Did I make a mistake not tiling ceiling of shower?

winesnobJune 23, 2012

Is it too late, structural is it a problems and would it just be a change order that I don't need? I have the tile but it is going to lower the ceiling a bit. I used to have a 10 foot ceiling in the shower and GC talked me into lowering which I think looks nice....but is painting it in bath/spa paint going to look nice.

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We tiled all of ours--shower stall in guest bathroom, over the tubs in the other two bathrooms. I'm not saying you will have problems if you don't tile, but we liked knowing that we wouldn't have problems if we did tile the ceilings.

My personal opinion; if it was my bathroom, I would tile it.

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I know my GC doesn't want to have to bring the tile cutter back out and I don't know how the pattern will look coming up....he said something to that effect. I wish I was more knowledgeable in what they have to do, wonder if they add mesh and all that.

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If you have a header around the ceiling, that encloses it, or if you have glass floor to ceiling around your shower, then a tiled ceiling is strongly advised. If not, and steam has a way to escape into the bathroom, then it's more a matter of aestheic preference.

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do you have an idea of how the tiles should run, that was one of the issues with adding the ceiling tiles.

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Continue the pattern from the back wall (the wall opposite the door)

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Thanks Bill

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That's what our tile guy did.

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I don't think it's that big of a deal. I didn't want to put the 9"x18" tiles on the ceiling (and as you may recall if you read my post, I used non-calacatta-gold on the floor that would likely have been too obvious on the ceiling. I, too, used the BM Aura bath/spa paint (Mt. Saint Ann on the walls and Dove White on the trim and ceiling) and I have a 9" clearance for steam to escape. The ceiling color really makes it non-disruptive because it's nearly the same color as the tile (slightly more off white though).

I think you'll be fine with whatever you choose to do.

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