Porch 'Old Door' Hutch changeover ...Yikes!

jeannespinesOctober 27, 2012

Ok, you 'Holiday-ers' have inspired me once again... how you change out your china closets & such ...well, I decided to give my 'Old Door Hutch' on the porch a bit of Holiday spirit for Fall.

I splurged on myself & ordered this Candlelight/Bowl from a friend's shop on Facebook & it came by mail truck yesterday! It looked gorgeous on my dining table but then I couldn't 'plug it in' ...so I gave in to your inspiring decorators!

Here it is in the old door hutch:

I decided to use 'white/off-white' pcs in the hutch ... usually this hutch houses the Heisey Lariat elegant glassware...so now I will have to 'store it' for awhile.

I would like a few more 'white' pottery pcs ... pumpkins or whatever ... but I had this turkey so I added him:

And here's the full view late this afternoon...cold temps here but sunny today!

I am a bit overwhelmed w/storage issues today! Most everything in this 'old door hutch' I've found thrift shopping or whatever ...since I've joined this forum a few yrs ago! LOL! TFLookin'! Happy Halloween week! Jeanne

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Oh sure Jeanne...Blame US for your 'Splurging Weakness' !!
I can see why you splurged...it's a beautiful piece.
I love it on the table, but it's a shame it can't be
lit from there. I forgot who made a narrow table leaf to fit into the center of their table with a hole in it to run a wire thru...??
But, then as I see it on your 'Old Door' Hutch...it's simply beautiful there too! It adds such a warm glow to the soft white pieces you have on there. I love it!
It is getting harder and harder to store things after
joining this group...huh? Can't stop collecting and hard to get rid of things too...but what can we do! lol
Love what you purchased Jeanne and how you displayed it !

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Jeanne, this is all fabulous!!! Your new Candlelight/Bowl is wonderful. It was OA who gave us a tutorial on fixing the leaf to accomodate a cord. If memory serves me right it was for her ladder w/elves adding lights to the Christmas tree in the center of her table. Speaking of OA sure miss her.

Back to your beautiful piece on your 'Old Door' Hutch. I agree w/Jane, it's simply beautiful there too! I love that door!!! Your Heisey Lariat (which I'm still looking for someLOL) is wonderful but this is a gorgeous setting. Looks like it belongs in a magazine to me.

Now for the storage issues, hmmmmm. Keep collecting cuz we need some new things to entice us!


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Love it! It's gorgeous :)

Never heard the term door hutch before. Did you build it?

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What a beautiful piece and it does look great in both locations. I love the decor in the old door hutch right now! The off-white and white pieces are wonderful, but if you get tired of that reading fairy, I'd be willing to give her a home, LOL. She is just precious.

I wnat to know too, did you make that hutch?

I know what you mean about the accumulation of decor items thanks to the influence of others on this site, LOL!!

I think I prefer to think of it as being "inspired" by this group.


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Thanks, Holiday-ers...

My hubby made the door hutch for me probably 10 yrs or more ago. When my sis' old farmhouse was torn down, we got to salvage some things...I got this door & an old window both of which are fave decorating pcs to me. I had seen a pic in a magazine & showed it to DH & we went from their...the top & moldings around it were added...otherwise, the design on the door is it's original. Jeanne S.

Here's the window I hang during Christmas/Winter:

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Jeannie, I'm sitting here this morn waiting for my little man to get here and DH to get up and enjoying my coffee and listening to the wind howl.I love your old door hutch. Is it a cornor hutch, kinda looks that way to me. I love your new bowl. It is the perfect piece for your table of hutch. I envy all you gals who can decorate your porch. I really don't have a porch, but the way the wind blows here it is probably just as well. Looks like we might be going to break a record for October snows if the weather channel is right. I am not looking forward to that! Please eveyone on the East Coast stay safe.Janet

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The Candlelight bowl looks great in both places, but I think it was made for your wonderful old door hutch.
It is perfect with the white pieces you have displayed there.
I love the window too.

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Marlene Kindred

LOVE you new centerpiece Jeanne! And your hutch is one of my favorites...love it with the all white look!

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Thank you, gals!
Janet...good thoughts & prayers coming your way ...so many will be affected by another weather diaster. Hope you are prepared as much as you can be...stay safe.

I really love the new candlelight bowl in the hutch, too...but today I had to 'store' in a flat tote (under my bed, of all places!) the Heisey Lariat elegant glassware. LOL!

Here's the candles @night...looks real pretty & lights up the shelf:

Thinking of you all ... stay safe & hope this weather passes quickly for so many Eastern states. Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, I remember your picture too and it's always good to see it again. I'd love to add an old door or screen door in my house on one slanted short wall but haven't found the perfect one yet. I will have to cut out for a heater vent but that wouldn't be a problem.

Janet, hope you don't get to much snow this month. We've had some but it's gone now. I so hope all survive Hurricane Sandy. So scary.


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Your hutch looks so neat with all the white pieces and your new candlelight bowl. Very nice. The nighttime pic sure gives off a nice warm glow. You and your DH are so talented and such a creative team. ;o) Luvs

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