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dodieongardenJanuary 1, 2014

I follow the NFL news on Fox sports on the internet. When I open the website I get that half-page ad saying "Enhance your experience - your browser doesn't provide you with optimal viewing experience" and then the IE, Chrome, firefox , etc. logos are there. I cannot close the box, it stays open for about 1 minute and I haven't opened any of the logos because am not sure what will happen. Have others experienced this and how do I get rid of it .... most frustrating!

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I don't suppose you'd care to tell us which browser YOU are USING?

Are you viewing ....or another Fox site? It makes a difference.

Are you using Firefox and running NoScript?

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Sorry, I'm using internet explorer 8, and have no idea what NoScript means? (am a pretty basic computer user lol)

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What browser and version are you using to visit the site?

I went here,

and had no issue, Firefox, version 26. windows 7 Home prem.

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I have no problems viewing with Vista/IE9. Your use of IE 8 makes me think you are using Windows XP. You might want to consider trying another browser to see if your experience improves. Even if you prefer IE, it doesn't hurt and costs you nothing to have another browser installed. In fact, doing so is a safety net in case anything ever goes wrong with IE. My suggestion for a second browser would be Firefox.

Here is a link that might be useful: Firefox

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I have no problem viewing the site using Vista with IE9, Firefox26, Chrome31, or Opera18. If you are indeed using WinXP -- which will be a source of increasing concern as Microsoft is ending support and security updates for it this coming spring -- it means that you can't update from IE8 to IE9. So, as azinoh suggests, install another browser. Also put in the back of your mind that you should be thinking about getting a new computer if you are still using a WinXP machine. There are many new, inexpensive computers that would make your time online more enjoyable and more trouble-free.

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Actually I am still using Windows XP. I bought a new machine with Windows 7 and, honestly, after a whole year, I still hated it and went back to XP. I know I'm going to have to give it up though. I surf, read e-mail and download lots of pictures from my digital camera to My Pictures, then print them and make cards. XP has been so easy for that and Windows 7 took away a lot of the simple steps and ease of printing multiple pictures. Thanks for all of your help ... I'll do what you all suggested. No other site has been a problem - just Fox sports.

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Yeah, but fox sports is one of the most important sites we have on the Internet, otherwise how would we know what's going on!!!

Joe :)

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I agree! Getting past .. and waiting for ... all those logos to disappear every time I got on Fox so I could keep track of my Seahawks proved I was a real fan!!! Two home play-off games was worth it. Go Hawks!

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I just tried it using my XP machine using FF browser. No problem and I didn't see anything that you described....just lots of sports and scores!


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