Dbl Wall Oven - Help

pamells92June 12, 2013

I would love some advise on 30 inch Dbl wall ovens. I have researched so much that I am dizzy. This is for a second home and most of my budget is going for my Wolf 48 range top.
With that said, I really would like to stay under 2,000. I had Thermadors dbl convet in the past and they took forever to pre-heat. Other than family get togethers and holidays, I don't see using this very often.
Anyone have experience with Whirpool? Any and all sugestions are very much wanted. Thanks all!

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We bought a Whirlpool earlier this year. A couple hours after installation we told our salesman it was going back: the cooling fan was too loud. Really, really loud. We gave it a couple weeks to see if we'd get used to it (we didn't), or if a new fan would help (it didn't), and if GWers had any recs (they did!). We exchanged it and a few $$ for a Bosch, the lower-end 300 series with convection on the top only. We are very happy with it. We know we are missing out on some features, but we don't miss them, and it suits our cooking, our ears, and our budget.

Search GW for your model numbers, and see what advice you find!

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Electrolux EI27EW45JS.

These are normally $3k plus tax.

Electrolux has an excellent reputation.

These are 27" but given the big gas oven in your 48" range I don't think that will be an issue. $2,099 including shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Thank you bpathome. I will check out the Bosch. I don't need any bells or whistles - just basic - like cook a turkey and a cake or two.
Thank you also deeageaux, but I only have the cooktop not the range. I really want the 30 inch because of size of turkeys, but not willing to spend over 3K. Really trying to stay in budget so I can get the Wolf 48 cooktop. There has to be a decend basic double oven under 2,500 - am I kidding myself?

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check sears im sure you can get a decent double over under 2500. try Kenmore (im pretty sure they have good reviews) or GE may have one. I got a double kitchenaid 30' wall oven for $2,375 at sears when they said a sale when it was originally oven $3,000.

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pamells - I have a 27" Elux single wall oven. I've used this to roast turkeys up to 24 lbs. I had room for a side dish on a separate rack, close to the oven floor when the turkey was nearly done.


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