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oldalgebraOctober 4, 2011

Hello all.

I have been checking in from time to time (love seeing the Fall Posts that are starting to show up again), but I haven't been posting or adding any replies.

That's because I've been focusing on another hobby that started three years ago. I set up a backyard theater during the summer months and have seen this little hobby start to take on a life of its own.

I kept a journal and have converted what I've written to a little blog so that I could share its development with so many people that have helped me on the BackyardTheater.com Forum.

OK. Having given you a little background, here is why I am sharing this now. I have created a rear projection outdoor Halloween theater using the equipment that I normally use in the backyard.

I thought you might be interested in the steps I used - well, just in case you ever need to make a castle wall!

Luvs has been instrumental in encouraging me, as I was afraid to try my had at the painting, but all is well.

Here is a picture of the "theater" I made. The projector sits in the garage and projects onto the shower curtain (screen) and can be seen from outside. I will run Halloween clips for a couple of hours each night, then on Halloween, I will probably run Monsters, Inc.

If you are interested in the steps, you can go here for a little tutorial.

Castle Wall

The blog (which will not be more than a few pages ever) is under construction right now, but the page I'm sending you to, ought to be fine.

Happy Halloween

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OA, that is just too cool. What a super idea. I'm sure the neighborhood kids and your DGK's absolutely love this!!

While I understand why you have been missing, your absence has been felt. You always created such great tables and other decorations. We have missed your input.

Obviously, your creativity has been channeled in other directions. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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I've just been taking a little time off. I'm still VERY into tablescapes and will be returning on a more consistent basic soon!

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OA, you are truly one amazing lady!!! I hope you make it big someday because you deserve it with all your talent. I'm in awe once more with what you've come up with. I've always loved everything you do!

Of course I went through your tutorial and loved every step. Thanks, Luvs for encouraging OA on this out door Halloween theater.

All I have to say is "You've Been Missed" and "We Want U Back" more often, you incredible person u. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this project.WOWZERS.....


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I couldn't agree more!! Its neat what you've done, super creative, and I bet a huge hit with everyone.
But we miss you soooooooooooooooooooooo much here.

hugs, Karen

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Oh, it's GOOD to hear from you, OA! Yes, as everyone above has said, you are certainly missed here! You are such an inspiration!

And now, you are inspiring again with your new project over the past 3 yrs (gosh, that long...goes too fast!) & your new blog...I enjoyed reading about your progress. WOW! TFS this & am glad everything is going good for you...always love to hear from old friends!...meaning old in the good sense of the word! ;-) Jeanne S.

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My! How nice of all of you. That's such a heartfelt "Welcome Back."

Even though I've been fooling with the backyard theater for three years, I haven't been away from the Holiday Forum for that long. It's just that I've had so much on my plate these past few months that I had to narrow down my focus for a bit. Some things had to go. But as I mentioned, I'll be back soon enough - bugging ALL OF YOU.

Speaking of bugging people, I saw these silhouette tombstones and thought about how well they'd go with Jane's silhouette witch (or a least I think it was Jane's). I just love Grandinroad holiday items, but gosh, how expensive all their things are.

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Gosh OA, Your talent and creativity are endless! I'm glad you are having success with your theater project Do you put on live performances?
As the others have said we REALLY REALLY REALLY miss you here.
Please come back soon.

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My-My-My- OA...just when I thought you couldn't get anymore creative - Up You Pop with another Incredibly Creative Idea!! I agree you are one Amazing Woman!
This idea is so spectacular (3 yrs in the making) Wow...
and I'm sure will be the 'Talk of The Town'...wish I were there to witness it all. I'm just so glad you checked in
to share this with us and to let us know how busy you've been, and that all is well.

I checked out the Silhouette Tombstones...yes, I did the Witch last year...and these tombstones are fabulous! I have to show them to DH. Next week I'll be getting 'her' ready for Halloween again. Thanks for thinking of me.

Now, like everyone else here...I MISS YOU TOO!..all your wonderful ideas..tutorials..tablescapes and EVERYTHING in between! Come Back...Little OA...Come Back!!
(I think you might remember the Original (Sheba)movie)! lol
It's so good hearing from your again.

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Shirley Booth! Good grief, Charlie Brown. Whatever made that pop into your head??!!!
You bet I remember. :-)

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LOL..OA - My DM used to always joke about that movie...I guess thinking of wanting you to 'come back'...just made me think of it - and knowing what a movie buff you are (hoped you'd know what I meant)... lol
By the way, when I was a Kid, I called my 'Spaldine' ball 'Sheba' and when I would play with it outside and it got lost, I'd call for it to come back - using that name.... I know, I know... I was a strange kid!!!!

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It turned out fantastic,OA! You are just so good at coming up with wonderful projects and actually getting them done too! Your blocks turned out wonderful, and I love the flame holders on each side and that huge axe is perfect! I can't applaud you enough--great job! ;o) Luvs

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What a great idea, OA!
You are very versatile!
I wondered what happened to you.
Luvs said you were busy! I didn't know you were building a castle!

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