Need Fantastic Ideas for 3 wall Alcove Tub or Something Special

elliots11June 20, 2012

Hi everyone. Thank you all for being super smart, I already know you're going to have some killer ideas.

I'm re-doing my bathroom. It has a 3 wall alcove area for a tub that's 60" (5 feet) long. I'm 73" tall. The tub's getting replaced one way or the other, so I want one that I'll fit in. I've been looking at standard 3 wall alcove tubs with a front apron, but nothing seems to be wide enough or the style is lame. The tub can go pretty wide, probably up to 42". The deeper the better. Modern / contemporary style house. Will also double as a shower.

I've looked at the Americh Madison, and it's too expensive for something that I'm not sure I'll fit in properly anyway. Also looked at the Kohler Archer, and it's a contender since it looks good and can have a raised overflow for deeper water, but will I fit? I don't know. I'm probably not too big on jetted or air tubs given the location of the tub on the 2nd floor, the fewer holes the better. Not saying never, would just prefer a soaker.

I'm pretty new to all this, so maybe there's some awesome tub styles out there that I'm not familiar with. I've looked at corner tubs, which would fit, but nothing jumps out at me as having much more space in it than what I can get with a standard. It'd be cool if I could get a friend in there if you know what I mean, but there may just not be enough space.

Beyond a standard tub, are there any other kinds of tubs or suggestions that people would have for me?

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Have a look at the Kohler Expanse. Could work! I have one and love that it is both wide and deep.

Here is a link that might be useful: expanse

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I second the Expanse. We are in the process of getting our main bathroom remodeled and picked this tub due to the width and depth based on our limited area (60x30). The bathtub has been installed and it looks almost twice as big to our old one which was only 13" tall. We're waiting for the tile to be installed. I can't wait to take a bath in it!

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I really like the expanse... the only deal is we're looking to put on a single hinged glass door rather than a shower curtain. If I do that on an expanse where the door goes straight, but the tub curves out, would that look weird? Or is there a way to design around that?

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I don't see how you could put a glass door on an Expanse. I use a curved shower rod. I actually prefer shower curtains to glass doors. I've posted this picture before, but you can see the rod and a peek of the curtain at bottom left. I always leave the shower curtain pushed to the side.

For some reason this picture kind of squashes the length of the tub. I real life, it looks longer.

One note: I do not like the Moen curved rod. It has rusted and must be replaced.

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If you can find a store with tubs on display that you can actually sit in, that would be the ideal way to find a tub. We have a store like that here in Tucson, so I'm hopeful you could find one in your area. I just googled curved glass shower doors, and came up with a hit at, so I'm thinking you should be able to get those curved shower doors. Kohler's website should tell you the nearest showrooms. You could call and see if they have the tub that you like to actually sit in it before you buy it. Also, so you know, I'm 68" tall and still have to bend my knees significantly in a 72" tub in an 84" wide space. So I'm really wondering if a 60" long space is going to be able to provide a tub that is really comfortable for you. Also, I was just in a hotel that had the rim of the tub right up against the wall, and so there was nowhere to lay my head along the rim of the tub.

As an option, there are tons of fantastic walk-in shower options out there. You could also install a steam shower with a really comfortable bench in the space that you have.

If you really want a tub that you can soak in and stretch out in, I think there are some out there deep enough and long enough. Find the tub and then find the space. Good luck!

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