Its a Witches' Party and you are all invited!! Loads of pics!

christmascandyOctober 4, 2010

I created this tablescape on my dining room table.

Most of the decor is TS finds, but a few things are DT and Target. The stuffed cat with the witch's hat is several yrs ago.

The tablecloth is a $1 TS sheet. The dishes, glasses, flatware, placemats, are all TS treasures.

The cauldron, and the witch hat are TS as is the large shoe. I posted pictures before of the shoe and the candleabras were TS last spring. The candles were in 2 different bunches from the TS.

The potion jars/bottles are ones that I found at the TS and then made labels and filled with appropriate witchy items! LOL The spiders and snakes were in a $1 bag of goodies from the TS. The herbal mix is crushed leaves, rose petals, moss, and parsley flakes. The skulls are from DT.

The purple witch shoes are from the same TS, but at 2 different times! The crytal ball is a TS light globe and a candy dish that I sprayed silver. The witch hat S & P's were from Ross on senior day this Aug.

The witch hat plates were .89 ea at ARC. The black napkins w/ purple spiders and webs were ARC last Sat. The napkin rings are little candy cups. I removed the handles and cut out the bottoms and pulled the napkins through.

There are 2 bats and a spider hanging from the chandy. They came in $1 packages at Target, 4 spiders and 6 bats to a pkg. The brew in the cauldron is iridescent package shreds. The bat outline candleholder is TS, but the ceramic Jack o'Lantern on top is one from several yrs ago b-4 I found TS's, LOL!

The shoe has a TS candle ring in it. The purple tree is from Target clearance a few yrs ago. The crytals on it were in one of the TS potion jars. The little frog was in my fairy garden, but hopped on in to join the party.

The book was .60 at the TS and has a spider crawling up the front and a mouse scurrying along the top. The pumpkin potion bottle and eyeballs jar are from the TS. The eyeballs are gum from DT.

The bats jar has the rest of the Target bats and a .15 toy bat as the stopper. The larger mice are Gummi from DT and the little ones were 8 for $1 at Target.

There is a ceramic owl I painted in the 70's on a candlestick next to the bats.

So, come on over and Jeanne, you can wear your witch hat for this party!!

Karen, did you notice that there is quite a bit of purple here?

I posted one of the pictures twice, but am afraid to try to remove it as it took quite a while to create this post.



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Quite a 'Soiree' Candy!
You've got an amazing collection from all your TS Hauntings!
What a fun table to be sitting at with so many great things.
I can picture sitting there swapping 'Witch Tales' !!
My favorite is the Witch's Shoe and Hat. I remember when you got them, I looked forward to seeing them 'in action'.
You put so many creative touches to all your tables, that
I can just picture the fun you have in finding everything.

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I should have said you all could come and sit for a "Spell," LOL
Thanks, I do have fun shopping for my treasures!

Best Witches!

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Candy it shows...and
I have fun 'just looking'..
You are so full of's 'Inspiring'!


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Candy, your table is so bright and cheerful. You put alot of work into this one. Made me tired just thinking of all you have to pack away later.LOL

There is so many neat things on your table. You seem to come up with alot of neat ideas. Your plates are great and I love your new black napkins w/ purple spiders and webs. Cute idea to cut the pumpkins for napkin rings.

Thanks for the invite. I have a black and purple witch hat that would fit right in, I will wear. Could be fun to come and sit for a "Spell" and sip on your Pumpkin Potion and eat eyeballs???

Jane, get the bus and let's head to Candy's for the party.


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What a fun table! So many things to look at, what a conversation starter it would be. Have to say that using the little pumpkin candy cups for napkin rings is very clever and cute. You certainly found allot of neat bargains to use on your table. Isn't it fun when you run across neat stuff that's so cheap. I only discovered Treasure Shopping (TS) about three years ago when I found the Garden Junk forum--now I love it, it's so entertaining and a little money goes a long way. Thanks for creating this neat tablescape and sharing it with us.


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Oh my, Candy, where do I start? So many wonderful decorations. Of course the purple tree caught my eye right off the bat. (BAT...Haha) And the witch's boot you found is definitely a favorite of mine.

My foggy brain is going to have to look at your photos over quite a few times to take it all in. ;o>
WOW....a feast for the eyes for sure!
Jane, where's the darn bus??? You can lay down and rest in the back and we'll get a substitute driver. Tho it won't be me. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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WOW! You have out-done yourself. You did a fantastic job of working so many items into one tablescape, all are darling. My favorites are the witches boot and how you used the book. I could spend an hour looking at everything, I'll just have to come back.

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oooooooooooooooo I am suitably skeert!!
I love the little pumpkin plates..too cute!!
Thanks for posting,

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HA HA, laughing at Karen's Bat joke!

Frou, I not only have fun creating it, but then just going back through and looking at it makes me smile. : )

J, I have 4 of the one set of pumpkin plates and a set of 2 different ones at the ends. I actually found the last 2 at 2 different TS, but they are the same!
I don't care for the macabre or gory aspects of the holiday, For me, it all about the kids, Trick or Treating and candy, and costumes. A little spooky is OK, but I don't personally like the horror part like tombstones, and bloody body parts and I don't ever go to horror movies or Haunted Houses!

Thanks for looking,

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Candy, I was rereading about the different pieces, and had to laugh at the little frog being brought in from your fairy garden! I recently remembered I had a squirrel in my fairy garden, and brought him in to put with a Fall floral piece. LOL.

Seems a lot of us don't like the gory Halloween stuff and are more into cutesy. Maybe cause we grew up without all those slasher movies that slice and dice people. LOL. I would rather remember Halloween as being scary fun instead of gruesome.

hugs, Karen

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Candy, I Love, love, love your table, I can't begin to pick out My favorite thing! I'll have to look at it over and over to take it all in. The 13 Witches are planning to fly in for the party LOL.

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Hmmm, I know I commented on this! I wonder if I forgot to hit submit!

What a wonderful table. So full of fun things to look at! No detail neglected, and what great bargains you got!!
(shortened version!)

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Oh, my witch's hat is ready to fly (ohhh, I guess I need my broomstick for that!), candy! Nah, guess not, Babydoll gets to wear the hat for Halloween! But, I love your, your table certainly fulfills a Halloween-er's greatest dream (or, maybe "nightmare" is a more suitable word for the holiday!)

The "candleabra's" are just so fitting here! Who would have thunk??? Love them with the black candles & the orange stemware & surrounding jars of "potions!" The crystal ball...terrific idea! And the place settings are just downright CUTE! TFS, everything! What a fun table! Jeanne S.

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Nana, I will need to set some more places but would be honored to have the 13 witches fly in!

Kathleen, I have done that before, thinking I had posted and then realizing I forgot to actually submit after the preview. I have tried to use my back button, but I never seem to be able to retrieve it : (.

Jeanne, Please show us Babydoll in her hat when you get her dressed for the holiday. Does she have a costume?


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I put off commenting on this yesterday, Candy, because there was so much to see that I wanted to come back another time or two . . . or three ;^D
It's just a flat-out wonderful table! I love all of your witches shoes and your crazy purple tree and the jack-o-lantern on "stilts", too!!! The place settings are great and your potions jars are so cute . . . love the labels!

BTW, for anyone still wanting to find their own witch hats, I found some great ones in Target's dollar section the other day, (2 designs) for only $2.50 each! Nice ones, in bright greens and purple satin with tulle accent ruffles.

Thanks for sharing another one of your wonderful designs with us, Candy. I always enjoy them so much!

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