Wet bar appliances-Subzero, Perlick or True

nerdJune 12, 2013

I am looking for a 24 inch dual zone wine fridge and an undercounter refrigerator for our new wet bar. I am looking at subzero, perlick and true. I have been advised that perlick and true gave stainless interiors and are generally of a higher quality than SZ. Has anyone had experience with these brands (perlick and True).

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I've had a Perlick beverage frig (15") for a couple of months, and I highly recommend it. The frig keeps temp well, is exceptionally quiet, and the full extension shelves are fabulous. Haven't had experience with the other two brands, but I'm very happy with the Perlick.

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I don't have a wine fridge in the bar. Just an undercounter fridge/freezer combo.
I've mentioned this in past threads but I went into the kitchen design confident that I'd be using a subzero. To my shock the refrigerator section of the subzero drawer is so short that wine bottles and many other bottles can't stand up in it. Serious flaw!
I ended up using a kitchen aid ... Since I was panelling it anyway the difference in look is minimal.
Many people bring plates and dishes to check fit when shopping for dishwashers; I recommend bringing a wine bottlle, milk jug or tall beer bottle when refrigerator drawer shopping! If our local display hadn't had wine cooling in their drawers I never would have figured this out and would have been tremendously disappointed.

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Did you end up with Perlick or True? Curious, as I am also in the shopping mode for a wine and beverage combo and am leaning toward a Perlick.

If you did get the Perlick, any comment about the zero hinges? I am looking to do this with inset cabinetry (without paneling) and am wondering how the doors will function. I am looking at the 48" model that has a wine refrigerator on one side and a beverage refrigerator on the other (each 24").

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I have two Perlick Signature units, one a wine reserve and one a refrigerator I use mainly for ale. As noted, both are very quiet.

They use overlay panels that are aligned with the rest of the cabinetry. The door hinge works fine. A shaped plastic "washer" provides the stay open/stay closed capability, and if damaged in shipping, Perlick will send you another.

It is critical that the cabinets on each side are aligned perpendicular to the plane of the cabinet doors and have level sides. Ensure space at the back of the Perlick, and slight clearance below the granite or whatever at the top.

Ideally, a receptacle for each unit is desirable, although this somewhat depends on your circuit and which size units are used.

Leveling the unit is also critical, and there is one design deficiency relative to a full sized SZ unit. If sliding the unit in between cabinets, the levelers have to be adjusted outside, and unless the floor is perfectly in the same plane in both locations the unit won't be level when pushed into position. Worse, the rear levelers can rotate as one slides the unit. Big SZs use an extension drive to allow adjustment of the rear leveling from the front. So some tedium is to be expected adjusting the leveling pads until the unit is level when in place. This process is aided if the unit is lightened by removing the door and the shelves.

!! Shelves for one type of unit (wine reserve, bev, or refrig) are not interchangeable so keep track of which unit a particular group of shelves is associated with if you are adjusting or cleaning more than one.


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