nana2010_gwOctober 30, 2013

Is keeper of the Cauldron,
From 2013-10-30 (by Eye-Fi)

she has been for more years than anyone can remember.
it is a life time job

From 2013-10-30 (by Eye-Fi)

Is the 13th witch to join the coven. She was told by 3 disreputable witches that she would have the job of Cauldron Keeper on Oct. 31, 2013. Eddict XIII was found proving that the position is not available. From 2013-10-30 (by Eye-Fi)

From 2013-10-30 (by Eye-Fi)

From 2013-10-30 (by Eye-Fi)

No one knows what will happen to the trouble makers. One thing is certain they will not attend the Circle at tomorrow night's Gathering.

Witches are arriving from near and far for this year's Gathering

Velma 'Supreme Ruler of the Realm' will attend
From 2013-10-30 (by Eye-Fi)

Upon learning this Griselda has flown off to parts unknown. From 2013-10-30 (by Eye-Fi)

All has been made ready.

Word has been received that due to a scheduling conflict
Velma cannot attend.

She will, however, send her second in command

Octavia From 2013-10-30 (by Eye-Fi)

Until next year



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Oh Nana, what stories will you tell after tomorrow evening. It's been a fun year listening to your stories &seeing all the witches appear. Octavia is a beautiful witch.

Love your place settings. The plates, napkin rings, pumpkin candles, spider stems and your orange tree cp are all so great on this table.

Happy Halloween, Punk

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Hey! An orange tree. I like that idea. I've always made (and seen) black Halloween trees. Next time I make one, it's gonna be orange.

Watch your tableware carefully. If those gals get in a tizzy, the table may levitate, and who knows what will happen to the items sitting on it.

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Cute table setting Nana...but I'm afraid those
ole gals steal the show! Love their on going saga!
I hope they didn't cause too much of a rucus What a shame they'll have to wait a whole
year to come out to weave their spells again!
I have to say these witches are such great characters..and what a great find at Big Lots of all places!

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My goodness! I'd be doing anything those ol' gals told me to do! Like eating 'spinach' & 'eyeball stew' ...not appealing, either one! (the witches nor the menu!) YIKES!!!

But your t'scape for thos old brews looks like party-time to celebrate the holiday today! Love how you fluffed up the linens or gauze or whatever ... looks very Halloweeny ... & the purple & orange & black color scheme fits the mood! Very clever ... storytelling & table ... & of course, we need a 'good witch' to appeal to our sensibilities! ~~giggle

TFSharing, nana! Fun times! Jeanne S.

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Another cute and clever table and tale!!
I really like Octavia! She certainly didn't take after the others in the looks dept!!
Your napkin rings are quite fun and the gauzy tablecloth is perfect for this tale of 4 witches.

Another home run!


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Thank you everyone.
The witches are happy that you enjoyed their tales and tables.
I think it will be quiet around here for a while.
Those crones [except for a few things] were able to use what I had for the tables. Of course there was a lot of squabbling over who would use what. You can't believe the mess they made.
Thanks again for looking.

    Bookmark   November 3, 2013 at 8:48AM
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