W/D Maintenance

snookums2June 25, 2013

Do you have your washer/dryer periodically serviced for basic maintenance? My washer is a good Maytag, mechanical, but getting a bit old at maybe 15 years. On the other hand, I'm afraid to let someone to start messing with it, lol, maybe replace something with inferior parts of today that will, in fact, fail in a few years. One that I'm concerned about is the fill level mechanism.

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No, I don't.

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There's usually no reason to replace parts that aren't worn or outright failed. Some parts, such as belts, may fall into the category of "normal wear items" and could be replaced proactively if indicated by inspection. A leaking pump that hasn't yet fully-failed should be replaced.

Water level controls are not common failure items.

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My maytag washer was still running great after 35 years and it never saw a service person. The hotpoint gas dryer never had service either alto it was lighting sporatically for the last year or so.

We finally replaced them both with newer Maytags, a couple years ago.


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Thanks for the feedback. I'm concerned about water problems, being this is on the living level. Like a worn fill control mechanism that might fail. Have heard of a couple, and it's not pretty!

Didn't think this was a routine maintenance appliance but wanted to be sure. Just hate to fix something that isn't broke ...

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