Our Home Was a Little Scary Last Night

phonegirlOctober 25, 2010

DH and I got home last night to a fun surprise. The kids had bought Pizza and was having a Pumpkin Carving Party at our home. DGD told them "Nana won't mind if we have a party w/o her."LOL

Excuse the mess in th back ground. We made several dozen popcorn balls and roasted pumpkin seeds too. Here are a few of the carved pumpkins. The 2 little ones drew out some of the faces with markers and they hadn't cleaned all of them off before I took these photos.


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I cracked up over your DGD's comment. The party looks and sounds fun. I'm glad you were able to make it. LOL. Those are some spooky looking pumpkins!

hugs, Karen

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Sounds like it was a fun night Punk.
Some of the best times are the ones that are not planned.
There are some real 'winners' there, from the way they're carved. I've never seen pumpkins carved with the stems used as noses. How clever.
The one with the Witch hat looks like a great Cat Face.
In fact there are several with great faces on them.
Your DGD is a luky girl to have a family that enjoys doing fun stuff together.


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What fun! Neat that even your DGD knows guests are always welcome in your home--even if you're not there! LOL Those sure are some scary looking punkins, will look even scarier all lit up at night I'll bet. Gosh, popcorn balls sound good, need to get busy and make a few of those here at my house too me thinks! ;o)


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Punk, Sounds like a wonderful carving party!!!
I never tried to make popcorn balls.
The jack-o-lanterns are great.
It's true that some of the best times
Are the unplanned ones!

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Those are super, not too sure how scary though. Sounds like a great time was had by all. I love the teeth on the green one.

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Those are amazing! and I LOL about your Granddaughter...sounds like something one of my wiglets would have said.
Y'all did a great job on the pumpkins...thanks for showing us!

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Oh, what fun, punk! A party & pizza, too! AWESOME! Great pumpkins! I also love how they used the stem as the nose! Kids LOVE Halloween!!! My GS posted a pic on FB he took of my GGS visiting a pumpkin farm last weekend...they have such cool places to pick out a pumpkin...anyway, thought this pic was pretty cool:

TFS your party, punk! Enjoyed it! Jeanne S.

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What a cute little guy, and he looks so small compared to that huge scarecrow! Neat that they have fun places and things like that for the kids.

I took little GD to a "punkin patch" fun zone place last week. They had a petting zoo, some rides, and lots of those inflatable things. She insisted on going on the biggest slide and I was a bit concerned. She zipped right down, ran over and said "that was waaay fun!" and headed right back up again!


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Karen, yep, DGD knows Nana to well already. I'm always up to makin' a mess if it means having fun.

Jane, your so right. Some of the best times aren't planned. We talked about how lucky the girls are that the guys jumped in to carve for them. If there would of been more time I can only imagine what they would of come up with.

I was pretty impressed when DS cut a little bit off to be able to get them to sit up right and use the stems as noses. He even made me put candles in them so he could see how they would look lit up.

Luvs, the popcorn balls were enjoyed by all we shared with and we shared with several. I really like my recipe and if anyone needs an easy one would be more than happy to share. Don't need a candy thermometer to make these.

NanaK, sometimes I do better when events aren't planned. Is this known as flying by the seat of our pants?LOL

Frou, I'll let the guys know you commented on the teeth. To bad I didn't bring all of them in so they would be orange but I kinda like having the different colors. I offered to paint them but they didn't think it was necessary and I think they were right.

J, glad you enjoyed these. I'm not always sure what to share but since we don't have a discussion post guess this was just fine here.

Jeanne, that is such a neat picture of GGS on that big scarecrow. Kids are pretty lucky now days when it comes to entertainment. We went out to mom's garden to pick pumpkins when I was growing up.LOL

Luvs, glad to hear you and DGD had a fun time at the "punkin patch". Some times us Gramma's need to look the other way and not be over protective. Easier said than done huh?

So glad you all enjoyed seeing the carved pumpkins. I'm thinking it may become an annual event for a few years and I'm sure it will take place at our HOME. DM was always game for messes at her place and I laugh when I think about it. She was also one who always fixed to much food for our dinners and I do the same. We live what we learn in so many ways.


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I'd like that Popcorn Ball recipe...
If it's easy...it says 'Jane' !! lol


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"Easy Jane" Popcorn Balls

1 cup butter
1 cup light Karo syrup
2 cups sugar

Bring to a soft boil and add coloring. I use orange for Halloween.

1 and 1/4 cups unpopped popcorn for this syrup recipe.

I have a Hot Air Corn Popper and make 2 1/2 batches using the 1 1/4 cups popcorn.

Lightly salt popcorn(optional) and pour hot syrup over and mix. Butter hands and make balls. Place in plastic bag and enjoy!

Hope this works for you.


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Those are great pumpkins, punk! I love the ones with TEETH! lol!

There used to be a Pumpkin Farm not too far from here... every year they made a long "wall" using what must have been hundreds of carved lit pumpkins stacked as 8' tall totem poles. They all had different 'faces'. It was amazing.

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I love all of them but my fav is the one with the witch hat. Love the expression on the face.

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Thanks Punk for the recipe..
We're having a little Halloween Party here on Fri night
before the kids go with their Father for the Wkend..
So I'm going to see if they'd like to make these Thur
I'll let you know if we make them and how they turn out.
My DM used to put them in our stockings every Christmas and I loved them. I did the same for my DD.
I like the idea of making them tho.


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Thanks for sharing the recipe, will try to get some made too. I love easy recipes too. Luvs

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What a great idea for a party! Some of those pumpkins have really long stems. I like that. How fun!

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Punk...came back to copy your recipe..
and just realized the 'Title you gave it'!...lol

Now how could I not make it?
Thanks again.


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Hey, I'm going to try these too.

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