Rosemary got a costume!!

christmascandyOctober 23, 2012

Rosemary heard the other "kids" were getting Halloween costumes and she didn't want to be left out. I had seen the Candy Corn witch costumes and thought they were really cute. I found the dress, but not the matching hat, but I did find a cute hat from Hallmark and added some Candy Corn sequined appliques.

Also, I borrowed Karen's signature "yes, I can drive a stick" and painted it on a sign that I put in a cauldron with my broom collection and a cute little pillow saying "Broom rides, 5c."

The cauldron is by the front door.

Why do vampires have to use mouthwash?

They have bat breath!

Trick or Treat,


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Candy, you are full of it....LOL. ALL good stuff tho!
Your Halloween jokes always me laugh. Rosemary is just adorable in that neat costume of her's. And of course you went and MADE her a wonderful hat to go with it! But that Broom Stand just really is awesome! I am crazy about it, to say the least.

Next year, could you maybe start decorating a little earlier and then I know I'll be unable to leave my things packed away. But I need more time, LOL.

(Witch) hats off to a super creative gal !!
hugs, Karen

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Rosemary is lookin' so darn cute! Love the ruffled dress & of course, her 'designer' witch hat! ...sequins, to boot! Now the 'vampire mouthwash' riddle .... ummmmmm, you've got me seeing 'batty!'

Ewwwwwwwww ...Jeanne S.

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Candy - 'Witch Hats Off To You' on this one!
What's in that Cauldron by the front door?
I think we could all use some of that 'Candy Juice' !
Girl you just keep going and going..pumping out the most
cutest ideas ever...and your Rosemary definitely is a hit!
She's such a great size and that out fit is perfect for her.
Love the 'original' hat you made for her too.
I have to agree with Karen..that cauldron IS Awesome.
You bring such life to all of us here who need it.
Thanks for creating a party everytime you post!

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Jane, you are so right with your last comment!! Candy is a one-woman Port-a-Party!


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Rosemary looks so sweet!
And the cauldron is the best.

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Candy, so glad Rosemary got a Halloween costume this year. She is so sweet all dressed up in her candy corn witch outfit. I love her hat you bought and blinged out with it. TJ is still waiting for me to get her dressed!

Your cauldron project is pretty cute.


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Love the ruffled skirt, so cute. And you did a great job on the hat, it looks just perfect. Love both Jane and Karen's comments and agree totally--your posts are always so fun.

What a neat collection of brooms, I like those too and the sign and pillow are perfect.


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Thanks everybody.
I have not done a good job of posting Rosemary's outfits.
She is in the DGK's room and I tend to forget to take her picture.
She didn't have any new outfits until I started seeing what everyone had bought for their "kiddos" on here and then I started buying her some new duds, LOL

The cauldron with the brooms just happened because I found the cauldron at a TS this year and was deciding what I wanted to do with it. I found the smaller brooms this year and I loved Karen's "yes, I can drive a stick" and then I found the oval sign. It originally was multi-colored and said Welcome, but I covered the inside with the black paper and painted the saying, then lined the inside ring with orange glitter and glued the purple ruffle around the outside. Then I found the small pillow and everything just came together!

What is a mummy's favorite kind of music?


A haunting we will go,

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I have this same doll but with blonde hair. My Dad bought it for me on the day I was born. What size clothes does she wear?

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I got Rosemary for Christmas when I was 9 or 10. I can't remember for sure, but since I am a brunette, my Mom always bought the brunette dolls, including the first Barbie which is not worth nearly as much as the blonde ponytail Barbie!

Size 2T clothes fit her pretty well.
She actually has some of my old clothes, and now I have bought her some "new" clothes at the thrift stores.

I think her outfits will go straight from Halloween to Christmas this year, LOL


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