my Fall decor

PurplemoonOctober 2, 2012

well I finally finished, only 2 wks after I'd planned to have it done. LOL. I took 24 photos, so to make it easier I put them in my Photobucket 2012 Decor album to see.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: my fall decor

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This my DF Karen is some over the top decorating!!! Loved all of it. Your kitchen w/roosters, chicken, acorns, pumpkins, tiles and plates is such a beautiful display. Trouble looks so Innocent and perfectly posed.LOL

The DR window really wowed me as usual. Fireplace is gorgeous. Love how you decorte all of it. You even decorated your Bathroom and it is lovely. The corner stand is amazing with all the fall decor. Oh and the village tray was so neat. So many other wow factors but I can't remember everything in detail. I'll be back for more inspiration again and again.

No wonder it took you two weeks longer than planned to do this wonderful fall display. I love that you have so many different wire displays, decanters, florals and all colors, shapes and textures (that's not the word I was thinking of) of pumpkins and gourds. This was so fun to browse tonight. I even looked at some of the Easter but decided I still have dishes waiting so best get off here and get to them.


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Thank you, Punk. Your wonderful words swelled my head right up and made me feel really good. I needed that today.
Decorating was frustrating cause when I pulled out stuff and started last week, I couldn't find one very important bin of things. I "thought" when I packed up last year, I organized stuff very well and placed it in good order. Fall decor with Halloween decor with turkey decor. All together in ONE area. So my missing bin really threw me for a loop. But finally found it two days ago, with the EASTER stuff. Jeeez. Mr Oblivious told me I should be use to this happening cause every holiday he hears me saying I've "lost" something. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, you did a wonderful job with your Fall decorating.
Thank you for the tour. I'll be back to look some more
when I have more time.

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Wow, I am very impressed & very envious @ all that you have accomplished! I love the serving tray idea for your Fall village! And always enjoy your bath countertop decor...that mercury glass/arrangement is gorgeous ...& your lil' bunny & pumpkin, too. (& can't forget the BOP it!)

But your fireplace/mantle/hearth is just drop-dead gorgeous, purplemoon! I love how you use your everyday collectibles (dogs & bunny statues/prints) in your decor & are able to catch the spirit of the holiday! Fall has to be one of my faves in your home!!

Love all the roosters ... & you tied them into your Fall decor, too...that is a beautiful one on the small counter by the stove! That whole tiled countertop area is certainly something to crow about!

And the entryway is so welcoming ...I remember you bringing home that awesome cupboard/drawers/table ... it is a beautiful how you change out the decor!

Oh, I'm missing alot to comment on but I'm drooling over the pics ...good for you, woman! You're still ahead of the game! Love it all! Jeanne S.
(p.s. still working outside alot but have begun a bit of Fall decorating here, too)

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Marlene Kindred

Well Karen, I am sitting here with my head hung in shame because I am green with envy! How beautiful everything is...LOVE the mantle, love your bathroom and your kitchen decor. My favorite are the table arrangements and the tables gorgeous. Left individual comments in your album too. You are amazing lady.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! Its so nice to have my decorating appreciated by all of you. You know Mr Oblivious isn't going to say anything. LOL. (times like this I REALLY miss my Dad, who loved seeing holiday decorations.)

Jeanne, that big ol' Rooster by the stove has long been a favorite piece of mine. He's got to be around 15 yrs now, if not older. Good thing rabbits go with everything, since they seem to end up in all my holiday decorating. And often my bigger greyhound/whippet statues do too. Christmas is the only time I put most of them away.

Punk, I really enjoy things in so many textures and styles and colors. So my pumpkins especially run the gamut. ;o)
And I'm big believer in one can never have too many florals for any holiday. But especially this one. Fall has become my favorite one I think. Probably because we don't have it here and everything stays so green all year. I love seeing all the colors.

Marlene, thank you for the comments in the album too.
hugs, Karen

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slinkey did an outstanding job on all your Fall decor.
Again, so many wonderful vignettes and lovely areas to
look at...right from the moment you step in to your entry way! I love that tiny Fall Village. That's so adorable. Your bathroom looks lovely. I'd probably linger in there awhile enjoying it all.
The family room fireplace has a beautiful display on the mantel and below. Love,love all the roosters in your kitchen.. What an impressive collection. I don't remember seeing them before.
That bay window has become one of my favorites to see each time you decorate it and as usual you didn't disappoint.
Great idea on doing a slideshow..I enjoy watching it over and over (great inspiration) !
We had the realtor over today and FINALLY can get the 'show on the road' with showing the house.
We've been working steadily for three weeks w/painting/cleaning & grooming. All I have to do now is KEEP it that way!! Now too maybe I can enjoy doing some small decorating and tablescapes that can be wisked away
quickly...if I have to.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful inspiration/motivation pictures. I always enjoy your seasonal decorating.

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my head is swelling more, Jane. ;o) Actually I don't do slideshows, but Photobucket does apparently. I know I can click "slideshow" if I want, but I don't like them. I want to look at pix individually and take my time. LOL.

You've worked hard preparing things for the house sale, hope it goes fast for you. Keeping one clean for showing is sure not going to be fun. I bet your tablescapes would be wonderful while showing it tho! Hope you haven't pushed yourself too far beyond your limits and are hurting from it.

My roosters are pretty much always out in the kitchen, tho usually not in holiday decor which is probably why you don't remember them. Here are the blue ones that stay on the counter too, but not for Fall like the others. I LOVE my laying blue one, photo doesn't show his head well or how pretty he really is. Found him on eBay after a long hunt a few years ago. I'd seen him in some pix somewhere and knew I had to have one. Same with the plate. (I love eBay!)

hugs, Karen

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PM, everything looks fabulous. My favorite spot is the entryway with the painting of the dogs. Wonderful spot. And I cannot believe that this is the first time I've seen your rabbit wall sconces -- how cute! Where did you find those?!

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Hey Party, I've enjoyed seeing you posting on the Forum again. Hope you are doing well.
The rabbit sconces were a 'find' on a couple of years ago. I went nuts when I first saw them and knew I HAD to have them. I've found some good stuff on that site and even tho shipping can be expensive, still bargains to be had.

hugs, Karen

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I just got mine up too, Karen. Will get pics posted hopefully today. Loved looking at all of your decor, you sure have some pretty floral arrangements. Loved the bathroom especially, and that wonderful kitchen window is always a favorite. Well heck, I love the entryway and the fireplace and your kitchen counter too, so guess I should have just said "I love it all!" LOL You sure have some pretty bunnies, and your big whippets are always so impressive. Glad you found the missing bin, you always make me laugh when you say where you found the missing item. ;o) Luvs

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