Scant autumn decor and stuff

party_music50October 9, 2012

As you may recall, I've told you that I'm not much of a decorator! We haven't had even a threat of frost yet, so my plants are still in the way, but I took some photos today to show what decorating I have done (this is a lot for me. lol!). I ended up putting the fake pumpkins & fruit in a huge basket atop my big crock that's placed by the door. I made the rust-colored covers for my chair pads to be more seasonal... and am wanting to find red velvet or something similar to cover them for the xmas season! I have two grapevine trees now (you can see one in the photo) that will be moved into sentry position once the plants are off the porch. I still have pumpkin lights and a couple things I intend to put up, but those will wait until closer to Halloween.

Also wanted to show you this great bowl/compote that my mom just gave me after I commented on it. Is there a particular name for glass done like this where it's opaque on top only?

And, finally, a simple quick-cut bouquet. The colors are wrong for the season, but it's what I have in profuse bloom. We will be hit by frost soon enough, so you never know when it will be the last pick of the season. I really hate not having fresh-cut flowers once the bad weather comes. :( BTW: the rocks on the mat are my "finds" from a recent fossil hunt! :)

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Oh, a 'vine' tree! I see it on your porch!!! I think it's the same one that I decorate! Yay! & you have 2 of 'em! Mine is on the porch right now waiting for Fall/Halloween decorating ...maybe tomorrow. We do have the cruddy weather ...Fall was too short ... supposed to be 29 tonight ... had frost 3 out of last 4 nights...uggh!

Your fresh cut flowers are beautiful...yes, enjoy them as long as you can! Lovely! And of course, the weaved placemat under your flowers is gorgeous! Nice work, party!

The compote bowl is lovely & I don't know the name for it...but lucky you! Lookin' good @your place! TFS! Jeanne S.

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You're so lucky to have your fresh flowers for so long.
It's been cold here at night, and many of them are not doing to well.
I don't think your Autumn decos are scant...Your porch looks nice and festive with all the Fall touches.
I see your vine tree on the porch too. I've got a couple of those tomato cages waiting for me to weave the vines on them..but I don't know if I'll get the time to do it.
I remember your round woven place mat and I agree it looks lovely under your beautiful flowers.
I'm not sure if I'm correct on your glass bowl...I think it might be Venitian Murano glass. They create amazing glass pieces. Nice your mom was so generous to give it to you. Mom's are great that way! lol
TFS your Autumn Party...enjoyed looking.

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yes, Jeanne, I will confess... I coveted yours and I wanted one so much -- I started making one from honeysuckle vine but it was taking me FOREVER, so I finally gave up on it. It ended up coming in handy for something else for awhile, and then it was cut away and composted. :p So, yes, I now own two purchased grapevine trees. I ordered two thinking I'd give one to my sis, but she didn't comment on it when she saw it. She just saw them decorated for autumn and NOW she wants one! She's going to order one or more too -- she thought they'd make a great gift.

Jane, good luck weaving your vine tree! grapevine will definitely go easier than honeysuckle vine. It will be so much prettier and special being hand-made with care from home-harvested vines!

I got smart a few years back and realized that I wanted to have cutting flowers in bloom at all times, so now I plant accordingly. Thank you both for noticing my woven mat! I wish I had made it YEARS ago!!! I love it.

We had such a dry hot summer that most people welcome the cold and rain we're getting now. Our first frost for the last several years hasn't happened until late October, and it looks like we're on track for that again. Weird weather.

And, Jane, I will check on the Murano glass possibility. Thanks for the tip. Mom is in downsizing mode so hopefully I'll get all of her colored glassware. lol!

Thank you both for replying! :)

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I love your porch decor! We've had freezing temps and even snow in the last week so my plants are toast! I love your grapevine tree and the pumpkins in the basket is too cute! Your fresh cut flowers have me wishing for Spring :-)

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Long time lurker here. Always enjoy everyone's creative decorating and tablescapes.
Wanted to say that your bowl looks to be either green opalescent or vaseline opalescent glass (can't quite tell the color exactly). Hope this helps.

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Kath, thank you for your kind remarks. I agree that those dahlias would be the perfect spring flower!!! unfortunately the tubers don't get planted until June here. :p

oldegood, THANK YOU for coming in from lurking to tell me about the bowl!!! I searched on-line with those terms and I'm going to say it's vaseline/uranium glass! From what I read, Vaseline glass was previously called Uranium glass (for obvious reasons), and even called Canary glass prior to that. Searching further, I'm wondering if the milky top part would be custard glass then... I NEED A BLACK LIGHT TO TEST IT! lol! I'm convinced it is uranium glass because it has the most odd 'glow'. Seriously, I'd describe it as the color of "nuclear greenish-lemon jello"! :O)

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Party, your porch is just drop-dead gorgeous. I'd LOVE to sit out there, any time of year. I am so glad you did some Fall touches on it, very pretty.

How lucky you are to have fresh flowers to bring inside, as well as enjoy outside. (I'm a flower serial killer, so have to stick with faux ones.) Loved your rock finds, I'm nuts about rocks of ANY kind...but especially admire old fossil types.

Jeanne has tempted me for years with her big vine tree, so am glad you acted on your temptation and got yourself a pair no less! I keep wondering where on earth I could store one, that is the only thing that has stopped me so far! LOL.

And last, but not least, that is a beautiful bowl!
(and nice you brought a lurker out to post. We really enjoy
meeting new folks and its so nice that Oldegood spoke up about your bowl.)

hugs, Karen

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PM, you gave me a HUGE smile and then some laughs! First, thank you SO MUCH for loving my porch. It was the bane of this house since before I bought it. Thanks to a wonderful BIL who was willing to rebuild it for me, and my own persistence after studying the original blueprints, it was returned to as close to the original design as possible last year and I do now love it too. It truly is a comfortable/nice spot to just sit.

I laughed out loud at your comment about being a flower serial killer! omg, too funny! I started w/ african violets when I was 8 years old, so growing things is just what I do. And rocks! I LOVE ROCKS! of all kinds. I have baskets and glass containers everywhere that are filled with rocks. I also have individual rocks that are placed both in my gardens and indoors that I've collected from places I've visited. Those things are my decorations.... like art and photographs to me, I guess. :)

The storage of the grapevine trees does present a bit of problem... not just the size and construction, but also the weight! I thought they would have a hoop-type frame allowing them to be stacked, but it's wooden and heavy. I found them cheap though, after looking a long time.

Jeanne, you're still the queen of grapevine trees! Being decorating-challenged, mine don't look ANYTHING like yours! LOL!!!

And I agree, PM, that it's so nice for Oldegood to have chimed in!

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LOL @ you gals! My fave tree is the vine one yet! It's still waiting on the porch...hopefully today or tomorrow! Yes, ackward to store...I have mine along side in my garage & I cover it w/an old flannel fitted sheet..seems to work.

You & your BIL porch re-do is beautiful...I would love to sit there! TFS! Jeanne S.
...and welcome, 'oldegood!'

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Party, your deck is sooo pretty. Love it that you still have beautiful fresh flowers growing out there. All the fall decor looks great. I too noticed the vine tree right off!

Love your new bowl DM gave you. Beautiful fresh flowers, mat and Rocks!!! I use to collect rocks too.

Congrats, and thanks so much for sharing this with us. Seeing this makes me want to get our decorated but we'll see what this weekend brings.


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