oldalgebraOctober 26, 2010

About 3 years ago a friend brought this woven and hemmed fabric to me. She had purchased it

while on a trip to Salsburg in Austria.

The fabric has been sitting in a drawer ever since. The other day I retrieved it, cut some

shapes and letters out black contact paper, bought a frame and this is the result.

. .

. .

. .

. .

. .


It hangs in the hall bathroom next to a mirror decorated with

frosted contact paper (a la Martha Stewart).

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Why you creative little Devil You!
I love how you turned that piece of
cloth into a Hilarious piece of Art!
I think where you have it along with
the 'Martha Stewart' inspired mirror...is just
too cute...
I'd love to be in that bathroom just 'hanging out with those guys' !!


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WOW, OA...your artistic humor is certainly a labor of love! You drew, cut-out & peeled the back off the contact letters (intense labor, that peeling)...& then matted & framed your Hallo-art! A GIANT DUST-MITE, right??? LOL! Am lovin' your Hallo-Bath with the frosted ghost & original art! TFS! Jeanne S.
p.s. Did you see I remembered the word "Giant" in this post? tee hee!

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You are so creative, OA. That fabric is a perfect background for your "critter". You certainly do fantastic artwork, do you just make it up or are you finding patterns to use? How old are your Gkids? Hopefully this one won't give them nightmares! Love how your mirror ghost turned out too, isn't this Halloween crafting fun? Luvs

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I LOVE IT & IT! How wonderful that you brought it out and was able to create such a cute framed art with it to hang beside the ghost mirror. I'm so glad you don't live where all the bed bugs are! That would be horrible to have hanging if you did. Oh that's right, they are IN THE BEDS, not under the bed.LOL

Keep it up you "Creative Little Bug." We count on you for entertainment!


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You are so smart. Where do you come up with all your ideas. I love the monster and the M.S. ghost. Looks like the black and white theme is just the ticket for your bathroom.

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OA....What a RIOT!!! OOOOH... I'll be shining a light under my bed for sure tonight! Honestly you could give Martha Stewart ideas! Is there a pattern for the ghost, or did you draw it freehand?

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I came across the monster head on the internet when I was looking for silhouettes. I figured that even if I couldn't draw it exactly like it was pictured, who'd know?
I added the arm.

Nana, you can find the ghost pattern here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Ghost Template

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O how I love the critter under the bed framing.
You're tooo creative and such a wonderful way to use your friends gift.
The giant casper is adorable to.
Learn something new everyday (or rather, learn how little attention I pay) ~ I never even noticed frosted contact paper existed. Duh me. lol

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OMGosh....that's absolutely over-the-top hysterical. You come up with so many different things constantly that just blow me away. This is no exception. I was laughing out loud at the Bed Monster. And 'Casper' is a sweetie.

Way to go, Mz OsoAmazing!

hugs, Karen

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OMG, I just scared the daylights out of my dogs, screeching with laughter at your use for that fabric, OA . . . I LOVE it!!!!! How brilliant and perfect! I really like the ghost in the mirror, a la Martha, too. TFS!

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