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neeneeOctober 10, 2010

I saw the discussion about the BHG outdoor decorations and wanted to show you what we did. We used scrap wood that we happened to have on hand. I thought it turned out really cute. I found the antique headboard at a garage sale and got it for $8! You can't see them that well, but there are three crows on the top of the sign.

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I'm not OA, but I just had to jump and comment on how great your sign and decor is! You really did a wonderful job on all of it.

hugs, Karen

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Here are a few more pictures...

I took the American Gothic picture and superimposed our heads on it and had it blown up.

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Wow! It's so cool. I want one. Did you use the same technique to add the lettering that BHG suggested? What kind of paint/stain did you use on the wood? What size posts did you use - 4 by 4? I love the stencils of the cat and bat that you added. Boy, don't those ravens make it look extra spooky!

The American Gothic picture is so clever. I think I can do that.

I just love BIG decorations! You make me feel like maybe I can make one.

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I printed out the lettering in Word and then used transfer paper (sort of like carbon, but it doesn't smear - you can buy it at craft stores in the artist section). My husband painted the pieces white, and then rubbed some leftover stain on and wiped off quickly. The post was a piece of handrail remnant we had left over. The cat and bat were clipart I downloaded from Microsoft and enlarged. My husband did the hard part and I did the fun part!

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Oh, you did a great job on that Dead & Breakfast sign...& that bed outside...ewwwwww ....scary! Man, at nightime, that has to be one ghostly front yard!!! Your mantel/fireplace area certainly fits the holiday & I am loving the Grant Wood portrait! Good work to both you & DH & your ingenuity! Good for you, jeane gallo!

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jeane gallo,
You did such a terrific job on all of your decorations.
I like how your BHG idea came out especially the sign, and the old bed adds a real spooky effect.
Your 'dressed up' mantel,looks great and I love the idea of the Gothic picture...very creative!
Loved looking at everything.


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So glad you joined us here and shared these decorations with us. Your sign turned out fantastic and the bed goes perfectly with it! Great buy on the headboard. Your pumpkin scarecrow is darling and the tall sunflowers and carved pumpkin are great. BTW, who gets credit for that great carving job on the pumpkin?

Stunning job on the inside fireplace area. I wasn't caring for the birds but the more I see them, the more I like them. Your American Gothic picture is such a wonderful creation. The cat, bats, skeletons, birds make these pictures look like they came out of a magazine. I love it! You are going to be a fun one here. So glad OA inspired you and you shared all this with us.


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I agree with all that everyone else has said--you did a great job on the sign, and how very clever of you to do the bed with the skeleton. Bet all the neighborhood kids (and some adults) just love seeing it. Also so clever to have put your pictures on the gothic one--how fun that is! I like the ravens/crows and all the spanish moss you used--really gives it that Halloween feel. Hope you will keep coming here and sharing your projects and ideas with us. Luvs

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Your a very busy lady. You did a great job! I love the sign and skeleton bed. The American Gothic photo is so funny, what a clever idea. Thanks for the pics.

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Thanks for all the compliments. I have to admit, the pumpkin carving was done by Wal-Mart. It is an electric pumpkin! It is so hot here in SC, the real ones rot too quickly if you carve them. I finally gave up on buying them, and just buy a new fake one or two each year. My Halloween collection grows annually, as I always try something new. I've been a long-time lurker. I did post a couple of years ago when we were all doing the stacked plates at Christmas. And I have some cloches, too. But I don't contribute regularly. I love reading about and admiring what all of you do!

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Ah, Jeane, more great decor from you. I agree with the others on all of it. But can you tell me about the mummy?ghost? in the last photo? That's a neat, and big, piece!

hugs, Karen

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Jeane, Your Dead and Breakfast Display is wonderful. Your fireplace is fantastic!!! How clever to have your pictures superimposed on the American Gothic Photo. It is so much fun to decorate for Halloween!!!!

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We got that mummy at a garage sale for $10. It didn't have the AC adapter with it, but we had one that came with one of those fiber optic trees and it works just fine. The mummy lights up, and eyes flash in red, and it has an electric eye on its stomach. When you walk past it, it goes, "Ooooooooh". It scares the cats every year until they get used to it.

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ROFLAO at what you're doing to those poor cats, Jeane! I love it all . . . every part of your outside and your fireplace displays. The "Dead and Breakfast" sign is so cool and is your welcome committee of the two ghosts and Mr.Lazy Bones. I'd love to see a close-up of the headboard, when you get a minute. As for your fireplace, what fun! The birds add such a spooky feel to it. I think that we have twin mantel scarves, too. And, your personalized "American Gothic" portrait is just a flat-out brilliant idea! Big congrats on everything and TFS!

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That is priceless, the skeleton in the bed. Love all the decor. Great job.

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