Help fine tuning our Mudd room area please.

zebra26May 7, 2012

I need some help. We have worked forever on these plans and the basement will be excavated this week so I can't change the footprint. We added a mudd room on at the last minute so I feel it is just thrown together. I am thinking I would like the kitchen pantry to be extended where the half bath is. I still want the half bath but I just would like this whole area revamped. We put a utility sink in this area due to we thought it would be better utilized than the laundry area(which is where I first had it) It is just my husband, myself and my 7 year old daughter so I thought it a little over kill to have 5 sinks in one area. I am enclosing our plans but I don't think you can see the measurements so I enlarged the part I want reworked. Any suggestions would so much be appreciated. Thanks.

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At the very least, change the door swing of your mudroom door and reverse the mudroom (drop zone at opposite end).
Can the wall, which probably used to be the exterior wall, be removed? Or, is it structural/holding up your trusses?

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How do you envision using the mudroom? What do you want in it besides lockers and a sink.

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Actually, I have thought about moving sink to garage as it is a utility sink. The Mudd room would be for multiple bags due to all the activities my daughter has. It would be a place to store shoes and jackets with a bench to put shoes on. After talking to a friend today I am thinking about leaving pantry as is and the place where the sink and drop zone is putting storage there for extra kitchen appliances.

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If you want the drop zone in the mudroom, I would get rid of the sink beside it, and just use the sink in the half bath. I would dislike having water spray on the papers in my drop zone. The mudroom can be a good spot for the drop zone as you enter and exit using this room. If you do move the drop zone out, think carefully about where it will go instead.


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