Last Halloween Table for 2011

christmascandyOctober 31, 2011

I hope I'm not boring everyone with my plethora of Halloween tables.

This is the kitchen table set for Halloween with some candy corn accents.

I only found 2 of the large platters I used as chargers, so it is set for 2. I do have 4 of the melamine plates and 4 of the napkins I bought because they reminded me of candy corn.

This is the rusty candleabra I used last year. I just saw some of the beaded placemats like the black one I used ....$24.99!! Yikes, gotta love those TS treasures!

I found one of the bears a couple of yrs ago and the counterpart last year, 2 completely different TS's.

The candy corns are little treat containers.

This is the last Halloween table for this year, I promise!!

A haunting I will go!!


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Candy this is a pretty table. Love the candy corn chargers and also the black beaded place mat with those candy corn treat containers on it. The rusty candleabra and bears make a neat cp on here. Your pupmkin plates and stems are cute and love your tc. I've priced those beaded pm but never found them for what I want to pay.haha

Your napkins do look like candy corn and fit this table perfectly. What are the pretty candy corns on top of your flatware? Don't be holding out on us girlfriend. Tell all.LOL

Who could get bored looking at Your tables? Not me, the more the merrier.


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Well, Happy Candy Corn Day! (Oct 31st!) & you did it justice w/this very CUTE t'scape!

1st off ...your linens are perfect for the candy corn theme! That t'cloth is wonderful...colors, stars & moons & the pumpkins! What a find for the certainly have 'vision,' candy! Too cute & so are the rings...esp impressed that you shaped the flatware into candy corn shape! ;-)

Your rustic candleholder looks great as does the whole centerpc you created. What fun! The dancing bears are cute, too & that waving ghost on your ledge. Looks like a good place to have lunch! TFS, candy (corn)! Jeanne S.
& I don't think you're too 'corny' at all!

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Punk, the candy corns on the flatware are iron on sequin decorations. I never got around to ironing them on anything so used them as accents on here. The little pumpkins are S & P's and the tablecloth was TS several yrs ago.

Jeanne, I almost didn't buy the napkins and then I had a thought...they remind of candy corn! Into the basket they went!! The Halloween ghost is a Hallmark figure that dances and sings a Halloween song, part of it is "I want candy, lots of Candy, I want candy, Halloween candy." I had to buy it! I actually bought it at Hallmark, not a thrift store.

Thanks ladies, you're the best!

Candy Corn aka Christmas Candy

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Super CUTE! Those "candy corn napkins" are absolutely the best idea, and I really like how you arranged the flatware on them!
That ghost was definitely singing YOUR song! ;o)

You couldn't bore us if you tried with all your heart! Its just not possible..LOL.
hugs, Karen

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The candleabra with the little pumpkins on it is the star of the table, and loving the candy corn theme, everything goes together perfect. What a cute table.

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Karen, the ghost was cute, but once I heard the song, I was sold!!

Yachter, the candleabra just seemed made for the holiday, especially after I found those little Jack candles!


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