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katlanJanuary 4, 2014

I received an iPhone 5c for Christmas. I had a complete dinosaur phone before that.

Anyone want to share any of their favorite free apps? It can be for anything.

I'm also interested in any free app recommendation for scanning barcodes/price checking. So I could scan a barcode in whatever store and it will look up the price of the same product in nearby stores.

Oh, and can I get free ringtones from iTunes for my phone?


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What apps? This can vary sooo much based on where you live, what you do, how you do it, what you like, etc., etc., etc.

Do you travel? Look at airline apps

Do you use public transportation or public parking? There're apps for those.

How about where you bank/where you live/where you shop/ and on and on. The weather, the traffic, the restaurants. All have apps or info available via apps. See what I mean?

There are more webpages that would attempt to answer your question than you have time to read. Check out a few. Most people wind up trying many apps and then removing some before they settle on which they like to use.

It's very personal.

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Thanks for your response snidely. Maybe I'll just 'browse" through the app store and see what grabs me.

Any recommendations on the bar code scanner app?

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I think the best way is to read the reviews and try the ones that are most positive.

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I like the Weather CHANNEL one alot. It lets me store up to 10 favorite places in either Faren. or celcius.

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Browse the App Store and read the reviews. That's the best way. I have a bunch that I use all the time such as my banks. I like the news apps, CNN, Fox, AP, , NY Times. I like to play the stock market and have my brokerage and Seeking Alpha, CNBC and the CNBC alarm clock (love it) , The Street, Bloomberg. I like music apps, Tunein Radio, Pandora and Shazam, ITunes. Weather Channel. Google maps and regular Google Search. I also have Allrecipes (cooking), Gourmet, Epicurious. Shopping, Amazon, QVC, Biz Locator, Starbucks, Groupon.

I also have Twitter (never use it), Evernote.


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Jane ny,
Can you tell me what would me the advantages to using google app rather than just the regular URL

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Its faster and easier to read and search. I didn't use it for the first few months but decided to try it and it operates better and faster. All you do is tap the app and you are on the search page.


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Jane's exactly right about the benefits of using any site-specific app vs a browser for the same website.

The biggest thing in my mind is that app pages are typically tailored to the requirements of a smaller display format and touch input. There's no need to enlarge the view, no fussing with trying to push a miniscule button, no searching for an obscure link. App views have readable displays and condensed menus to focus on most people's needs and wants. Also because they're acting as a purpose-built front end with much of the display code already on the phone, they tend to offer faster response times.

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One great thing about the google app is that you can use voice commands to make it quicker. I usually do this only when I'm alone. :)

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