New Construction Master Bath Layout

britwootenJune 21, 2014

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting in this forum (have posted a few times in other areas)! We are about to sign a contract to have our home built, and I am very worried about the current master bathroom layout.

My main question is will this bathroom seem strange when all you see upon entering is a vanity and claw foot tub (the little rectangle at the head of the tub is a built in cabinet). We were thinking we could do some type of decorative door for the closet (frosted glass maybe?) to give the idea that there is more to the room.

Although i LOVE the look of a glass enclosed tile shower, we will be opting for a fiberglass insert because I am OCD about scrubbing tile grout. Unfortunately it is one of those things that I cannot live with (I have tried, believe me! I just spend entirely too much time scrubbing with a toothbrush) so I do not want the shower to be a main focus of the room.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Even if you just say it is terrible :)

And just to clarify (as the sketch is not very detailed), double vanity to the right as you walk in to the bathroom, claw foot tub to the left. Straight ahead are doors into the closet (with a pocket door to the adjacent laundry room). Another pocket door into the water closet and the shower tucked in in that back corner.

Thanks in advance!

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Youre right because bathrooms laid out in backwards.

I dont see a vanity and tub walking in - Im facing a long 16+ foot yet bare wall aside from a closet entry on it. Most everythings cramped against each other in the shower / vanity/ toilet corner.

If you will remove vanity and shift entry door towards where vanity was, you'll find the room open up with lots of floor space and many options for spacious layout. Attached is comparison with just one possible option.

Personally if interested in french doors, I would use them for a grander entrance bed to bath to compliment both rooms.

ALSO I would definitely also shift that 16'+ wall back towards closet / laundry room. Still roomy closet unless youre wanting large walking and willing to take floorspace from bathroom for closet.

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Some quick ideas rotating items around.

Note entry into closet often changes with them - closets are pretty adaptable so unless the closet layout is a prioritiy, i would not even consider its location, it will fall into place when you get the bath as you prefer it. You could even fit 2 vanities if you wanted.

BTW the tile- understand OCD but have you hear of X-14? Spray, walk away, come back rinse - white, white grout. You cant get it X-14 clean scrubbing it, just a thought if thats really holding you back.

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THANK THANK YOU! I don't know what my mental block was with this bathroom... I knew I didn't like it, but couldn't figure anything out that was better! These options are a huge improvement! I will dive in a bit deeper tonight but wanted to give a big thanks as soon as possible!

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Absolutely - my own bath was a major priority and could not find a layout I wanted for the longest time.

Granted I didnt think those plans thru, not that I see problem with them but such a personal decision, just wanted to point out how flexible your flooring is for layouts.

One example I didnt show is having the clawfoot tub directly across from the entry door, middle of the wall with maybe a large mirror or art print above it. Those tubs are SO charming and what a focal point when entering the room on that grand wall.

Before we decided against a tub, was going to have one similarly located across from door centered on wall which would be below a window.

Just an option. You want to do whats best for the whole room but if it works, consider using middle of the wall if not for the tub, as some type of focal point since its so perfectly centered and your view upon entering the room (as well as view from outside in the bedroom).

Best wishes!

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