Halloween Table

oldalgebraOctober 24, 2010

This table was a bear to photograph.

The tablecloth has a nice border on it that you can't see. It is very long

and can accommodate a table for 12. I made it (well, I hemmed it) at least 10 years ago.

The orange plates are from Crate and Barrel and were advertised as Halloween dessert plates.

I have 6 of them and 6 black ones as well

Some of you will remember when I "discovered" I owned one brand new bright orange table cloth and 12 matching napkins.

I still have absolutely no recollection of purchasing them,

but the orange napkins have come in surprisingly handy (Easter, Giants Baseball, Halloween).

The eyeball stirrers are the only new items on the table.

CONFESSIONS OF A Tablescape Addict:

Hello, my name is OA and I'm a tablescape addict. This is the first time I've used the vampire teeth name card holders.

These were available at Pottery Barn a few years ago. I loved them and waited for a sale. They went on sale,

but I thought I'd give them a chance drop a little more in price. Well, no such luck and they sold out.

The next year, I snapped them up at full price. Yes, that's what I said, "at full price," because I HAD

TO HAVE THEM RIGHT NOW! Well, as much as I had to have them, they sat in their little plastic bags

for 3 years. Now, I still love them. But I willing to admit it. I was weak.

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LOL, OA! Love, love, love the "vampire teeth" card holders! Well worth the full price AND the 3-yr waiting period!!! Your t'cloth is quite festive for the occassion & I am loving all the stars & dots & pumpkins galore! Place settings in Or&Blk...traditional colors & I love 'em! And, those orange napkins bring good luck...well, you know, some ball team just won the other night...ummm, SF something or other! LOL!

Eyeball stirrers...gosh, that should mix up a great "highball" for the occassion! And a bit of "spook" added with that tall candlestick holder, cobwebs & candlelight! Great table, OA! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Boo-tiful table OA. :)
I looove the tablecloth and in my world, the ever elusive black stemware.
Job very well done!!

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I like your tablecloth and those orange napkins are just the thing. How fantastic that you found vampire teeth placecard holders! Who cares what they cost, that's a very unique tablescaping item. LOL Great candleholder, did you find it that way or fix it yourself? And give me a close up of the orange and black foliage pieces please, those look so neat. Luvs

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Well OA...I guess that having
'Buyers Regret' the first time around from not buying those Vampire Teeth...The second time around > 'They Took A Bite Out Of You' !! Actually I think no 'Dignified Halloween Table' should be w/o them, and they were worth what you paid for them.
Great tablecloth and plates and those orange napkins make everything 'pop' ... another Halloween 'must have'.
As usual, another fun table...with 2 Thumbs Up.


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Another wonderful table, OA... The vampire teeth place card holders are terrific. Well worth paying full price [says one enabler to another]. I love the plates and the pumpkins, can I borrow the orange napkins? I was looking for some, but no luck, I guess I shouldn't wait till the week before Halloween to try to find things. The eyeball stirrers are great. You really know how to put a table together. I love it. I'd like to see a close up of the foliage as well.

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What a super table. The tall candle holder is a show-stopper. About the eyeball stirs, sometimes we just have to pay full price, admitting it is a good start.(to enable all of us). The Halloween dessert plates are nice too.

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Here's a closer look at the garland.

I tried taking some more shots of the table, as I just couldn't seem to get it right. I've started to think
that the shots are OK, it's just that, down deep, I'm the one who's not really pleased with the total look.
I know I could fix this, but I can't seem to figure it out.

For one thing, the table is too long for 6 people.

Here's a close-up of "the fangs."

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OA ...with your close-up shot of the garland, my first (Halloween-y) thought was, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave!" LOL! I think it fits your table really well & I love the candleabra! Can you take a "leaf" out of the table & let the t'cloth layer onto the floor (of course, w/o tripping over it!...which could be a problem for me!)

Those vampire teeth....ewwwww. those are just SO PERFECT for name cards! & gee, I had to look up "Quasimodo"...rang a bell, but wasn't tuning it in...what did we ever do w/o GOOGLE! Hunchback of Notre Dame, of course!!! Great table, OA! Jeanne S.
Oh, & I looked up that BB book (from my other thread) & my local libraries have it...so will ck that out...thanks!

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That is one GIGANTIC candlelabra. Pretty impressive and perfect for Halloween. Where on earth did you find that thing? I love your garland and whole centerpiece.
A SPOOKtacular setting you've done!

hugs, Karen

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OA, this is a very pretty Halloween table. Love that cloth you made. Your place card holders are cute. Loved your story about buying them and then keeping them put away for 3 years. Well now you have shared and so the money was well spent, I think.

That is such a neat candleabra you have on this table. Your spider webs look good. You come up with so many neat ones and I always enjoy them so much.

It's great that you admitted (LOL) to being a tablescape addict but we sure don't want you to GIVE IT UP! I downloaded an application that measures your alcohol consumption on my phone a couple of weeks ago. Haven't played with it yet.haha Should I google and see if I can find an application for tablescapeaholic's? There is more than 92,000 apps. on there.LOL


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The candelabra was purchased long, long ago from a party supply rental company that was going out of business. I got it specifically for Halloween. It was marked lower than the rest of the candelabras sitting on the table, as it had a visible dent on the base. But for Halloween, what could be more perfect!

At the time, I also got two round folding tables that easily seat 8. In a pinch, you can fit 9 without crowding too much. I remember that I worried about getting them. My kids were little and it was a lot to spend on something that you only use once or twice a year at the most. But I smile every time I roll them out from the side shed. I can't tell you how many times we've used them - graduations, first communions, retirement dinners, July 4th celebrations.

Now, the candelabra was an indulgence. So it pleases me that so many posters acknowledged it! :)

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No. No. I don't want to know if there's an app for my sickness. I'm sure it will somehow connect to my credit card information and cause the card to be demagnetized. I'll go into withdrawals! I love my iPhone, but I also love my dishes. If you should find one, DON'T tell me.

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Beautifully done. Love the fangs.

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What a wonderful table, OA! I love everything about it, especially that candelabra and your tablecloth. It really sets the mood, doesn't it? Those fang placecard holders are so cute! I'm glad that you were able to find them again!

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