2'' PVC pipe from Attic to Basement

ShawnmcMay 16, 2014


I'm in the process of building a new home and was considering installing a security surveillance system in the future. I think the security system comes 100 ft. BNC cables that has both power and cable in one. So I read in a lot of places that running a 2'' conduit is the best for future wiring but i don't know how to or where to run it from. Right now, the framing is almost done and they haven't started with pre-wiring for things yet. So I think the timing is the best right now since the drywall is not up yet. I could also have the security camera monitor or command place in one of the bedrooms on the second floor. It is a 2 story house with a basement. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Best place would close to the center of a gable wall on the side of the house that is closest to a utility room. Need to check local fire codes however.

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Ours is in the middle of the house- running vertically from basement to attic.

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We have two running from crawlspace to attic and one from the attic to where the recorder will be on the first floor.

Edited: we have a crawl space not a basement... This build is getting to me.

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What do you want to monitor? 2" pvc is 'very' large. Going up thru a wall you would have to have a 2" hole in the base plate on the next floor which would be against code. Since the framers are still there, ask them from their experience. Don't take their word for it, just from their experience. Talk to the inspector also. Once you drill a hole....it's there and can be very expensive to fix. This is actually good timing. Once the framing is finished it has to be inspected and you could meet the inspector on the job site.

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The electrician would be the contractor of choice for this conduit.

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Good point BD.
Everything these days are going wireless, have you looked into this?

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robin0919 - I could actually install the monitor and dvr on the 5th bedroom which i'm planning to use it as an office. It is located on the 2nd floor, right on top of the front door. But then the question is, how do I bring the BNC cable from the corners of the house to this 5th bedroom? Would I still need some sort of pipe that's vertically installed through studs? Or can I just run the cable from the attic to the room without any cover?

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BINK5 - Is the ends of the pipes covered or blocked?

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The conduits that have wire in them have steel wool at the ends. The empties are currently capped. We threaded six wires for cameras inside of one of our 1.5" pipes. These wires already had the ends on them.
We did not do wireless because we didn't want to use the bandwidth and we were told that currently, wired systems (within a price range we considered reasonable), are superior.

Edit: our system is viewable over internet/ on an iPhone if we are away. We did not want from the cameras to the recorder to be wireless using bandwidth.

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Thanks BINK5. That's exactly the reason I'm trying have wired security cameras, and yes, it's much cheaper.

Did you use any pipe or cover for the wires that's coming the location of the camera to the pvc pipe in the attic? I am assuming that you have cameras installed and ran the cable through attic to the pvc pipe. I'm just wondering if it is ok to have a BNC cable laying around on the attic while you get to the pvc pipe?

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Our cable, power over internet, goes from a 'closet' up a grey PVC electrical conduit (it's labeled as such) in the wall to the attic. When installing the conduit, make it tall enough in the attic that it can be easily located after insulation goes in. The cables come out of the conduit and we have them uncovered going where they need to go. We were told not to have them touching in parallel with the other wiring. While our attic is uninsulated space, there is nothing that can get in to hurt (eat?) the cables.

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The conduit on the right terminating in the small box is for the cameras. The two on the left are attic to crawl and there is a large metal cabinet in the middle, currently covered with cardboard, that is for the wifi etc. Our internet guy had to used an interior wall so we followed suit. I would think space wise, it's easier to use an interior wall so you have more room to maneuver in the attic.
We took pictures of all of our open walls. The white paper on the right edge of the photo is regular computer paper folded in half hung over the electrical wire with the 'name' of the room.

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BINK5 thanks so much for all the info. I went to HD today and looked at these both regular pvc pipes and conduit pipes as well.

The conduit on the right, which is terminating in that small box - is that where your monitor and dvr is for the cameras and cables comes through the conduit is hooked to dvr near the termination box? I don't think I follow the use of the termination box.

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You're welcome.
Re: the junction box.- That was for fun. You could terminate with an elbow that goes flush to the wall. If you are wall mounting tv's don't forget elbow- conduit- elbow from the tv to the electronics (blue ray/ video games whatnot) below.
Subsequent to this photo being taken, we did add an outlet to the right of the junction box. Our cables will come out if the junction box and plug into the dvr. The dvr and monitor will be in a locked cabinet that will also enclose the junction box and the smart box (wifi stuff). On site review of the recordings will only be as needed so this set up works for us. If we are away and want to check something, we will be on a iPad etc.
We also followed the internet pros conduit install and sealed around this conduit where it went through framing.

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