Can you install Daltile corner shelf after the fact?

Mom23EsJune 14, 2012

The builder's tile shop quoted us $90 per shelf. The shelves are sold at HD for $23. We would like two of these for each of our three secondary bathrooms. If we can just buy the shelves ourselves and stick them up over top of the 6x6" tiles, it would really save us a lot of money.

I thought I read that it could be done, but then one of the reviewers on HD states that you have to cut away the tile. I'd love to get some clarification on this. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Daltile corner shelf sold at HD

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I think if you go on youtube, there is a video that shows how to install with some kind of epoxy right on the tile.

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It needs to be installed on top of the cement board--NOT on top of the tile-- with thinset and the tiles will be cut around it and help to lock it in place.

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If it's the You-tube guy I'm thinking of, the guy's a hack. Several of us from "across the way" have posted comments to several of his videos stating where hs methods directly contradict industry standards, and all he does is delete our comments. As for gluing to the face of the tile, I'd be very suspect at the prospect of this lasting more than a few months at best, and that's ONLY IF the corner is perfectly square. Better to bite the bullet and do it right.

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Our tile guy just installed some in our bathroom today and they are set into the tile. While it may be tempting to glue them directly onto the tile this is not the way they are intended to be set.

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