Decorating for Fall AFBB

PurplemoonOctober 8, 2011

AFBB.....After Finding Big Bin. ;o) The bin not only contained my Fall plates and the few Halloween ones I have, it also has ALL my turkey plates and the two huge, heavy turkey platters I display. And all my ceramic pumpkins. (I foolishly asked my DD "just how many ceramic pumpkins is too many, while telling her what I found. Her reply was "I don't know, how many do you have". Smart a--). Oh, and of course there was MORE floral. As if having it in the 4 green bins was not enough! I should open a store. Then I found some little boxes holding my ceramic small stuff for Fall and Thanksgiving, my cast iron pheasant, my little fall table runner. I sure had forgotten a lot of this stuff, and I had used it LAST year.

So anyway, I had to make some changes in what I'd already done. I redid the bay window. I'd forgotten I had this big, neat wood tray!

I put the table runner under the stacked plates.

and on small kitchen counter by fridge, my plate stand with Fall stuff now.

And I did two of the three built-in bookshelves by the fireplace. (the top shelf already had two of my big pitchers, with whippet handles, and fall hunt scene on them. So I just added foral and a little owl trio figurine. Last Xmas my DDIL got me two little Fall Village houses and some extras since she knew how I love my Xmas village stuff to decorate with. I love the little Fall stuff too now.

I had so much garland, I made the faux ficus tree in my living-room into a Fall tree, LOL. Does it look too weird?(Everyone that comes in the front door for the first time does a double-take thinking this dog is real. Their reaction is funny most of the time)

I'm trying to figure out if I can do anything with this goose. He/She has been stored away for YEARS.

A lady I use to know made ceramics and she was selling these cookie jars, so I ordered one from her for my late

Mom who was doing the country look back then (in the 80's). I never had the heart to donate this goose,so he's just remained stored. I was wondering how he'd look as a Fall decoration, or if I should go ahead and try to find him a "good home" with someone who decorates country. I think he's pretty but I really have no place to put him.

I sure hope I'm DONE for this coming week, tho I need to still figure out what, IF, and how I am doing anything with all my Halloween decor. I may just display my witches, ravens, and black cat stuff....and let my DD

borrow the other if she wants. Tho come to think of it, I'd be using about 2/3rds anyway then. Sheeesh.

Wish I owned the house next door. I could do one room for each Holiday and leave it up ALL year round. Then I wouldn't need storage space either. Sounds like a plan to me!! ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Wow, PM, no wonder that blue bin was so dang heavy!!!

Your bay window looks gorgeous...I am in love w/that just looks so 'tasteful' & simply striking w/that tray & your arrangement!

Pretty Fall table runner looks nice w/your stacked plates which is just gorgeous, BTW! Your fireplace bookshelves are beautiful, too...I love how you added the pumpkins & Fall foilage & such.

Now that ceramic goose...I think he is perfect for Fall decor..>& since he is ceramic can't you find him a place on an outside doorstep or something w/some ears of Indian corn or field corn (which I know you can't go 'borrow' from your neighbor, like I can) LOL! Anyway, he's heavy & I think he would be great by a doorway!

Everything is looking good!'ve accomplished alot...hopefully I'll have more to share later in the week. Jeanne S.

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PM, everything is gorgeous! Jeanne said it all for me too. I think your goose would be neat with just a large fall bow tied around her. It would give a different look from the other gold. When you have neat ceramic pumpkins like yours, you can never have to many! I love the ones with all the leaves.

Your dog does look real and I would be taking a second look too. I'm not the bravest when it comes to dogs but I love 'em. Oh BTW, your faux ficus tree turned out beautiful. Nothing weird about it.


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Goose is ceramic, but not all that heavy and would chip or break fairly easy. So I'd be afraid to put him outside.
He's sitting by my stove right now. I'm glad you think he's perfect for Fall tho. I'd not thought of decorating with him before.

Thanks for kind words, as always. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you are going to do.
hugs, Karen

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"Wish I owned the house next door. I could do one room for each Holiday and leave it up ALL year round. Then I wouldn't need storage space either. Sounds like a plan to me!! ;o)"

Oh Karen - I can so relate to that thought process. The house next door to us has been vacant more than it has been occupied in the 13 years that I have lived here. Hubby and I have kidded about buying it for the past 3 years - he wants the side yard for more veggie garden - we want the room with the big bank of windows on the front for a sunroom for plants and I want the rest for decorating and storage - if the economy were better it would be very very tempting.

Now to your decorating - beautiful as always. You sounded like a kid in a candy store describing what was in that tub :D One can NEVER have too many pumpkins and fall leaves - there is always a place to tuck one in here and there. TFS .....


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very nice. i love combining fall and halloween decorations :) when halloween is over, well just take half the decorations down. lol

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Hi PJ, thanks for chiming in with us. I love combining Fall and Halloween decor too. But I usually don't LOAD the Fall stuff till after Halloween, so there is room for it. This time I didn't do that, so unless I do some un-decorating now, I'm stuck for not having places.

Come to think of it, I don't have room to add in my Thanksgiving decor with my turkey things! Jeeez, talk about poor planning this year. Or NO planning.
I am not usually like this.

hugs, Karen

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You are sure on a roll now, Karen, everything is looking great. So glad you found that bin. Don't worry, you will manage to squeeze in just a few halloween things right along with the Fall things--I have faith in your abilities!

The duck is neat and made me think of "fall migration". I think he can fit in perfectly. I like the suggestion of a pretty bow around his neck too.


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A pretty fall bow probably would look good on the goose.
He actually has a ceramic bow, I just have him turned the wrong way in the photo so y'all only saw the back.

By the way, LUVS, I saw you, on Candy's post, trying to 'enable' me to go to Target to buy MORE stuff! For shame! LOL
Personally I think you, or anyone here, should come right over to my house...
tie me to a chair, hold a gun to my head, and make me sign in blood that I will NOT buy another Fall, Thanksgiving, or Halloween thing the rest of this year!! Better yet, the rest of my Life!!!


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Glad you found the BB, Karen.
You house looks super.
I love the ficus tree.
Actually I love everything.
What fun would it be if you couldn't buy any more decorations? LOL

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Marlene Kindred

Wowee wonder you were on the hunt! Did you have all of that in one bin? I need to learn your packing skills woman. The goose....I think it would look nice on the table with the stacked plates or in the planter where you made the faux ficus tree instead of the white bunny. I also think she would be pretty in a "nest" made out of sticks and rafia on a tray or charger...just my two cents.

You have so many awesome decorations! Jealous here in VA!

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Great ideas for the goose, Marlene! Thanks. And yes, I do have to say that I'm a good packer...too bad I'm a lot better at forgetting what I packed. Guess its time to make lists as I pack bins telling me WHAT is in each one. Tho its kind of fun to be surprised each year, LOL.

Oh Lynne...the temptation of that house next door to you, and the things you and DH would do if you had it. I'd be laying awake at night figuring out how to rob a bank and buy the place if I were you. I sure wish you could get it in all seriousness.

Well, I'm still mulling over the Halloween question. Can't do a darn thing since Friday. I got a pinched nerve in my neck. probably from the big blue bin. My left arm is useless, can't raise it and can't turn my head to either side without excruciating pain. Hope it works itself out soon, being one-armed is a bit of challenge at times.

hugs, Karen

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Wow Karen...opening that bin 'was' just like Christmas morning! You had so many wonderful things tucked inside, and I love the 'redos and additions'. Your bay window looks beautiful. Love the wood tray and large floral display there. That window is a perfect focal spot.
The runner compliments your stack trays and I always love looking at your bookcase display by the fireplace. Those whippet handled pitchers are beautiful and so unusual.
I'm in agreement with everyone else about the can fit into many of your vignettes.. I definitely wouldn't give him/her away.
Take care of that pinched nerve in your neck. That sounds painful. I'm still dealing with my back and still going for PT. It's really slowed me down.
I know you're thinking of Halloween and a few more Holidays to get ready for so don't push your limit. Remember, you want to be in 'tip top shape' to do it all!

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I love love love the centerpiece with the table runner! Thanks for sharing!

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