Tile install problems!

crewman66June 30, 2014

We had 2" x 4" white polished marble tile installed and the contractors did a very sloppy job:
1. Tile was chipped
2. uneven and crooked tiles along with the grouting
3. had to scrape dried grout off most of the tile
4. tile on one wall wasn't even FLUSH, some tiles were
sunken in more than other pieces.
5. tiles were chipped inside the recessed nook

So, they said in order to fix all the problems they would need to re-tile the entire shower, we agreed, no other way around it.

Here's the issue, they used two different tile guys and both were just not that good so we're thinking of using a new crew altogether!

We paid them half the fee so far for:
-Tub replacement/plumbing
-Tiling the shower
-Tiling the floor
-prep & painting of the walls
-install recessed mirror
-install sink/vanity

We're pretty sure they didn't do the amount of work that warrants what we paid them so far because we have to redo the shower tile, which I think constitutes the majority of the price.

Any ideas on how to proceed with the contractor? How much refund to ask for if we can get them agree?

We have to start over on the shower with cement board, tiles etc...

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Tell them there will be no payments for anything until the tile is right. Last chance.

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Yeah that's what were we gonna do anyway but we may decide to go with a different contractor completely.

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Problem is going with another crew you will probably be out the money you paid them. I doubt they give you anything back, so be prepared to take them to court to attempt to get your money.

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so here's what the contractor said:

"I am really sorry for everything that happened. After talking to Carlos we see two options here to try to resolve this issue:
1- Leave the bathroom the way it is and we will not collect the remaining balance
2- The other option will be for you to buy the material, but then discount it from the remaining balance. We will remove the title and re-install it. This will take 3 days to be completed."

we told them fine, just leave it the way it is but to at least reimburse us for the cost of the tile so we can get another contractor or do it ourselves.

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And they said what to your option?

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No answer from them yet...they're avoiding my calls!

Here is but one example of the awful job they did.

this is 2x4" tile

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It looks like an example of TWI: tiling while intoxicated....

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There is really no difference between a thief who tries to swindle you out of your money and a contractor who does work like that. This is what I would do. If you are a member, I would let your tile guy know that you are going to be writing and posting a review on Angie's list. Then if he doesn't respond, post the review and include your pictures. I believe that Angie's list will do some mediation also to try to get you some satisfaction.

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Never mind, but in my opinion AL won't help at all. Find out if he is even a licensed and insured contractor because my bet he is not. He or you did pull permits right, you can try reporting him to your municipality or permits office. He has insurance right, threaten to call them maybe

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They were licensed and insured...just ran a sloppy business.
They ended up writing us a check for our tile cost. So now we're probably going to do the job ourselves! Family project time:)

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