Who makes Thermador's 48" built in fridge?

chazasJune 30, 2014

All the forums say it's made by KitchenAid, but a dealer told us that they changed suppliers within the past few months. He said he thinks it's Daewoo now (really?) - if what he really means is it's the equivalent of the Samsung 48 that gets such terrible reviews, I think it's a no go.

Anyone know anything?

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I heard years ago that it might be changing -- but I also heard that they might be making their own since they had the columns and what started out as the Freedom series. If they took it in-house, I'd have no worries. Samsung gets good reviews for smaller fridges, but didn't even now they made a 48". Hmm.

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well, according to a web-site I found, at least some
BSH SXS and "Built in Fridges" are now made in their factory in China.

Here is one example I found on a BSH Web-site.
KAN62V41GB stainless steel look
Side-by-side fridge freezer
Country of origin ⢠China

This particular model is being sold in the UK as an "American Refrigerator"~~~~google KAN62V41GB and see for yourself~~~~~~it "may be" a different model number here in the US!

It is pretty hard to track down the origin of many of the BSH refrigerators and many say "Germany", but if you can supply a model number I will do my best to track it down.

It seems to me that on the product label, it must state the country of origin or manufacture, so I would check those labels!!!!!


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Thanks, thinking of the T48BD820NS.

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Daewoo makes freestanding SxS for Bosch

I have not read anything that changes the Built-in Thermadors are made in Michigan by Whirlpool which also makes them for their own brands KitchenAid and JennAir.

To make sure look at the labels in the model you are looking at. Many times stores have display models from years ago and things may have changed.

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well reading up on Thermador/Bosch/BSH.
They do have 2 factories in China, and a fairly new one that they are greatly expanding and they do make both built ins as well as SxS's in that China factory.

From the example I gave, "KAN62V41GB" which does show right on a Bosch web-site the KAN62V41GB is indeed made in China.

As far as I can tell, they are exporting China made models, (from their own factory), at least into the UK and selling them as "US Style Fridges", but so far I have not be able to find a link from that BSH China factory to a fridge that they sell in the US, but that may just mean they've kept their "secrete", off the net, so far!

As deeageaux and I posted, the only way to tell for sure is to look at the tag, which must display the country of origin.


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Country of origin rules are complex and don't tell the whole story, though they've changed in recent years and I haven't kept up well. I know there used to be a big sewing economy in the Northern Marianas (a U.S. territory) where they would make the fabric and cut it in China, and sew in the Marianas, where they did just enough of the work that the garments qualified for "made in USA". Like American cars built in Detroit sometimes have almost everything inside made overseas. A country of origin tag is useful if it positively states 'Made in China" but it doesn't necessarily mean as much if it says "Made in USA" or "Made in Germany".

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Well that's true, pillog, my understanding is many of the Tdor and other BSH fridges are made in Turkey, but No where did I see that on the net~~it said either made in Germany or made in China, but I could not find any pictures of the tags that I could look at.

I guess I will havta go down to Pacific Sales and do some "Tagging"!


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Before BSH bought Gaggenau, Miele and Gagg combined to build a refrigerator plant in Turkey. All the refer and freezer columns for both companies are built there currently. My understanding is that the Therm. Columns come from the same place but I haven't seen any fridge/freezer units from the plant.
I can tell you that my Gagg units are just amazing and interestingly, the freezer has a Calif. certified Miele filter on the water line. The consensus has been that that the quality out of this plant is top notch.

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moebus, do the tags on the appliances say "Made in Turkey"?


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The Thermador Columns and Bottom Freezers are made in Turkey by parent company BSH
The 42 and the 48 are made by Kitchenaid to Thermador higher specs on sound, interior, etc.
Thermador does not have free standing refrigerators.

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Well, not in the US, yet, (as far as I can tell)~~~but they DO
have "American Style" (Side by Side) & builts in for sale , all over Europe, (particularly the UK and Ireland).

BSH is selling these "Exact Same Fridges" under several names, Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Balay.

All these are made in their China factory,
"1 Ximenzi Lu,Chuzhou239016,Province Anhui, P.R. China



I suspects it's "Just A Matter of Time" before they are exported to the US


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Gary the Bosch SXS B22CS80 has been sold in the US for a number of years. This is the unit you "suspect is just a matter of time." That time has already come a few years ago. I think I had training on them around 2010.

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Isn't the B22CS80 made by Whirlpool, jakvis?

I did not come across that number when I was checking for BSH fridges that were made in China.


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Well there is a brand new for sale on Ebay for $7500.

Click the helful link to see it.

Most seemed to be priced between 9 and ten grand!


Here is a link that might be useful: T48BD820NS Ebay

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The Bosch built B22CS30SN, B22CS50SN, and the B22CS80SN are all from the Bosch factory in China and have been sold in North America for a number of years now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to B22CS80 on Bosch Website

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You seem to know your way around the "Appliance World", jakvis, could you make a "Wag or A Swag" as to who built the Thermador T48BD820NS?

Is it a Whirlpoool, was it built in BSH's China factory?



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Gary, my Miele column doesn't have country of origin on the badge. The boxes are made in Turkey, I'm sure, and I've heard from very reliable sources that the electronics and interior are made in Germany. I don't know where they're assembled. For all I know, it could be in the US, which might be enough not to have to label country of origin. The metrics for those labels are very confusing, and they probably use a computer program.

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Gary, yes the tags show "made in Turkey"

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This is a fascinating discussion. My question though is, does it really matter? How do you actually rate the manufacturing quality, etc. in US or foreign countries? If it's political, I get it, other than that, to some degree, it seems like a minor variable in the decision making process.

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What you do is get a model number and use that number + reviews to get an idea of how folks like a particular appliance.

In the case of the 48" Bosch that was built in China, It had many many positive reviews in Europe, so even thou I could not find any really good info, on the model the poster asked about, (If It was made in a Bosch China factory), it would probably be about the same quality as the one I was able to find.

But again, just google T48BD820NS reviews, and see what folks thought who bought this one in the US.


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No no no no moebus. Miele and Gaggenau did not partner to build a Turkish fridge factory.

That was totally a Bosch mothership decision ! Miele came to them hat in hand so to speak asking them to build a unit to spec so that they didn't get shut out of or left behind in one of their largest markets - the USA.

Miele had no U.S. fridge offering and there was no way they were going to be able to peddle one of their midget euro offerings from Liebherr here nor did getting a local manuf. to build one make much sense.

Gaggenau refrigeration was simply along for the ride on deal.

The first units to be sold in the USA out of that plant were labeled with the Thermador badge and BSH heavily promoted the "Freedom" collection before releasing the other brands. Units labeled Bosch were offered for a while , but never sold well and were mostly scrapped. I think they still sell a 30" model on that platform. Gaggenau was bringing up the rear on their rollout.

The Miele models were even later to arrive stateside and feature some parts that are shipped from Miele Germany to Turkey to be integrated into the base platform before being boxed up.

BSH is climbing a slippery slope if the think they are going to sell a made in China built in fridge here for close to ten grand.

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Wow, I didn't expect this question would spark such interest. Dodge59, the reason I was asking was if the model has recently changed manufacturers, existing reviews might not be worth much.

I wrote Thermador on their website and this was their answer: "In regards to your inquiry, all of our Thermador refrigeration is made by Thermador. The model listed in your correspondence is manufactured in the US."

So in the end - who knows, they're not making it easy to tell.

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Hi Gary, I guess I do know my way around the appliance world but it's mainly from osmosis from being in the appliance sales and service field for 35+ years now.
If you go to enough sales meetings and attend service meetings you get a pretty good idea of who makes what.

The Thermador T48BDxxx and T42BDxxx are made by Whirlpool out of their KitchenAid factory. These used to be models KBUDT42xxx and KBUDT48xxx. That were built from the early 2000's to the recent model number change the T42 and T48. KitchenAid has provided OEM refrigeration to Thermador for many years built to Thermadors own design specs. So externally they may look different but mechanically they are pretty much the same.

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Thanks for that, jakvis

I figgered if anybody knew, you would.

At least we know it's not a "Deewoozie"


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