Flawed toilet lid - ask plumber to replace?

EngineerChicJune 26, 2012

One of the toilets was installed today (yay!) and the tank lid has an area that isn't glazed well. It's on the side that faces into the room, as opposed to against the wall.

So, the plumber purchased the toilet. If I had bought it I would bring the lid back to HD or Lowes and get a new one. However, we are in the home stretch on this remodel. And it doesn't affect the function of the unit, just the cosmetics. I could buy a new one for $45 at HD, too.

Is there any standard for how picky is TOO picky? Any thoughts?



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Call up the toilet MFR and let them know the issue. You might be surprised. They might just send you out a new lid free of charge. Might give that a go first.

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Agreed. Maybe ask the plumber if he noticed the imperfection? If he did not, then take a "let's notify the manufacturer" approach "that there is a defect and we what they will do". He should have examined it before accepting.

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Thanks! I will try that. Even with the flawed lid it's much prettier than the Toto we put in the master bath (needed a 10" rough in). But some say the Toto flushes better. We won't know until we put. Doors back on the bathrooms (after I paint them).

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What 10" rough in toto did you pick?

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It's a drake. It looks fine, it looks normal. It's just not as "pretty" in my eyes as the American Standard Townsend in the hall bath. But it was actually less expensive than the Kohler or other Am Std I was considering.

Also, we see it straight on (committed the sin of placing the toilet directly opposite the door) where in the hall bath you see the Am Std from the side.

I'm putting a RH train rack over the toilet, though, so maybe that will draw the eyes up toward the pretty shiny thing & away from the toilet.

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