Halloween Wine Glasses

oldalgebraOctober 6, 2008

Just one more thing and then I promise to quit. I'd thought this might come in handy if you're giving a Halloween get-together.

Some of you might remember my fall arrangement with the carved pumpkin my friend gave me. The husband of this same friend presented me with six spider web wine glasses one Halloween. Obviously, he's talented enough to make a living with his art.

Last year I gave a luncheon for some of my teacher friends and needed more glasses than the six I had. So, I went on a search and found this idea. Just bought cheepie wine glasses and painted a line of red paint around the glasses and let the paint run down at will. Now, how easy is that! If you've never used glass paint, you should know that you have to let it set for several days before using. And you must paint "below lip level" as it isn't good to have it in your mouth.

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Please don't quit, OA!! You know we love pics! And what a great idea these wine glasses are. I doubt I could make nice webs/spiders like your talented friend but maybe, the blood ones are do-able. Thanks for sharing!


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Love the painted webs and spiders, your friend did a great job on them. And kudos to you on the clever idea for more Halloween glasses. (Although I might have to think twice about drinking from a glass with "blood" dripping off it!) LOL


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Hey, you can't quit yet! Not until the 1st of November...

I love those glasses!! I normally don't have time for stuff like that, but I might be able to handle the bloody ones. There's a glass painting artist around here who's quite reasonable though, and I'm considering buying some stemware from her one of these days. Dishwasher safe, since she bakes the decorations on in the oven...

Yours are wonderful though, and the blood goes great with the webs! :-)

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Oh wow. Those are so much fun. I loved them!

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Love the webs!! Great idea for all those mismatched wine glasses we end up with! I always start off with 13, but the breakage never stops at one...:(

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What a great idea! I just thought buying some glasses for the Halloween party I will host... will buy some standard glasses and paint them with such themes.

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