Fall Decor 'Autumn Leaf' Jewel Tea China (pic heavy)

jeannespinesOctober 10, 2010

Ok, you gals are getting me motivated! So today I worked on some "Fall Decor" ...my china cabinet in LR & corner countertop in kitchen...& some "needed" cleaning done!

On the top of the china cabinet, I put a chunky (coffee scented) candle in the metal/glass pc & some potpourri that was gift from a friend last yr...added a ceramic pumpkin I bought last yr (I think) at HLobby ... & kept my birds there from summer:

Here's some pics of the "Autumn Leaf" Jewel Tea dishes ...made by Hall China. I've collected them nearly 20 yrs now...bought some at estate sale of M-I-Law's ...that started the collection! I especially love them for Fall & we use them at Thanksgiving.

The Willow Tree Angels are gifts from family & friends these past yrs:

Here's a full view of the china cabinet...hard to get a good pic:

And I put away my blue & gray pottery pcs from the countertops & got out the rest of Jewel Tea for that area. (from the way high cupboard!) The "Autumn Leaf" tray is a rare find from many yrs ago & the most valuable pc I have...other pcs here: coffee pot, ball pitcher, grease jar, sugar & creamer ... plus a cream bottle & 3-tier stackable bowls w/lid. I will do some "tweaking" in this area yet.

Thanks for lookin', you "Enablers R Us" group! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Jeanine, perfect choice on your coffee scented candle. Bet your room smells wonderful. You have some really neat pcs up there. The metal pc w/candle & potpourri with the birds and pumpkin are a great display together. The leaf wall pc with the metal leaves look good. Did you make that?

It's always great to see all your "Autumn Leaf" Jewel Tea dishes. I remember your angels and it's good to see them again. The only angels that don't need faces. Do you change out the dishes in your china cabinet for the different holidays?

Stay inspired, Jeanne, I enjoy it.haha


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Jeanne..everything is just lovely and so serene looking.
I love your vignette with your birds. They are so sweet looking. Your hall china set is beautiful and you have such a collection. They're perfect for Fall and Thanksgiving.
I love your Pitcher and Coffee Set...I wish you could show the tray to us..I'd love to see it.
The display in your china cabinet with your willow tree angels..is just beautiful. They compliment ea other so well.

Glad you were able to put these pics together...I loved looking.


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I remember seeing your collection sometime before. I have once bowl that was a piece my mother owned. I never knew the story behind it. I can't believe all the pieces the company offered! Your collection is amazing. Gosh, you even have the lids to pieces. Often they disappear first. Do you think you may have all the pieces? The collection is such a great thing to display during the fall months. Do you actually use it from time-to-time, or is it just for display. I would be afraid of broken handles, but I would want to use it just the same.

Love the glass potpourri holder atop the cabinet. I have a cabinet like yours (also a piece from my mother).

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Jeanne, now your talking my kind of decorating. I have always loved Jewel T dishes in that pattern. I wish I had enough china cabinets to put out all my sets of dishes. Yours looks great. The leaf wall art is the perfect topper and the angels fit right in.

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Jeanne, I'm so glad to hear that you use and enjoy your dishes for Thanksgiving and can use them in such a nice display too. You have so many pieces, love those stacking bowls, and I too would love to see a better pic of the tray. With the pretty design and perfect colors,these are just the perfect fall decor. Love your special angels too, so elegant looking. The vignette is just perfect, what a neat piece for your candle and the little birds are so sweet. Nice job of decorating as always. Luvs

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Thanks, punk, jane, OA, frou & luvs ...I'll add a little more & answer your questions...ya know how I like to rattle on...LOL.

I do love these dishes & they are in the cabinet yr round...I bought cabinet new in 1992 with gift money & was so thrilled to get it...& I love dishes. We used the Autumn Leaf for Christmas, too & anytime needed. DS broke a glass a few yrs back & felt so bad...but, I like have them used & make memories! Well, he remembers, now he never uses a Jewel Tea glass on holidays! LOL!

punk ...that candle does smell good...it's kind of a chocolate crumbly candle on the bottom third of it & then this crumbly kind of peachy color on the top...the top opens on the glass house...so I can light it. And the leaf plague I feel in love with at a specialty store & bought it a few yrs. back....the nature decor fits pretty good...so thanks, frou.

Here's a close-up of the glass serving tray...according to my newest Hall China book (1998), ...are difficult to find in good condition, made only for a short time, so rare..& to complicate matters the design, which is painted on the reverse side of the glass, is easily damaged by water...if water gets between flass & the backing, the paint will become wrinkled. So you can see, this one is in mint condition...I found it at an antique mall in MN while vacationing 1993..so I cherish it.

Here it is on my table:

OA...Autumn Leaf first came out in 1933 (not my time, thank you very much) but my Mom's time & were discont. in 1976. There are tons & tons of pcs ...I don't have & they made limited additions of new pcs for some yrs. Your Mom probably bought some household items from the Jewel Tea truck (man)..Autumn Leaf were developed as a premium line (new pcs added regularly & old pcs discont)...so gave customers an incentive to buy more JT products to obtain the premiums while they were still available. Oh my, I've rattled on! There are some pcs I still would like to add...a butter dish, a few more soup bowls (I try for a service of 8 + extra dinner plates) ...& most of all, the SS tableware made in late 50's, early 60...I've never seen it yet!

That potpourri (from Pier I off season sale), I had used in Fall table centerpc, I used the remainder in a pottery dish on top of toaster oven...these S&P shakers are old & made to look like Autumn Leaf ... they're made by Universal-Cambridge..I've collected a few pcs cause I think they are pretty. The metal ck is there to cover my outlet here by the sink:

OK, if you read all this, thanks! If not, thanks, too, for looking! Must get something done today! LOL! But it's been nice visiting with you gals! Thanks! Jeanne S.

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You're a fountain of information. Glad to read all about it. Don't stop your ramblings. Thanks.

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Jeanne, I remember your fantastic dish collection. Its so beautiful, and so perfect for Fall. I love your displays. I really enjoyed all the information on those dishes too, things are more special when they have a history!

That glass serving tray was quite a find for you.
hugs, Karen

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That is all beautiful! I love hearing you tell the story of the things you collect..it just makes it all come to life!
Thank you so much for posting.

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Jeanne, those are perfect Autumn dinnerware . . . I love the colors. You didn't rattle on at all; you educated us about a really interesting set of dishes. Personally, I LOVE learning about things like that. I think your angels work wonderfully with them, too. My SIL collects the angels, so I'll have to show her how you've integrated them into your china display. TFS!

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I have the willow friendship girl from friend in Tn. She has flowers in her hands like she is going to give them to me(flowers are wire). They are so sweet.Love all your decor & dishes. I notice something tho, your tray is different than 1 they show in 1985 Hall book by Margaret & Kenn Whitmyer. The tray on page 37 has round handles on end like the 2 side ones on yours but bigger.I like yours much better Since it was only made in 1975-disc. in 76 both kinds would be quite rare I would think. They made so many things in Autumn Leaf, playing cards,bowl covers(shower cap looking)linens, canister sets, flour sifter, thermos( about 1 gal I think with spigot )Metal pieces the finish disappears at sight of water they said.Bread box & cake carriers, cooking pots & even a kitchen chair which is probably worth a fortune now. Jewel Tea came around our neighborhood but never stopped at my house, seemed to have appointments at 2 houses over in cul -de- sac?? I love the Aladdin teapot, it's such a neat shape. i have a 6 in tall water pitcher or maybe coffee pot(no rim indent or anything) got a few months ago for $1. couldn't pass that up! Gold little thin around top of it but in great shape otherwise. Glad you got a cabinet just for your beautiful collection!! Hope I can get this on tonight as last night when I pushed preview message the Penny's ad came up!! Jan

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Jeanne, What a wonderful display. I had forgotten about The Jewel Tea Co. I guess that's why those dishes looked so familiar to me. I love the china cabinet your have them in.

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