WWYD - Corian Shower Seat

barbcollinsJune 22, 2012

I am working on our lastest bathroom and we have decided to include a shower seat. (See my previous post)


I have finished up my drywall and the ceiling is painted. Hope to start tiling next weekend.

DH has a friend with a cabinet shop, and he had the cut a piece of Corian for the shower seat. We agreed it should be a light color because matching the tile would be impossible.

He brought the piece home last week and I laid one of tile on top and thought it was a great choice. You can also see the mosaics peeking in the top left of the picture. I will be using those as accents strips.

But.... then I turned it over and looked at the back.

I thought it was beautiful.

What would you do? Which side do you like better?

This IS NOT a house we are keeping and I have to remind myself that it is not what I like, but what the majority of other people would like. I wonder if the back side is too busy. Or does it look too "fake".

They finished the edges for us expecting to use the other side. Would I be able to ease the unfinished edge with sandpaper?

Would I be able to sand off the "DUPONT" stamp? I hate to have him take it back since they did not charge us for doing it.

Would you go to the trouble, or just use the piece as planned.

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I like the first picture better! The second one reminds me of (please don't take this the wrong way) really cheap cultured marble.

In the first picture the color variation looks more natural and calming. At least for me :)

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I'd use the intended side, in the first photo. The underside is interesting but not beautiful. I think the combinations of the dark tile in the large and small format and the finished surface of the Corian is very nice.

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If I were going to keep it, I'd want the second side. But if you're going to sell the house within the next few years, bland is better.

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Thanks everybody,

I agree the first side is probably better for this situation.

Hey Bill, while I have you here.....

Does it matter if the seat is put down first or after the wall tiles are up.

I assume it should go down first but since there will be a little bit over an overhang, it might make cutting the tile on the back wall a little tricky.

Would it hurt anything if I put up the back wall tile first then butt the corian up to it?

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That's what I did. :-)

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