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angiebangieJune 29, 2013

I am moving into a new build and i have to make some decions today or tomorrow. this is very last minute, as we were looking for previously owned homes but were unable to find any. I have a $5000 allowance for dishwasher (I love my Bosch 500 series but I would be willing to compromise for a quiet stainless tub unit of another brand), hood, advantium wall oven (I REALLY REALLY want this), and either a gas (propane) cooktop and electric wall oven in the same cabinet as the advantium, or a gas range. As far as the hood, I really don't know anything about them or care too much what it looks like, as long as it's stainless and can safely vent over a gas cooktop. I will stick with 30 inches on the width. I know NOTHING about gas. I've never had it or been around it. I have no idea what to look for. I like the look of the wall oven and a cooktop a little better than the look of the range, but I need to find an option that would let me keep the advantium and get a decent dishwasher. My priorities are advantium, dishwasher, convection oven, cooking surface. I think the micro space is already wired into the wall for 120v, so I think the 240 advantium is out. I want the wall oven instead of the OTR because its bigger and it looks better IMO. Also, I think I remember reading that you couldn't install the OTR advantium over a gas cooktop but I might be making that up.

The house already has the gas hookup installed, so I think that going with induction at this point will not work. I just bought a Frigidaire induction hybrid in January for our current house, and I really love it. :(. I'm sure I will be just as happy with propane, I'm just unfamiliar with it.

Help! I'm totally overwhelmed!!!

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The Advantium is 40% of your entire budget. Do you want to eliminate it or rethink your budget.

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Angie- I feel your pain.
I never had gas and almost went with gas but then on to induction.
Doing a cooktop and wall ovens will cost more than a range
How about sticking with a range(and spend some $$ for electrical upgrade) and keeping the Advantium.
I did do the Advantium + wall oven + cooktop and kept my current fridge and DW. On iPhone but if you search for a2gemini final reveal, you can see what I did. (Badger-feel free to post a picture:-)
PS - love my Advantium but it was expensive!

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The hood was calculated into the cabinetry budget, so I don't have to worry about that. I'm not budging on the advantium. :).

After talking to the builder this morning, I'm going with a gas cooktop, wall oven, and probably a Bosch dishwasher. I'm more ok with going over budget by a few hundred dollars than I am with loosing the advantium. It's by far my most used appliance.

I'd love a recommendation for a decent 36 inch gas cooktop close to $1000. .

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Kenmore Pro 36" cooktop
$1040 delivered to your door.

â¢9,500 BTU all purpose burner provides the extra burner needed for everyday use

â¢High grade stainless steel for a styled look in any kitchen

â¢21,000 BTU Bridge Burner offers the home gourmet a multitude of cooking options

â¢17,200 BTU Power Burner. Perfect for quickly boiling a large pot of water

â¢5,000 BTU Simmer Burner for the delicate gourmet item

â¢Continuous matte finish dishwasher safe grates for easy cleaning and smooth transfer of pots and pans from burner to burner

â¢Premium, Heavy Duty Professional Style Knob Controls

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay LINK

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