where's the help with decorations? LOL

PurplemoonOctober 12, 2011

Didn't I just recently ask one of you to PLEASE come and do a few a things to STOP me from shopping for more decorations?

But did anyone show up with a rope and a gun? Noooooooooo!

So what happens, I go to browse eBay, and a favorite S&P Seller. Just window-shopping, I swear!

Except it didn't work out that way. I know better than to go to the S&P man, he has the cutest darn sets for any and all occasions. (Last year I sent Milosmom there for some Pug ones he has, 4 different sets in fact. Not sure how much I 'enabled' her, but I tried). I've gotten sets for

Xmas, and turkey ones, in the past. But he had a couple of Halloween ones that I suddenly needed it seems. Sighing loudly since I haven't even set up ONE thing yet for it.

But how cute are these spiders!!!

Excuse the blurry photo of the cats, I tried to enlarge it as it was a bit small. They will look cute with my witches I think.

Another vice of mine is witch stuff, so when I saw this candleholder set at a great price on eBay, I "needed" it too. Its nice sized, the hat is over 5" high.

Even tho none of you have helped me with my addictions, I will be nice and try to enable, I mean HELP, you by posting the link to the neat S&P Seller. Maybe some of you like them as much as I do.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: shakershack

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Adorable Halloween shakers, PM!!!
We must have been on the same mind track today as this is what I brought home from a shopping trip w/retired friends...got them at a TS for $5 ...ceramic..>I think they are adorable:

Fun stuff on your e-bay link! Hey, I only use 'rope' on bowling balls & clay pots...sorry I didn't have nay to rope you in! ;-) Jeanne S.

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These have a red/gold sticker on the bottom: Viking Import Japan...forgot to add that info. Jeanne S.

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I found one of your quails last year in GW, I've seen these vintage sets on eBay tho and there is also a baby with them. Hope to find it someday.

Never mind rope, Duct Tape works great I hear.
hugs, K

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What you talkin bout Willis??
We help all the time...except we "encourage" each other to acquire more, no 12 steppers here!! Where would the fun be in that??
Much more fun to share our new acquisitions and ooh and aah over what we found!!

BTW, very cute finds, I especially like the witch hat and shoes, but then I love hats and shoes IRL!!

Jeanne, cute quail or are they partridges, LOL??


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Candy asked...
Jeanne, cute quail or are they partridges, LOL??

I'll answer. LOL. Quail for Fall, Partridges for Christmas.

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Karen...how about if I drove the Bus over
with DH...and 'His Net' !!
Would that be helpful??? LOL
You always have me laughing!!

Jeanne I bought two of those last yr..
but they weren't S&Ps...I like the detail on yours.

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I love all your new finds, Karen. Those spiders are just the cutest ever. I had to go browse and couldn't believe what he has to offer. Talk about a selection!

You gals are sooooo funny.


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These are all so cute! I think my fave is the witch set. Can't wait to see all your decorating!

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Didn't know you were into salt/peppers. At that last craft show OA and I went to, there were some really cute ones that I kept checking out. They had two sizes, prices started at $7.99 a set. Really fun to see all the different themes they had. When I get a minute I'll go explore the link you posted--but only to "window shop"--you know I'm on a mission to "purge" around this place. Luvs

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Purging doesn't work too well, Luvs. Not with the Enablers here to help replace all the stuff that goes. LOL
But letting go of things you don't 'love', so you can buy new things you do love, is a good idea.

I don't want to say I actually collect S&P sets, I really don't in the true sense. And you know how many collections I've got without adding another one. However if I can combine things, that is my excuse. I only have a few Xmas ones, but have quite a lot of turkeys. Too bad I don't entertain and actually USE them. But I am happy just displaying with my other decor. I hopefully won't buy any more Halloween ones, LOL.
But that seller's site has sooooo many neat ones, I can sure see why folks enjoy collecting S&Ps. Plus they are small and don't take up much room! I see lots antiquing,
but manage not to buy any.
Wow, some self-control, how's that for a shock!

hugs, Karen

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Strike that last sentence in above post. I went to Walgreens to get my flu shot, and came home with a big, hairy tarantula that was very cute for $2.

I give up. Shoot me now, my addiction cannot be cured.


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Well, I guess that's better than a big hunky 20 something! :)

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NOTHING is better than a big hunky 20 something, unless its a big hunky 30 something (thinking Carter Osterhouse,
LOL. Gorgeous, builds great stuff, he's even a good decorator. I wouldn't care if he can't cook! Broke my heart when he got married.)

hugs, Karen

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