I would be if I did drink beer. No CTS shopping around here either! I do envy (very, very much envy) the CTS posts! slinkey, you rascal, you!

kathleen...$300 ...that friend must be in shopper's heaven! Whoopie! Hope you feel better & better each day & get to go soon! Jeanne S.

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Jane, Sounds like you had alot of fun shopping. Great buys and I want PICTURES... Sad that you didn't get to shop more because you were heading for the mall to SHOP!!!

Kathleen, hope you feel well enough to go shopping. Sounds like your friend had a ball shopping and I'm sure wanted more.haha

I hear ya, Jeanne and ohters, no CTS near!!!


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Jane, I'm just reading this now, but I was at the CTS on Sunday and they didn't have the same sales. I wonder why.

One thing I really wanted that was advertised was JUMBO ornaments. The bins were empty when I got there, of course. :(

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Gee everyone...sorry I 'opened a sore wound'! @@
Kathleen...I'm hoping you're getting stronger ea day too >
especially for 'Shopping' !! seriously tho..I hope ea day is a better one for you.

PM...CTS usually does that - different inventory at their stores. Not All inventory, but certain items. I know Kathleen has found things I didn't find and vise versa.
I drive DH crazy, when we vacation on Cape Cod. I have to go to EVERY one... because of this.
I know... I confess....I'm a 'CTS Addict'!!

Jeanne...you are so funny. I can always count on you for a good chuckle ea day!

Punk...yes I know..I guess I sound like a 'Shopping Fool'..running from one place to another.

lynn...The ONLY place I was able to shop at a CTS was on Cape Cod...slowly they started spreading..When one opened up 2 1/2 hrs away...I thought I was in heaven. We'd make a day trip and as Kathleen said, was worth the trip.
Now there's one 15 mins away!

Luvs and anyone else...as I said to Karen..keep the faith.. lol


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