Japanese type tub. Sit or recline?

emily_mbJune 8, 2013

I want a tub to soak in after the shower. What is most comfortable? Sit at the bottom with my legs straight out in front of me? Sit on a low bench? Or recline?

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We have a traditional looking "twist" on a Japanese overflow tub. Ours has a slight recline and I definitely like that. When I'm relaxing, sitting straight up does not work for me. But it may work for you. I would think about your position when you relax on the couch or your favorite chair and try to duplicate that in your tub choice. When it comes to leg positioning, etc, you will need to take into account the heights of the people who will be using the tub. This is important because if you get a tub with a bottom that is too long for your height you can have issues with staying submersed in the water when you lay back and recline--your legs will want to float up. Getting in the tub, laying back against the tub to check the recline angle & where your feet end up (your toes should just touch the other end of the tub) before making your final selection is a must -- especially when you take into account how much these style of tubs cost. It would be an expensive mistake to order one without being able to try it out first and then realize you can't get comfortable in the tub once its installed. Using a bench may help with a tub that is too short along the bottom. A bench would be one more thing for me clean, so I wouldn't want one.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, mydreamhome. What do you think of the cabuchon soaking tubs?

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabuchon soaking tubs

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I, too, am considering a Japanese soaking tub, bc my BR is small, but don't envision sitting up as comfortable. May I ask, mydreamhome, what type you have?

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Not sure he/ she will respond as this is an old thread.

I have the Kohler Greek tub. It is 24" deep and 48" long. The back is pretty straight but it is very comfortable. It also comes with a removable pillow which I never remember to use.

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NYC, thank you! It seems like when I was looking at smaller tubs several years ago, there was so much less of a selection than now. Perhaps we're all downsizing? There is the debate of cast iron vs. acrylic, altho I've read that you can have heaters installed with your tub to keep the water warm, and I'm considering a tankless water heater, too. How long have you had the Greek, and how do you like the acrylic vs. cast iron?

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Miz, we have had the tub for for almost three years. For the first year and a half or so, it was used multiple times daily as a shower by my girls and by me occasionally as a bath. Now it us used mostly by me as a bath. I really love this tub. On a Sunday afternoon, I fill it up and soak up to my neck. Heaven.

I like the acrylic. It feels solid. My water stays warm for a really long time. That is likely because the surface area is smaller--at 48" long, there is less surface exposed to the air to cool. We use soft scrub on it and it looks perfect.

The one thing is that you probably won't find the tub anywhere to try it out. No one had it on display when I was buying so I had to take a flyer on it.

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You might want to look at two small tubs by Victoria & Albert. Edge and IOS.

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