Jack Is Back - Halloween Wedding

slinkeyOctober 22, 2010

Some of you may remember seeing my friend 'Jack',

who's made an appearance here for the past two yrs...

He's the 'Guy up in my Attic'.. who always looks at me with eyes that say

'Is It Time Yet - Is Halloween Here?'...

I've had him for 4 yrs..he was a (Dept 56 Gift from a Friend)...So this year, not to disappoint him,

'He's Back'!

This time hosting a 'Haunted Halloween Wedding'.

My oldest DGS picked out 'The Creepy Couple'..(not my choice) but how could I say no.

As you can see, Jack is dressed in his finest, and is All Excited...Can't you tell from 'The Look' in his eyes!

The table is set, the candles are lit, and everything is ready...

Ahhh....The Couple Have Arrived... Do You Think They Notice How Fancy The Table is Set?....

OR - Do They ONLY Have Eyes For Each Other?

Of Course I used my CTS Green Pumpkin Bowls $3.99 ea - Black Salad Plates from Walmart $.75ea - and a Spiderweb Doile...to make it extra fancy....

I'm sure they're impressed by my Green Stems from HGs..and My Tablecloth - Purple Chiffon (Joanne's) layered over Black - for Drama!

And...to top it all off...A Few Of their Favorite Friends to help Celebrate!

Well...soon Jack will be Back in the Attic..but he was so happy to share his 'Wedding Table' with you...

and sends his Regards & Wishes You All -

A Happy Halloween!.... See you next year!!!


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Wonderful table! Jack is back and lookin' good as ever. I'm loving the way your cobwebs turned out. Great choice on the colors. The gr pumpkin bowls, blk plates, spiderweb and silver chg. look great together. That's a pretty neat couple. Did you dress them?

Your last picture with the skeleton and birds is so neat. They have character. Great sheer fabric and I like the way you placed it on your table.


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Hey, welcome back, Jack. LOL Well, that is sure a creepy couple, but I'm quite sure they enjoyed being the guest of honor at your lovely table. Isn't it great what you can do with that stretchy cobweb stuff? I really like the addition of your web doilies too, they add the perfect touch. I'm really liking all of the crows/ravens in Halloween decor this year too--skulls, not so much.;o)


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First of all, jane..."Jack is back!"...I'm picturing Jack Nicholson's close-up GRIN! But, alas, it's the "Lone Ranger" greeting me! CUTE...not scary at all! Well, that is...until I look further at your GREAT pics! LOL!

Wow, a wedding fit for a "king & queen" (???) They've budgeted this wedding right down to the "bare bones!" LOL! Love the Chiffon layered over for t'cloth...& those doily "webs" in the place settings...& dish combos all work so well!

Candlelight! Goblets! Skeleton heads & those Ravens, friends of the couple, certainly are VIP's at this ceremony! Your DGS's choice of bride & groom are PERFECT for your t'scape! (hugs to her!) Where's the "spider ring!!!" TFS, jane! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, Jack looks very excited to be hosting the wedding. The table is great,just the right amount of spookiness and elegance. The bride and groom look perfect for each other. Is Mr. Skull officiating? By the way, has anyone heard from Karen? She is usually one of the first to comment on posts. Hope all is well with her.

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That is one unique wedding. LOL. I love the bride and groom. And Jack is certainly ready to 'officiate' the event. You did spooky and pretty...the dish part is very pretty I think. You are a good spider web weaver. (hope I master that by NEXT Halloween.)

LOL at Jeanne...budgeting down to the 'bare bones'.

NanaK, you are so sweet to be thinking of me. Thank you,
I did a post while ago and hopefully am back again.

hugs, Karen

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So I guess that instead of Mendelssohn's Wedding March, you'll be playing Chopin's Funeral March as the bride sits down to a three course meal.

Despite the fact that the lovely bride and groom are the honored guests for the evening, I'm thinking that Jack still steals the show. Glad to see him return this year.

Nice layering on the place settings!

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Thanks everyone...Glad you all Enjoyed 'Jack's Return'!

Punk...I didn't make those costumes..that's the way they came..notice they each have a rose too..sweet touch! lol

Luvs it's funny how this year everyone discovered the
'Lanterns and the Ravens/Crows'.
They are great to decorate with and I enjoy seeing how everyone uses them in a different way.

Oh Jeanne..you are too funny expecting Jack Nicholson!
I loved him in 'The Shining'..but alas this time, it was just 'My Jack'...glad you enjoyed him anyway. Dang...you reminded me... I forgot the 'Spider Ring'...!

NanaK..I like what you said 'just the right amount of
spookiness and elegance'...I really don't like 'Spooky Horror'..it scares me...lol

Karen..glad to see you..as NanaK mentioned, you were missed..glad all is okay.
That darn Spiderweb stuff is tricky...it's like 'Pulling Taffy'..kept getting stuck to me!

OA..Perfect Music Selection..unfortunately - No Three Course Meal! lol
Glad you enjoyed Jack's Return.


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How imaginative! I love it, I bet walking into your dining room right now is like walking into a haunted museum. Do you have little ones to appreciate your talent? I, too, am absolutely loving the ravens in Halloween. A little touch of class. My daughter has parrots, and she about had a fit when I wanted to buy some ravens. Too creepy to her. And I think my cat would be up on the table trying to make off with them. Yum...feathers!


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Love Jack, love the couple. Unfortuanately they don't have eyes for each other or anyone else for that matter. The green glassware and bowls really work well with the purple. Too cute, I like creepy Halloween decorations.

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What a fun table, Jane! Your DGS must have had such fun helping you with it. The table looks very festive for the wedding and the bride & groom, hauntingly happy.

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Your gkids must be in heaven! What fun! I forgot I bought those doilies, CTS? See we help each other remember our purchases!
Great table, no bones about it! :)

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