Capital Culinarian problems

DCKellyJune 9, 2012

Hi-has anyone else here had problems with their Culinarian and the service to repair it? I have a 36" Capital Culinarian that is rusting out-the oven door is filled with rust, it is also the most uneven cooking stove I have ever had-it is really terrible.

I have called and emailed the company, but other than some vague assurances, I have heard nothing and nobody has gotten back to me at all after I explained the problem and sent images of the rust, after weeks. Anybody else have any issues? The burners are decent, but the stove is ridiculously bad. This is the second problem I have had with this stove-the first one was poor heat control, and I have only had it since November.

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Can you post your pictures?

I have a 48" self-clean CC installed since October. Other than the small oven being DOA, I've had no issues. I called Capital and after a few minutes on the phone was advised that they would assign a service company who would arrange to do the repair. From the time I placed the call to repair was a span of two weeks. One week for the part to be shipped from the west coast to the east coast and then another week due to my schedule.

I haven't had any problems since.

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Hi DCKelly, I see you've just joined Gardenweb today, so welcome! Can you show us the images you emailed Capital? It would be very helpful if we could see them.

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Hi, gardenwebbers. I lurked here before today, as this was the place where I found most of the info on the Culinarian, comparing it to the Blue Star. I have not one idea how to post images here, but I have a few.

I had an easier time with Capital fixing the problem with my temp in the oven, but no luck with this much worse problem. The entire edge of the glass in the oven window has about an inch of weird rust in it. The stove itself will burn an item in the back of the stove, while the front of the same thing(bread, pizza, chicken) is barely cooked. That is even with the convection on.

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DCKelly - Sign up for a free picture hosting site such as, upload your photos then they give you image URLs. Copy/paste the "IMG SRC for auctions" ones into the text of your post.

In case you haven't figured it out already, any newcomer whose first post is to complain about a popular product comes under immediate suspicion, so your best route to get a serious answer and not be accused of being a troll is to post some evidence. That's just the way it is around here. If you came to complain about Viking you'd be welcomed with open arms. Anyway, get over that initial hurdle and there are lots of helpful folks here!

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p.s. I just re-read my post and it sounded a lot more negative than intended. Through experience we've seen the automatic suspicion is often warranted. My comments were not directed at jscout or akchicago in any way.

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DCKely posted this on my Capital Culinarian Facebook

Very very strange looking, I for one have no idea how or what this is, or how it could happen.

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The only thing I can think of, looking at that picture, is the insulating seal of the glass could be "broken." Kind of like a double pane insulated window where you get condensation between the two panes. Was this there from the beginning? Or did this develop over time? If this happened after you started using it, is it possible something spilled on the door? A bad seal could have allowed "juices" to seep in. The seal is held together with some screws on both the left and right edges. Are those screws loose?

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In our last house, our range (I forget the exact brand but it might have been a Frigidaire) had a similar failure shortly after we bought it - but it only had drips between the glass panes. I never followed up on it though, and it didn't get the point shown in those pictures.

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Thanks, Trevor, that is an image of my stove. It is very strange, and when it arrived it was not like this, or I would have not taken it. There are no breaks in the glass, and this showed up after using the oven a few times. The screws on the side are as tight as they can be, but rust is bubbling out of the bottom part of the glass as well, it is not contained in the glass.

Nothing out of the norm has spilled on the glass, and everything is always wiped up right away. Something just spilling on the glass should not do that anyway, I just do not know what it is.

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Wow, that is strange looking. That's not normal. Call Capital to get a service person out there to figure out what's happening with both the glass and uneven cooking.

Let us know how it goes, and good luck!


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It's pretty gross looking. And weird. Clearly an unusual, uncommon problem or we'd have heard about this before now. I'm surprised they haven't just sent you a new door. Hopefully they will.

That weirdness aside, I'm more interested in the problem of uneven baking. In your first post you state it is very uneven, but then later you seem to say they were responsive in resolving that issue. Has it been satisfactorily addressed? Is the oven good now? What was the problem?

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Foodonastump, I have had two issues with the baking; initially when I got the range, there was no thermostat control, and they did fix that. The problem now, along with the rust is that the oven is extremely uneven in cooking. I have not heard any solutions from the company on the uneven cooking or the rust from the company.

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DC, that's the reason I'm wondering if it's the seal for the glass. It's supposed to insulate like a thermal window. if the seal is bad, then it's not insulating. As a result, you would get uneven temps inside the oven. The front would likely be much cooler than the back.

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OMG, jscout-that makes perfect sense! One thing causing both problems. I hope I hear from Capital eventually with some way to repair it.

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That thing looks like something out of Aliens. If I were you I wouldn't get my face too close to it.

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I was planning on getting a 48 CC. This is giving me second thoughts. Seems like lately they been having a lot of oven problems. Maybe I gotta look at wolf again =X I hope they repair it for you soon!

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Agentslim, the cooktop is great, but the stove is much below standard. I had a janky 30 year old electric range that was more dependable than this very expensive stove.

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I just talked to their service department, and they think they have figured it out-hopefully I will get a solution soon.

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Please do let us know what happens? A CC is in my future, and I am quite interested.

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@DCKelly: I don't think that's rust--it's too uniform. Also, glass or enamel can't rust.

The burned substance looks like either insulation or the glue that's on one side of a ceramic-fiber gasket.

@trevorlawson: perhaps Joey from Capital's factory can confirm the above statement.

@DCKelly: Can you provide pics of the what you called an "extremely uneven bake?"

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I also doubt its rusting, having said that I have never seen this happen to any range EVER. I do know the factory has a good idea what might have happened, and if they are correct its not a directly a Capital problem, nor is it DCKelly's fault.

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I wonder if someone somehow left your range outside on the loading dock or something for a few days or a week and this is the part that absorbed moisture and failed. A guess.

I agree: having second thoughts on the cc myself after really feeling like the oven is perhaps sub-standard. Just made a separate post to see if they've released any more details on the new dual-fuel culinarian/connosseurian.

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@DCKelly: Again, can you provide pics of the what you called an "extremely uneven bake?"

There's a notable absence of posts or comments on this forum regarding the prowess of the Culinarian/Precision's oven.

Also, check out about halfway down the post titled "Capital Culinarian owners, post reviews,photos of your new range!" as the pics posted on there show an obviously uneven bake.

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It's been over a week and I'm hoping your oven is either repaired or will be soon.

any updates?

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There's a notable absence of posts or comments on this forum regarding the prowess of the Culinarian/Precision's oven.

I am unable to find, even using Google, a single post by beefstew01 on any subject other than raising doubts or claiming problems with a Capital range. There is no backstory offered, no tale of being an owner in search of a fix or new range, no admission of being a dealer, nothing. Just post after post insinuating problems with Capital. This search included other GW forums as well.

Can anyone else find any counter examples (other than one joke post that was confusing and strange, which I also ran across)?

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I had noticed the same thing about Beefstew01's limited topics. They are apparently effective.

DCKelly's problem is interesting with what seems to me a unique structural failure. The sort of thing that could happen to any manufactured item. The most interesting feature here is the time it is taking Capital to respond. I agree with jscout that the seal is gone all around the door, which would ruin the insulating properties of the door and cause uneven baking. This door should be replaced by Capital immediately. I hope they request that it be sent back to them so they can investigate the problem.

Regarding the even baking of a CC oven: there was a posting maybe a few weeks ago with photos of five or six loaves of bread baked at one time in a Capital oven. I cannot find it now or I would post a link on Avidchef's current post. I remember that at least one person challenged the OP's pleasure in the evenness of the Capital oven. I thought the bread looked fantastic for so many loaves baked at one time.

Avidchef has, I believe, as I have, selected a CC for purchase, but would appreciate more positive responses to counter the current round of negativity.

I hope more of the satisfied customers I am certain are out there will respond to her post linked below.


Here is a link that might be useful: CC owners - are you happy with your oven's performance?

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Trevor said something to the effect that the cause was already known, and was in fact not Capital's fault. I don't know what that means but would be curious to know.

Capital owners seem less prone that BS owners to organize active and aggressive PR campaigns--both defensive and offensive--to protect their range's reputations. In any case, there have been few negative reports about the Capital ovens that I can recall.

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Self-important chairs are not the only ones who, at one point, darkened the doors of Welbilt and now find themselves pathetically trolling these forums.

Simply offering some legitimate complaints which should be addressed.

Arturo Bandini

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I checked with Capital today about the on going situation with DC kelly's range. My understanding is parts are on the way including a new door, new burner ofr th eoven and a replacement orifice for the oven, Capital have asked that the service company sends the back all replaced parts for evaluation along with a report from the service technician.

In the last 4 years capital have had two doors with similar issues one at altitude and on in a desert. Capital actually flew factory staff to the desert location to asses and fix. It is expected that a seal either broke or was not fitted correctly, unfortunate but things happen.

As for uneven baking possible cause could be the air shutter needs simple adjustment, burn tube issue or orifice problem, as stated above all parts have been sent.

Not sure what more the factory can do right now but I am open to suggestions I can relay back to them ?

Maybe the lack of posts about the oven is a reflection of a lack of problems ..... just a crazy idea :)

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I love my 48" Culinarian for the most part, BUT...the oven has been a disappointment. We've been running it since January 2012 and have not yet called Eurostoves or Capital about this but are frustrated to the point that a call is in order and forthcoming (will post results of those conversations).

My wife does most of the baking and she has consistently uneven baking results and oven temps that don't match the settings. Not 5 minutes ago she came into my office complaining that she had to leave cookies in for 15 minutes at 375 degrees just to get them cooked through when it should have taken no more than 8 to 10 (no convection). She just cooked another batch after turning the temp up to 400 deg. with the same results. We haven't noticed an appreciable difference when using convection.

We've had the same problem with the small oven and the larger oven in terms of uneven cooking. The back burns and the front undercooks. When I cook, I compensate by rotating the pan, but as my wife points out, on an $8K+ range this isn't really acceptable. Our inexpensive old all gas GE range baked and roasted just fine and evenly without the need for constant rotation.

We seem to have 2 issues: 1. Temp control seems to under-heat (esp in the main oven).
2. Cooking is uneven in both ovens and takes longer than it should esp. in the main oven.

I don't know if we have a seal issue (seems unlikely given the issue in both ovens, but possible) or a thermostat issue (wouldn't explain the uneven baking).

On the "up" side we do get good heat for pizza when cranking the ovens to "MAX", but it requires rotating the pizzas in order to get an even bake which does result in heat loss just opening and closing the ovens. With the extra effort we are still able to produce pizzas that impress. Same is true of other savory dishes, but can't say the same for confections.

Below are photos of some popovers baked in the little oven (still had 14 minutes of baking to go) and an "unturned" lasagne baked in the main oven.

Don't get me wrong here, the burners and grill are excellent. We've produced tremendous cuisine out of this range (even the oven..but with alot of fiddling). I truly hope there IS a malfunction with our oven, otherwise it would be difficult to recommend this range and I'd advocate for just buying a CC rangetop with a separate professional calibur oven.

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Just to let anyone know that's hedging on a CC purchase or deciding where to buy from...before I even called Capital or Trevor Lawson at Eurostoves (from whom we purchased the range), Trevor had already phoned Bob at Capital to discuss my issue as posted here. They're already working on it and seem to understand the problem and how to address it.

You can't beat that.

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Hi, all-

Capital has sent out a new, re-engineered door, it just needs to be installed. It is rust, and it was caused by a problem with the structure of the door. I am hoping to hear from the company this week on when it will be put in. I have the same uneven heating problems as BrightFutureFoods, the same extreme variation in the cooking. I have not photographed the variation. I think if I were to do it again, I would just get the range-top and get a separate stove.

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DC Kelly. Don't give up on the oven until the service guy has been. A simple adjustment could make all the difference.

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DCKelly - any update on your CC?

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We too have had issues with uneven heating, though really only in the smaller of our 2 ovens (we have the 48" self cleaning). It is bad enough to the point that I don't bake cakes/cookies/pies AT ALL in it and use it only for things like casseroles, and even then I have to rotate them often. I agree with the poster BFF above that the larger oven's temp seemed erratic to me at first, but after using a thermometer, I concluded that I just wasn't letting it preheat long enough. Knowing now that it takes about 20 min to preheat it, I get more reliable results, but that is certainly longer than the 4-5 cycles of lights that the customer service rep I spoke with indicated meant fully preheated. With all this time wasted, it makes me wish the smaller oven was more reliable!
Like BFF, we have also been very happy with the stove top and grill. True simmer can't be achieved without a simmer plate, but I can work around that.
I have not approached Trevor/Eurostoves about the uneven oven heat, but now that I hear that there may be a solution for it, I might consider it. I did contact them once before about an ignitor on one of our burners not functioning, and it took a LONG time (6-8 weeks) to get addressed.

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I have a new interior door, and a new burner-the new door interior is stainless, so hopefully more resistant to rust. I have not done any serious baking yet, but I did test it with some pasties and they came out even. I would say it seems fixed for now. Many thanks to everyone for the advice!

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Great news that the new door is finally in. Do let us know if the baking problems are gone.
I wonder if BrightFutureFoods' problems are fixed.

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Wow, DCKelly -- that sure did look gross! I couldn't really make out what was happening but it was really nasty to contemplate putting food close to it.

I'm glad to hear things may be fixed now. Please keep us posted - this is fascinating! (Because it's not mine. I would be so freaked out if that were in my kitchen!)

NELadybug - I think I've come to the same conclusion about preheating. I've complained before about the uneven bake in my CC 36" oven. But I have learned to overcome that by preheating a lot more than I'm comfortable with. It feels like a waste of energy to me, but for a more even bake, it does really seem to want to preheat for 10-15 minutes.

I have a hard time figuring out what temperature is really inside the interior of my oven. The metal rack-hanging thermometer I use is not very good at its job. I wish there were an internal thermometer. I didn't think I needed it or would miss it, but given this preheating-issue I really rue its absence.

That said, I still don't regret the purchase. But there has been a learning curve! Whether that amounts to protesting too much to protect one's foolish investment, I cannot say, by definition. But by and large the range does what I ask it to, so that's some metric of importance I think.

I hope that rust stays gone!

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My digital thermometer showed 356 degrees after 20 minutes with the oven set at 400.

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Tried to post earlier but it dropped. I did something wrong?? Bought a 30" CC in January to replace malfunctioning KitchenAid Glass top stove and oven. No replacement parts for Glass Touch Screen. Anyway you know you're buying a new stove when half way through your Thanksgiving Turkey the oven quits! NO REASON. Sure it malfunctioned...looked at Bluestar,(wife insisted) and we elminated Wolf and Viking. Wasn't impressed with Thermadore..we elminated the Blue Star once we had the opportunity to see it. The construction was far less than impressive for the price. Dealer told us that they installed and took out a Blue Star the same day when it failed to function at a high altitude install. They put a wolf in that they had on the floor to appease the customer. I'm glad it wasn't me. Anyway we saw the ability to use a full sheet instead of half sheet. We were told the bigger models had the smaller oven as a lesser support oven with less functionality than main. We were told up front. Anyway we put in the 30" because our cabinets didn't lend themselves to being modified without a full kitchen modification. We didn't want to be bothered and have fewer people in the house with kids gone but one. We love our CC top and oven. We've never had a problem. The guy we bought our stove through said that he had only one problem in 54 stoves that he'd sold and that was taken care of. Our oven functions better than we had expected and has never let us down. I don't own the larger model with the secondary smaller oven, but I don't think I would expect a smaller oven to work exactly like the larger one. Lots of factors in my mind as to why the two wouldn't function the same. I'm posting an article link that was given to us. It helped make our choice easier. Hope you get your door fixed, it has a definite problem. I would think that seeing how we were treated, you will have your problem solved shortly. Hope it turns out well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mercedes Benz Lifestyle Article on CC

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^^ That's a nice write-up but it doesn't sound like the person has actually used the range. They mimic the 138 degree simmer claim but clearly have never duplicated it.

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It is marketing propaganda full of many statements with no basis in fact.

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Many thanks to Trevor at Eurostoves and the good folks at Capital that took my concerns very seriously and sent an extremely competent professional out to fix my oven problem.

Thanks to Trevor for contacting Capital on my behalf. I received a personal phone call from one of Capital's engineer/designers who was genuinely concerned with my issue and took the time to explain to me what he felt was causing the problem. There's an orifice where the gas flows to the burner that he indicated they had concerns with and sent an area technician a part to replace mine with a smaller orifice.

You'll see in this picture the carbonization only on the back 3/4 of my burner pre-repair indicating that the front of the burner wasn't igniting properly and the back likely had too much air. This is why the back was burning and the front was undercooking:

Following the orifice replacement and air-shutter adjustment, you can see a nice, uniform blue flame across the entire burner:

Although it wasn't part of the repair order, the technician went through adjustment of both ovens' air-shutters, all six burners and the grill to ensure that they were all properly adjusted.

I'm not the "baker" in the house (so these aren't pretty), but I threw together some quick popovers to test the oven and got a much more even bake:

I can confidently say that I am now very pleased with the performance of the main oven. The small one is o.k. but's a tiny oven and does work better after the air shudder adjustment.

The technician provided a tremendous amount of quality information about the technical operation of the machine. As a prior poster indicated, he recommended pre-heating for far longer than the light indicator would suggest noting that the oven cycles through a heat range such and such degrees below and above the set temp in order to reach that "average temp." He noted that letting it cycle through up to 5 times will allow everything to heat up to a degree such that the swing in temp will be less severe, and opening the oven to check/adjust/baste, whatever will have less impact on the avg. temp.

I'm not sure I got all of this exactly correct, but that's the gist of it.

Anyway I am in love with my CC range and Capital's customer service response. They really seemed to care about the performance of their machine. If someone from Capital reads this, apart from my gratitude, I want you to know how impressed we were with the technician you sent, "Louis Pregent" who traveled 1 hour to our home. This guy really knows what he's doing, seems to appreciate and understand the engineering of the equipment and takes the time to help his customer understand the problem and solution.

Again, thanks Trevor for intervening on our behalf. I highly recommend anyone in the market toward purchasing your CC through Eurostoves!

Happy to address any questions anyone on the board might have. Sorry it took me so long to follow-up. It's been fixed for a while, I just didn't find the time to get on here.



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Yumm, BFF -- Those popovers look so good! I've always meant to make those; never gotten around to it. I know it's "easy" ... care to post your recipe?

I really liked reading your repair-tale as well. Are you the OP, DCKelly too? ... wait, sorry; I see yours is a second set of problems.

I appreciate the tidbit about letting the oven cycle through +/- 5 light changes. That explanation makes a lot of sense regarding something I've really puzzled about; it helps to have some sense of why you should need to keep that stupid oven on so long with nothing in it! I hate preheating; just seems so wasteful. I'm trying to get over it.

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Thanks aliris19. I don't claim credit for the recipe as baking isn't my forte. It's Ina Garten's recipe. The only tweaks I made were adding slightly more butter, filling them a little higher than half full, and piercing the popovers with a knife to release steam once they came out of the oven. Here it is and enjoy!

�1 1/2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted, plus softened butter for greasing pans
�1 1/2 cups flour
�3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
�3 extra-large eggs, at room temperature
�1 1/2 cups milk, at room temperature

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
Generously grease aluminum popover pans or Pyrex custard cups with softened butter. You'll need enough pans to make 12 popovers [or 6 in a larger popover/muffin pan].
Place the pans in the oven for exactly 2 minutes to preheat. Meanwhile, whisk together the flour, salt, eggs, milk, and melted butter until smooth. The batter will be thin. Fill the popover pans less than half full and bake for exactly 30 minutes. Do not peek.

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It sounds like they should send a technician with every stove installation.

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I don't know that that's necessarily the manufacturer's responsibility, tubeman, but as a purchaser, it would make sense to have your installer check everything out to insure proper air-settings, etc. on any high-end range.

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My 1+ year old 36" CC has baked unevenly even after a half-dozen service calls. I'd given up on using the oven for anything particularly tricky, and have felt as though the service person consistently addresses one small thing (adjusting temp sensor, e.g.) when there must be something larger at play. Today, though, I'm here because I've noticed that the oven is now TURNING ITSELF ON. My question is: how are you getting this kind of comprehensive, thoughtful response? I didn't get much of a response from either the appliance store where I bought it or the repair company, and have been disappointed in the oven component, but this has me alarmed.

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Hopefuly, a new thermostat will solve your problem. I have noticed that the heating varies 50 degrees on either side of the set temperature. If the oven is set at 375, it will cool to 325 then heat to 400 before shutting off. I don't know what the standard is, but this big of a range seems excessive. I discovered this while trying to adjust the thermostat with a digital thermometer placed on the middle of the middle rack.

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Nf85 - I responded on your other thread.

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I can understand your frustration. I'd be very unhappy in your circumstances. I decided to pay a little more to buy from Eurostoves because I know how well Trevor takes care of his customers and because he has such a close relationship with Capital. He intervened on our behalf. That said, I recommend you post your history in detail on here. Some have had luck going that route as folks from Capital apparently monitor these boards. What you're now describing is a serious safety issue and they should send a service person immediately! If the the Rep they're sending isn't competent, you should ask for another.

We just got lucky. They mostly use independent appliance repair guys and ours turned out to be highly intelligent and skilled.

Good luck and post everything that goes on on Gardenweb to keep it all in the open for all Capital customers to see! Hopefully they'll want to show their customers the kind of great service they provide on their very expensive equipment! ;)

In our case they shined and we really love our Culinarian.

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You may just need to have the orifice replaced. That did the trick for us (at least with respect to the uneven heat). The auto-starting is a whole different ball of "flame."

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Nf85--I posted on your new thread also.

Independent service companies doing work for Capital (and every other appliance manufacturer out there) are hit and miss. If you're not happy or haven't gotten resolution with whomever they've sent, call Bob immediately afterwards and tell him what you've experienced.

My advice is to deal directly with Bob at Capital, not a independent repair company. In my very limited experience and in my readings here, I would also recommend not going through your appliance store either. I would deal directly with Capital so your voice can be heard, not that of an appliance store. I would recommend this route to almost anyone, except if you get the rare outstanding customer service like those customers of Trevor at Euostoves receive. Companies like his are few and far between it seems these days.

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Glad to hear, BFF, that you're getting more even baking. Maybe it's time for me to make a service call on my smaller oven...
Not to take this post somewhere else completely, I'm now having intermittent issues with the lock on the larger/self-cleaning oven deploying on its own without being set to "lock". Kind of a bear when you've got pies in the oven and have to pry it to the side with a steak knife to get the oven open!
Hoping that one service call can kill both birds with one stone!

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I have had many of the same problems listed here. I bought the 36" from Trevor shortly after they were introduced to the market. Every burner clicked when trying to achieve a simmer. The oven heat is terribly uneven and now the door locks with nearly every use.

They sent out new burner parts with a metal plate soldered on which helped achieve a lower flame, but not the low simmer seen on the videos. The independent technician they sent was very conscientious, but had never worked on a culinarian before. He also adjusted the oven temperature, but this adjustment didn't improve the uneven baking issue.
In the last six months the oven door locks regularly.

After replacing the burners, I did not do a good job following through to resolve the uneven heat and low simmer clicking- I just tried to work around it. However with this new issue (door locking) I need to get this resolved.

I lurked on GW for months prior to remodeling the kitchen and learned so much from so many knowledgeable folks. However this purchase is my one regret. Trevor has been great, but I would not recommend this range until the kinks are worked out.

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I also had the door locking problem in addition to several others, but I persisted, and after a very long back-and-forth with the factory (i didn't get mine from Trevor, unfortunately) they agreed to resolve the situation and accept the faulty range back. It helps to document whatever problems you're having, and as BrightFutureFoods says, share it here - sunshine is a great disinfectant. Once Capital truly gets that today every problem is a public one, I believe (and hope) they'll step up their responsiveness and improve the level of service companies they contract.

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Hi Everyone,
I had posted a few times before purchasing our 48" CC, and followed the threads intently, but have not posted since. I think it is important that we all know what others are experiencing. So here goes....
We have had our stove for about a year now and experienced a variety of problems. First we had the clicking of the burners where we could not turn down to simmer (had to get adjusted); then we were not able to simmer a large pot of stock overnight without having it almost evaporate - this was fixed by Capital being nice enough to send us a simmer burner to try out. Yes the simmer burner does make a big difference and now we are able to simmer at a very low temp. Capital should make this readily available or include automatically. While we had this problem, one person posted on Gardenweb that they had modified one of their burners so that only the interior part would work while the outer ring would be blocked - this is exactly what the simmer burner sent to us does. Of course most people won't be as handy, so being able to buy the modified burner is the way to go.
Then we had trouble with the small oven burning towards the back and the oven light not working. The company that was sent to do the work (we are in NJ) left a rubber removal tool they were using to replace the non-working light and next time we turned on the oven it burned into a pool of rubber and terrible smoke. The repair company had to order a new oven liner (wrong liner sent) and it took over 3 months getting the oven repaired.....
About a month ago the latch locked on the large oven all by itself, while the oven was off - I caught my finger trying to pry the door open (someone else posted it had happened to them and that they were able to unlatch). Once I managed to open the door, the latch kept swinging from left to right for a few hours. Capital had to send out a new door lock to replace it.
Finally, just today, the igniter on the front left burner does not ignite. Had never had a problem with it. The clicker does not seem to work, but gas comes out okay. We tried cleaning the igniter real well, looked for loose connection, etc. Any suggestions?!
I am so tired of having repairmen at my house and having continual things happening..... I too was so thrilled about having our new Capital Culinarian, but think that for the $8,000 we should not be having all these problems.
I am attaching a picture of our stove/kitchen - this picture does not have the backsplash or the cabinet hardware. The backsplash is in, so I will post a completed picture - need to clean up the kitchen first. In the midst of canning a bushel of peaches!

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Thanks, vvl, for updating your problems-experience.

I have had my 36" 6-burner range for maybe 1.5 years now? Time flies...

I bought this range as a risk, basically sight-unseen and comparatively untested. I cannot say how it would have compared with a different range, bluestar for example. I have found the range to be not as fantabulagorous as I had anticipated, but then my experience is minimal.

I continue to have simmer problems. I was sent one of the new simmer burners which is as described elsewhere above, with just the inner of three concentric rings of gas-jets remaining (that is, the regular burner has three concentric circles of little holes-worth of gas jets, the simmer burner has only the inner-most ring of these gas-jets). This results in a considerably more compact circle where heat hits the pan - it is small. This makes for less-than-ideal conditions in a large pot, IMO. I have almost all cast-iron but still this does result in an interior hot-spot ring which I do not like much. Far far more useful, IMO, would have been to have manufactured a grate which was covered with a metal plate, a sort of embedded "simmer plate". This would also take care of a secondary problem that the opening provided by the grate pattern in the very center is not teeny enough. I have a small turkish-coffee pot that I can just barely fit onto this small interior-spot, but it is tippy; not safe. This is not a terminal complaint, but one of many annoyances. Because of the insufficiently-small interior grating space I find I use my homemade simmer plate (a pad woven from copper wires by dh) often. It is not as good as a real one would be.

The clicking remains mind-bogglingly annoying. As Trevor once said: this is the most annoying sound known to man. I know now how to fix it, with time, patience and a screw driver. I have been given a sufficiently small-enough screw driver by the company for this purpose. But in all honesty, I know this makes me an impatient consumer, but I don't really feel like doing this; I have almost never got the time to. I am always trying to throw together dinner at 8:30 before everyone falls asleep in their plate and there are so many crises floating about. I have teenagers and what would be a fine obsession for a retired person, is a real problem for me: I haven't the clearness of time to maintain these stupid burners. It's really annoying. For me, YMMV. The burners drift out of whack within a couple weeks of fixing them. Really, really annoying. In fairness, sort of, the company has offered to come fix them for me when this happens (I happen to live sort of close to the factory), however, I find this a sort of an embarrassing offer. I should be like billy_g and jscout and Ty-whoever and the other machine-involved folks in terms of just dealing with this stuff. But I am finding in my old age that my former interest in engines and machines and mechanics has fallen by the wayside. I would rather the burners just worked properly.

And I would rather the simmer function worked better. I have found that I have modified my cooking habits around the machine's weakness. I almost never make sauces anymore which is OK because we are all too heavy anyway. But it is sad that what I hoped would be an amazing capability is quite the opposite. Making soup stock, which I do all the time, is something of an ordeal because the pot has a tendency to boil dry. I find setting my homemade simmer burner atop the full ring burner on its lowest setting, presuming I can find a burner that won't click at me, is the best for simmering soup. Rendering fat still needs the simmer pad atop the simmer burner in a very small pan; if the pan is too large it gets too cool too far away from the narrow center.

I'm adjusting, and again, for all I know this is as good as it gets and another stove would have had its own set of irritations. As I recall there was a tradeoff with cost here and I cannot say how that figures in, now or then even. It seemed a relatively good deal at the time. I'm not sure in retrospect that decision was wrong, but again, I am not unconditionally happy with the machine. I liked the advertised ability to have all burners available, all equally blast-like potentially. I don't really like the solution of providing a smaller burner. I want all burners to go from simmer to blast in all positions equally; that's my preference burner-organization-wise. And given that the simmer burner isn't even working very well for me I will probably swap it back out with the old burner one of these years.

As well, there is an issue with the oven that has annoyed the heck out of me since day 1. I have learned to work around it but it's also annoying. Oddly enough, my racks (manual oven) buzz -- it's not the fan as was first thought. And weirdly, it is worse when there is weight on the racks, the more the worse. Go figure. If I pull the racks away from the back wall this will stop the buzzing; I have to remember to do this and sometimes, when something delicate is in the oven it's irritating to have to open the door to correct my oversight. But I have learned to position the racks just so to fix this problem; trouble is just on me to remember, and when running about as I always am, this is another small annoyance. Again, doesn't make me rue the purchase, just not ecstatic with it. I find myself using the electric oven whenever possible to avoid the noisiness of the racks. This is probably not cost- or energy-efficient! The stove has also become not completely horizontal but that's unlikely the stove's fault. A big sheet cake came out visibly not-flat recently. I suppose it's necessary to fiddle the feet to bring it back to plumb. That would be as much of an annoyance with any stove, so is not specific to the CC. I'm trying to be fair.... ;)

Lots of more experienced chefs still like the range. I would defer to their broader knowledge of the situation. But from my narrow awareness I am not besotted with the appliance. I am disturbed to hear of others' difficulties too, disturbed on behalf of the company. Perhaps this is not fair of me either. They have tried to be responsive to me. I'm just not happy that there appear to be issues about which nothing much *can* be done, and more maintenance work is required than I anticipated.

For a recent poster, there are many, many threads on this forum comparing closed and open burners. I have no problems with the open-burner-ness. I find the stove extremely easy to clean, which is good considering the tendency of simmer to be so hot as to send bloops everywhere ;) Get a fan that covers a large area. ;)

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