Changed black cartridge -Printer not copying

wantoretire_didJanuary 23, 2014

I have an HP Officejet 4620. Have never had a problem until now. Replaced black cartridge and now can't copy - nothing shows up. Tried to copy my new car insurance ID card page with "color" and only a very faint barcode showed up in color. It will print but no black shows, only colors.

I have changed cartridges before with no problems, tho this time it did not set up to configure and scan.

Any suggestions?

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Are you using a HP cartridge? I tried once to use an off-brand one in my Officejet 4500 and it was a total waste of time.

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Absolutely HP.

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Try shutting down (not a restart) both the computer and the printer and then restart, computer first. Failing that try reseating the cartridge.

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PKponder TX

There should be a support number or website on the box. Call HP, they have model-specific tools and tests to get it working. Also, they will replace the cartridge if it proves to be defective. There is no charge for this, even if the printer is no longer under warranty. The new HP cartridge is under it's own warranty.

Not trying to send you away, but we aren't experts and have no ability to replace the defective cartridge.

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Thank you, the shutting down, etc. did the trick. Now why didn't I think of that??? :-)

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The act of shutting down and then restarting seems too simple for most of us to even consider strangely. I wonder at times how much money is spent calling in tech help when a shut down will do the job.

It purges the volatile memory allowing for a clean start, glad it worked for you.

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