Shower Niche - Leak or Get Wet?

11thirtyJune 5, 2013

About to reno the master bath and contractor suggested a shower niche. I bought one on Ebay and it arrived today. It's made of foam with some sort of sprayed on waterproof coating. However I noticed on one corner the coating has come off and the foam is exposed.

Is this an issue or a problem? Or could it be fixed somehow? I can send it back but then I'm out of a shower niche, and the contractor starts next week. I don't know where to find them in stores as it seems HD/Lowes would have to special order them.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Does the manufacturer have a website/contact-us link or phone number? You could ask the contractor what he thinks (send him a photo)? Don't give up on the niche plan. They are a good thing to have.


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Do you have any tile stores around you? I've seen preformed niches in stock at several of my local tile shops, typically in the contractors' area, not the showroom. I'm not sure that I would try to repair it since the results of any failure of the waterproofing could be major $$.

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We've had this in our bathroom for several years
without any problem. Contractor recommended it. Different sizes. You can tile over it and it looks and
works fine.

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I am thinking about not having a niche but using Ginger Splasheable baskets instead. Total of two, each one in its own corner. Our space is small - tub is a Kohler greek tub, 48X32 so I'm thinking the baskets will not look as cluttered. Guess it is all according to the "look" you want. Also, maybe easier to keep clean.

But I'm not certain yet since my contractor is willing to do the traditional niche with out a pre-formed device. Any size I want. Decisions, decisions.

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Do you have a tile store called " the tile shop " close by , I have seen them sold there . They are plastic not foam . May be you can contact them and have it shipped to your house , and pay for expedited shipping .
Elphaba , I don't think it's a good idea to do it the traditional way , because of water proofing , also how is he going to build it ? With which material ?

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Do you have a tile shop called "tile store" nearby, I've seen them sell there. They do not foam. Maybe you can contact them and it shipped to your home, and pay for expedited shipping.

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Hi...thanks for the suggestions. I asked my contractor and he said it wasn't a big deal. I guess the tile will cover that corner anyway. I did stop by The Tile Shop and poked around just in case and didn't see any, but my bad b/c I should have asked someone if they had any in stock.

If it does turn out to be an issue I guess I can run to The Tile Shop again and ask. Or maybe just get the 'aftermarket' shelves and do them later.

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Or, see if your tile person can fabricate his own niches... Mine did (from 2x4 into the framing of the wall, then covered and waterproofed).

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benlinus , I have noticed several times that your comments are a copy of another member's earlier post. Once you copied a post of mine, weeks or months later, and posted it on the thread. With the action of copying posts, it does not promote earnest intentions. Please enlighten me.

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