Please share traditional main floor master plans / photos

faulstrMay 8, 2013

There are some beautiful homes built by some of you posters that I'd love to see floor plans or photos for inspiration. We really want a traditional styled home (think Georgian or Colonial) and love the symmetrical 2 story style. There have been some posts with intriguing exterior photos but I've tried searching on user names without success to find more photos and preferably floor plans. Thought I'd try a post to see if some of you with traditional styled main floor master homes would respond. :-). Thanks so much in advance!

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We love that style as well, but we found that it was very difficult to find it with a main-floor master -- unless you have a massive second floor or very tiny first floor, it's quite difficult to keep that rectangular profile.

Because the style we wanted was more important to us than the location of the master bedroom, we eventually decided to move ours upstairs.

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I don't have my floor plans in a digital file, but I have a traditional house with a master down. The master is in a one story wing off the back. I will post a pic of the front and back so you can see. From the front it is very symmetrical.

Front (there is a matching little "wing" on the left that doesn't show in this photo...

And this is the rear. The master is on the right, with all those windows. Being able to have rear entry garage helps with symmetry, plus makes for a Mack-daddy b-ball court for ds! ;)

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Here is my main level master floorplan. I don't know if you would call it colonial or georgian though :)

We tweaked this version just a bit. We took out the middle coat closet between master and study and will make that area have a built in cabinet. Then we moved the laundry room sink to other side of washing machine and we have added another fireplace to keeping room. The side entrance also has a built in "drop zone" across from coat closet and behind guest bath.

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They are harder to find, but I recall William Poole having at least one colonial with a main floor master.

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