Fall Bay Window

yachter123October 2, 2010

I added just a few things to my bay window, as the giraffes & the candle holders are always there.

The sunflowers & the large basket were those items I got a few weeks ago at that estate sale.

I see a water stain on my lampshape, must have been from the window sweating over winter! Yikes, need to take more pictures, so I can see these boo boos! Guess the OLD eyes can't see them in person! LOL

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Itr all looks great there! Your estate finds fit in perfectly.

I know what you mean about seeing things in the photos that we don't see in person. One photo I took had electrical cords all looking very messy and I didn't even notice until I looked at the picture. :(

Just turn the lampshade around so it faces outside. No one will even notice, LOL.


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Looks really good, yachter...I like the "wild animals" in this setting...& the basket w/iron handles fits wonderfully there w/the framed print on that easel. All looks very "Fall-ish" with gold tones, candleholders, glass vase & sunflowers. Outside deck looks wonderful, too! TFS! Good to see your new finds used here! Jeanne S.

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Glad you are finding ways to use your great finds. Your window looks really nice as does that pretty deck outside. Better get out there and enjoy it before it gets all covered in that "white stuff" again. LOL (Just teasing you since I know how much you hate winter.)


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Yachter, Your Fall display is lovely. You found great things at the estate sale. My old eyes didn't notice the water stain, even after you mentioned it LOL.

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Your bay window setting looks very nice. Your giraffes are so neat and I love your basket you found. You put it all together very well. I agree we notice more after posting the pictures.


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Your bay window is wonderful, and such a great place to decorate.
I love those giraffes!

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