grout with sealer - ie. Fusion Pro single component grout

lexmomof3June 8, 2013

I'm wondering if grout with a sealer mixed in it is worth the additional cost and does it actually work? I'm not really familiar with the different brands, just the one at the tile store (Fusion Pro). I think it's different than epoxy grout that has to be mixed or is it still an epoxy grout that is already mixed? Anyway, is it worth extra cost and does it work? Thanks!

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Fusion Pro needs no sealer. It's pretty new but the reports on it are great. Use it and sin no more...

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Our contractor will be using this in our master bath remodel planned to begin later this month. White subway with WHITE grout.

He is sold on it and he is a careful guy. I'm so excited to expect not to ever have to worry about dirty/moldy grout AND I won't have to worry about the amber/yellow tinge that happens with epoxy over time (I'm told). (I'm really bummed that we couldn't use it in my hall bath that was just refinished - it was just a little too early - seems like this is really a revolutionary product - crossing fingers.)

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Hi guys!

Any updates on how the grout has held up for your reno's so far??

I am in the same boat right now, and I am not sure which to purchase! Because some people say that a regular unsanded grout on the floor is fine! (Bathroom floor - not in the actual shower) confused!


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Too early. Everything is great but even with traditional grout, I wouldn't expect to see any problems (i.e. mold, etc) for a year at least. We use liquid soap and don't have high traffic in our shower/tub so don't think we will be the first to notice if there are problems. Hope someone else reports if there is. We still have to do backsplash in the kitchen. Will probably use Fusion Pro there also unless I hear something negative.

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Hello - Brand new to this forum and came here looking for help related to Fusion Pro Bright White. We installed it in our shower last month for a bathroom reno, which I am sad to report that it has completely yellowed and looks awful :(

We put in beautiful bright white 12x24s and the grout totally ruins the entire shower now. Only solution I have seen is a grout colorant which I plan to speak with my contractor about when he comes for final walk-thru tomorrow.

It is worth nothing that we also used FP in Delorean Grey on the floor which came out beautifully -- just beware of FP "bright white" or you may end up regretting it like we do.

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I'm pretty sure that is what has been used in our master bath. I wish you would talk to a company rep on this. They are selling this hard to all the tile guys and putting on seminars, etc. The tile contractors need to know if there is a problem. Who knows, you might get a free "do-over" if they want to try to save their reputation on this.
But so far, my bright white subway with bright white FP has no problems. Still all bright white but this is not a heavily used bathroom as I mentioned earlier.

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we have recently redone our bathroom using ceramic "wood" tile and charcoal gray fusion pro grout. The look was fantastic, however, in some areas the grout is coming out and wet? Followed directions. The remodel was done in March. The problem is mostly in our shower area. Did we get a bad batch of grout? we used the natural gray on walls with no issues at all.

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I would be worried that something is leaking from below. No matter what kind of grout you use, your grout should not be coming out and wet since you did it two months ago. Can you post a picture?

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we installed the FP alabaster white in early May. This was after the contractor installed sanded in our shower floor and then the sealer they used discolored it. We removed it and replaced with FP. We let it cure 2 weeks before using the shower (Custom's tech support advised at least 7 days before allowing it to get wet, although you can safely walk across it sooner) Have used it only about a week so far, but it looks great. Hoping it holds up over time.

Regarding regular grout, one of the tile guys we know with 20+ years of experience said that even after sealing, regular sanded grout may discolor over time and sometimes within months depending on the original color (lighter ones being the worst). He says as the homeowner, you should insist on the epoxy type grouts (or FP if that's what you want).

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"Home Re Modeler" (Paul) and I used Fusion Pro EXCLUSIVELY on a multi-million dollar home in La Porte, Texas. Trust's the ONLY grout to use if you want it to be permanent, no sealing ever, holds it's colour and is bulletproof. We even mixed colours for some of the 4 bathrooms as the HO is extremely anal, and a nice lady. She wanted to reproduce a "20's" look and got it. What more can I say?

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StoneTech, nothin' wrong with mix'n your own grout ;) I have done it with much success on several of my tile surfaces in my 2 bathrooms. I used Laticrete epoxy though. I would have liked trying the new grouts that are premixed, but already had the epoxy.

I mixed my caulk to match too :b Used a ziplock bag to apply. I think you might have given me advise on that GW inquiry a month or so ago.

Just had to get my 2cents in about mixing grouts :)

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You can buy grout matching silicone and latex caulk in any of over 300 colors from our buds at

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So Houston, if I would have mailed them a sample of my Laticrete custom blended grout, they would match it? If so that is a great thing :) Is the quality good like the Laticrete, or is silicone, silicone?

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Enduring~~Just give them the color (and/or the grout number) and the Manufacturer. Trust this....they HAVE the colour charts and can "custom Mix" the exact colour for you! Paul and I have used them numerous times....and they ALWAYS deliver!

(edit) Not certain if sending them a "sample" of your mixed grout will work or not. They formulate their caulk by Mfg. grout number...and possibly by matching on the sample chart...but I imagine they can custom blend for you. They offer sanded, unsanded and I think matt or smooth. Very helpful people...

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Thanks StoneTech :)

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