Camera fixed--more Halloween

luvstocraftOctober 25, 2010

Until I started taking pictures of my decorations for Halloween, I hadn't realized that the majority of my items are all ones I have painted or created.

I'm much better at making things than I am at figuring out how and where to display them. I need lots more vignette training I'm afraid.

First picture is on the entertainment center shelf over the television. Need to put faces on one side of the 2nd set of pumpkins--and I see one has lost it's little twine.

2nd picture is the spooky eyes wreath I made last year along with some little plaques I made with the Cricut this year. There's also two sets of stacked blocks.

At the base of the fireplace, I have this wreath on my standing wreath holder on one side and the black cat on the other side.

One more picture on this post so it won't be too long, then I'll do more on another post.

You've already seen the black/white blocks on the three tiered stand on my buffet. This candelabra and DT sign and white pumpkins are on the other side.

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Luvs, wonderful Halloween decorations. So glad you was able to post the rest of your pictures. Your blocks are darling so you don't need alot of other things with them.

The mantel turned out so cute with your scarecrow tray in the middle. Googled eyed wreath is so fun and all your signs beside it really set it off. Love the cat with the bright ornage bow and pumpkins.

The blk & wht picture is so striking.


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Glad you got your camera fixed otherwise we would have missed these great decorations.
All of your displays are so cute.. >> Nonsense! about 'Vignette' training.
The first one on the enterntainment, with the painted plate is very pretty and festive with the pumpkins.
I like how your grouped 'Spooky Eyes Wreath' with the signs on either side. I love how you've displayed ALL your signs.
They really are so unique and I love their sayings too.
Great way to display your wreath by the mantel and the cat on the other side is adorable. I love his Big Orange Bow!
I can't believe you got that B&W sign from DT...I love it!

Great job on everything Luvs, and again, I'm glad you got to share them with us.


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Oh man, Luvs. You've made some great Halloween stuff. I love it all. Really, there's not one thing I wouldn't want displayed in my house. Really clever use of your lettering machine.

Did you get the black and white silhouette from Dollar Tree? Is that what DT stands for? I love it. That was the sort of thing I was looking for earlier.

All you little signs are precious - spooky precious. Did you cover the blocks with gift wrapping paper first? They are wonderful!

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As usual, you are way too critical of yourself! Your displays are just fine, and I think its wonderful you can make so many GREAT things! I LUV your Scarecrow n Acorn Tray! That is absolutely one of my favorite Halloween things I've seen. You are just so darn creative!
Of course the blocks you've been doing are definitely a great decoration idea.

By the way, your camera better be are not allowed to have a broken camera! No way!
hugs, Karen

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Loved looking at all of your creations, it's hard to pick a favorite

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I think you do just fine displaying things, but I can sure understand the job of finding places. Your scarecrow plate is so well-done, you really are talented, love the scary trees too. All your signs are just delightful. I'm in love with the big cat on the hearth, he is adorable.

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luvs...those stacking wood block creations are just so darn CUTE! You've done a good job with choosing patterned papers & using your cricut...alot of work!

The scarecrow plate is just darling...& the little pumpkins you've painted ...with & w/o faces...adorable!

The buffet B&W vignette is quite striking, as punk noted. I love the how the silhoutte creates such an eariness feeling. TFS ...enjoyed looking at everything! Jeanne S.

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Glad you enjoyed seeing these, hope it wasn't too pic heavy on one post, I tried to spread them out.

OA, this black/white sign and another one that I showed earlier were from the 99 cent store at Baseline and Archibald. I got another black and white Witch's menu sign at Dollar Tree.

I used the little scarecrow sign above the tv because I needed something big there and didn't have a Halloween piece. This little guy will stay there until Thanksgiving, and the little jack o lanterns will get turned around to their plain side.

As I was putting things out, I realized that I really had no "theme" item--just halloween things from cats, bats, and hats, to jack o lanterns, ghosts and witches! LOL


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Must agree, you're being far to critical of yourself. I think the groupings are each perfect.
Vignette training my foot!
I love the entertainment center, and your blocks are too cute.
The googlie eye wreath though, I must admit gives me the creeps, but I guess that's what Halloween relation is supposed to do. LOL
I think the kitty by the fireplace is tooo adorable and of course I'm oogling the candelabra.
You have a beautiful home and so very well put together.

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