Just for Fun...Dollbaby, Teegan, and TJ

PurplemoonOctober 4, 2011

I thought it would be fun to see the little girls "together". So similar, yet so different.

Aren't they totally adorable! (hope they get more sisters

on here in the future.)

hugs, Karen who's anxiously awaiting Teegan's 'arrival'.

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LOL! Oh boy, I bet there are some lurkers here who think we may be a bit 'strange!' (gotta be the second childhood thing...but I climbed trees, too!) LOL! Jeanne S.

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"If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining."

LOL, and we ARE fun if nothing else!
hugs, Karen

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Karen and Jeanne, this is great seeing all the little ones. I was hoping Teegan had been "Delivered" w/o Jane and I.

I haven't shared with all of you before but DGD has her own baby who lives with nana and papa. She lives a sad life spending most of her time in the BR.LOL Only gets to come out when DGD's here. Nothing crazy going on in this house tho.

Meet Tia.

Are we having fun yet???


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Karen, great seeing all three girls together. When is Teegan's due date?
Gosh Punk, your DGD's baby looks like she could be Teegan's sister!!
I'll bet she will have fun playing with TJ this weekend.
She must get very lonely all by herself in the BR. LOL

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OMG...they all look so adorable...and such fun to play with! I can just see you all setting up 'Play Dates' with special vignettes...That would be so cute to see.
Punk your DGD's doll baby is adorable! She must get a kick that Gma has a dolly too! Can you imagine her talking about it a school..!! I used to hear all kinds of stories from the kids when I was a teacher...I used to tell them... 'too much information' !! lol
I have to confess that now when I'm out at a TS or GW, I'm looking at dolls. I know if I decide to get one - DH would just go get a 'net' to put me in!!


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Nana, Tia does look alot like Teegan.

Jane, I could help you out if you can't find a dolly! As for helping you out of the 'Net' that may be a whole new story.

The lady I bought these from has a huge doll collection. I could probably find all of you here a Baby. She is selling more of her collection. I could call her any day and she'd let me take pictures of those up for adoption. Just say the word.LOL


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Jane, why do you think Teegan will have to kind of hide out around here! LOL, got to avoid those "nets".

Punk, you are really trying to Enable... I mean Help others out...way to go!

hugs, Karen

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All four baby dolls are just adorable, such sweet faces. Punk,that is so cool that you are trying to be such an enabler! I'm going to sit this one out and just enjoy seeing what you all do with your's. Too much needs taken care of around here already! LOL I've always loved seeing how Jeanne dresses her's up for the seasons/holidays and think it is such a cute idea--maybe I'll join in when I have more time to shop for cute outfits later on. Luvs

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Ohh Punk...that's a very tempting offer!
I'll have to give it some thought..and kind of 'feel' out DH a little..you know kind of start talking about it to prepare him..like parparing for a 'new baby'! Oh Geeze..with the 3 GKids here already you think I could squeeze her in without him knowing??? lol
I'm laughing at Karen with Teegan 'hiding out'...I get the picture VERY clearly Karen, with you avoiding that 'net' too !!
Now look what you've all done to Luvs..you have her considering this too...
Punk IS an enabler for sure - along with you Karen and the 'Queen' who started it all - Miss Jeanne!!

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LOL @ all you "Enablers 'R Us!"

Just remember that I learned everything I know from good teachers! Luvs & Karen sent me over from the Garden Junk to this Holiday forum to share my Jewel Tea! And then more 'teachers' (I won't mention names) opened up my mind (& heart) to their 'wicked ways!' (pun intended, it is Halloween season, ya know!) ;-)

Watch out for that 'net!' ... it may be traveling around the country! Jeanne S.

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LOL, Jeanne!

Yeah Jane, you shouldn't have a problem slipping a doll baby in with all the real kids toys. LOL. Or tell him she is a new "decoration"...which would be true. But I remember a few years ago, I had this little trunk that I put by the Xmas tree and made it look like a toy box. I put in some of my stuffed animals, but had to buy a ball and also got a Raggedy Ann doll from GW to complete the look. None of my family gave it any thought other than it was cute..
and I doubt Mr Oblivious even noticed it. (Tho a doll in a high chair all year round he actually might see. Teegan might be 'living' in my sitting room (Dad's old room) except for Xmas when I could get away with her being seen by everyone. LOL.

You know, I was thinking how MUCH FUN it used to be to buy little outfits when my granddaughters were born. Little girl things were always so cute and hard to resist. I was almost sad to see them grow cause I had to stop the "fun" shopping for them. (bet many of you have felt the same way. I think maybe this enchantment with a doll baby now might be a way of reliving those times, instead of just being a second childhood thing.

I am so sad, Teegan is going to be a bit "late". She might not even be here for Halloween! Darn and double darn. I have been expecting her any day this week...so while ago went to my eBay bought page to check the tracking info on her mailing. That is when I saw her "due date" as between Oct 28 and Nov 10. WHAT????? Said Standard Shipping too. Then I noticed she is coming from Canada! So that is why shipping is taking so long. ;o( I want her here, now.
LOL. Nothing like being totally impatient with this (false) pregnancy.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, is this a false pregancy or is Teegan a premee and her birth weight isn't up enough to be released! Gosh, I hope it's not that they think you wouldn't be able to take care of her. You have so much decorating with finding those "totes" and Jas's pictures for his book so who knows! Kids do require attention...

Jeanne, hope Donald catches that money cuz we all need it to keep up with you and all the dishes and outfits for the girls! Oh, then I hope he throws away the net so all will be safe from their DH's.LOL

Luvs and Jane, just say the word and I'll have Baby pictures coming your way...

Teegan will be fun no matter when you get her and we'll all be waiting with open arms.


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This is hysterical! If I didn't know what was going on I might be thinking this was a Mommy and Me class!
Carry on, ladies, they are coming to take you away! :)

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