CC Simmer--Trevor, is it true?

BellsmomJune 15, 2012

In a response to Billy g's ''Culinarian 8K Simmer Burner Retrofit'' post , JackPK quoted you as saying, ''Capital is working on a real simmer burner for the Culi, an 8K or 9K burner, that just contains the inner burner holes. This would be offered as a retrofit kit to current owners. Expected availability is 4-6 weeks from today, so that puts it around end of July 2012. ''

Wonderful news. If it is accurate, will you let us know when it's available?

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This is what I have been told. Not sure how Capital will do the retrofit, but i understand a simmer burner is on the cards.

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Thank you, Trevor, for the response.
By the time this retrofit comes available, I hope I can order my OTR (one true range). I'll be watching.

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@JackPK: your comment under the post "Culinarian 8K Simmer Burner Retrofit" is obviously a marketing plant which is as gossamer as negligee.

Casted and enameled burner from China?

@trevorlawson: your answer above is an artful dodge. Unless sk got this simmer burner started over a year ago, July 2012 is ludicrously impossible date to meet--unless they break out the muffler and tailpipe putty!

I bet you a pint of your choice on the Hammersmith Broadway that Capital doesn't have a production simmer burner before 2013.

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So what would your evidence be against JackPK as a "marketing plant" mr beefstew? How would you redeem your own self from such an accusation were it to be leveled at you?

We are really better off here if we don't go blasting unfounded accusations at new posters without real evidence that they are, in fact, engaged in subterfuge or spam. I find it fairly easy to detect it when we are being gamed around here, and so do most of our long-term members.

If I were you I would cool your jets a bit and instead of blasting others without evidence, go do some real digging on your own,

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beefstew01... Mine will be a pint of Tetleys bitter, brewed in Yorkshire, England :)

No idea where Hammersmith Broadway, but see you soon

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Not one to miss a chance to look up an obscure ale reference, I find via google: "Hammersmith Broadway is a street which serves as a major transport node and shopping centre located in west London." So, two questions arise:

Is the CC even sold in the UK?

And would a Hammersmith Broadway venue provide the desired ambiance.


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"I like to walk in the summer breeze
down Dalling Road by the dead old trees
and drink with my friends
in the Hammersmith Broadway
dear dirty delightful old drunken old days..."

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Wow beef, you are quite the you know what.....

Funniest part is my CC simmers better than most any range I have ever cooked on....

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That's an Irish group, The Pogues, singing about "The Dark Streets of London".

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From my residency in London and recollection of Hammersmith, there are many other places I'd rather be drinking than Hammersmith.

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There's a nice Irish concert hall there now. As proof, I'll leave a Youtube link to some of the traditional Irish bands that have played there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Irish at Hammersmith, London

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Beefstew, dumbo:

No new castings are needed. The burner holes are drilled through the burner casting and they don't enamel the inside of the burner holes.

Besides, Capital had this simmer burner on the first Culinarians they sold.


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@billy_g. I'll leave the ad hominem attacks aside:

Burners are cast with the ports. It would be completely nonsensical and impossibly time-consuming to cast a burner and then drill thousands and thousands of ports with a secondary CNC machining operation when you could form the ports with the mold and be done with it.

It's common practice to get a "blank" burner made for prototyping--they have no port holes. You machine out a few versions (at high cost) with different port patterns for prototyping only--that would explain a few simmer burners.

If it was as easy as your specious reasoning has concluded don't you think Capital would have addressed all the complaints by now?


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@breezygirl--don't dismiss the dive bars and their inhabitants.


@trevorlawson--are you sticking by your guns that Capital will have a simmer burner available by July 2012?

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If you think these burners are molded with the ports then you've never seen one. Don't comment about the physical characteristics of something you've never seen.

The "blank" burner you're talking about is merely the cast burner before they drill the holes.


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@billy g--I've seen many a burner in my Welbilt days.

Back in the 1980s they did drill every burner's ports individually with drill presses and fixtures to insure the ports were normal to the surface they passed through; however, advances in the casting industry now allow the ports to be cast.

Why on earth would you add a secondary drilling process when you could cast them with the ports?

That would be like Bridgestone molding a tire and then cutting the tread patterns into it.

Kindly tell to me the basis, background for your reasoning.

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beefstew -- I don't believe Trevor ever spoke to the "July 2012" contention; he confirmed only that a simmer-burner-solution of some sort is in the works (I think, though he's more than capable of correcting me if I'm wrong; I haven't been following GW lately).

I can confirm the intention of eventually providing some sort of fix as well through my own conversations with Capital; I'm a CC owner who has been kinda squeeky-wheel in the past. I can't personally speak to the actual time-line either. Though I can address your skepticism regarding the speedy rollout by also confirming (sadly) that this problem has been known by Capital for a long time and been being addressed for a long while as well. At some point it will happen and seemingly "quickly" at that point, which isn't to say there hasn't been a long, silent gestation period in the background!

It would be really appreciated by me at least but I'm sure many others, if you could please try to communicate a little more civilly. Your past experience is tremendously helpful for the rest of us laymen and professionals alike. There are many with various and disparate skills and knowledge on this list who generously share so much of themselves; the animosity only gets in the way.


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Hey y'all.

Still no Capital simmer burner--not a big surprise, but I just had a realization.

It's not that they can't do a simmer burner (it would take a year or two), but they can't.


If they made a separate simmer burner now it would be admitting that the 23k burner can't, in fact, truly simmer, and that's something that a certain chair would never do.

Smart business. Best for the consumer? Not exactly.

Good morning sunrise, think I'll call it a day...

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Hey Beefstew,

The folks at Capital have been mighty quiet. I don't know what's up with their simmer burner or burner plate solution.

I suspect your assessment is correct.


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Quiet doesn't always equal no action.

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"Quiet doesn't always equal no action."

OK, I will say they have been quiet and I haven't heard of any action or results. If you know otherwise, please let us know!

Meanwhile, my simmer burner works great!


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I didn't comment before because it has been discussed in other threads but has everyone forgotten that they have already cast (or drilled) simmer burners? The original first run units had simmer burners shipped with them. In fact they had 3 burner sizes much like BS. I have always thought the mid size was useless so very glad they replaced those. It wasn't until some number of units already shipped out that they decided to go all 23k.

So, I seriously don't think it's so far fetched that they could deliver simmer burners this year. Also, I don't believe that Capital (i.e.Surjit) is unwilling to offer or switch to simmer burners since they have shown they are willing to revisit their original design to make the range better. I do think there is possibly some logistics they have to work out around how to deal with inventory already shipped to distributors and how to refit current customers.

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I cannot say. Capital doesn't seem to have a simmer burner for sale. At least not that I know about.

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Well, folks, here we are.

Almost aught thirteen and still no Capital simmer or even beautiful lies that it's even on the horizon.

This issue has timed-out not unlike one Dave Brubeck, god bless his jazzy soul.

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I wouldn't expect to find one in your stocking unless it's a DIY kit for making one. We're very happy with our one simmer burner!


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