NXR Range Convection Fan noisy and Rusty grate

stuspickJune 1, 2013

I just installed the NXR Gas Range Model #drgb3001 from Costco Canada. Overall it looks like a solid Range so far but there are some issues. First off my Convection fan seems to be really loud. I've taken off the cover to see if it was touching anything and it doesn't seem to be. Anyone else have this issue?

Here is a video of the sound it is making:

Also, there is some rust on my cooktop grate. Who should I contact to get is replaced?

Guy at Costco told me to just return the oven to the store which isn't a great option as that sucker is heavy.


Here is a link that might be useful: Noisy fan

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Doesn't seem abnormal for a small high speed fan.

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Since the grates are iron you could brush the rust off then brush with cooking oil. Then put them in the oven at 400 for 30 min or so. Call for service on the fan.

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Funny thing is the fan noise gets louder as the oven gets warmer. Really strange. Does anyone who I should contact? Adco or Duro?

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Hard to tell if the fan noise is normal.or not. Consumer video cams use automatic gain control (AGC) which can boost the sound levels in recording. That can make it hard to judge the actual noise level from an online video.

On my NXR, I can definitely hear the fan running when the oven door is closed just as I could with my former stove, a GE dual fuel range. The closed door noise level on my NXR does not seem (to me) to be any louder than the convection fan noise on the GE.

The NXR's fan is louder when the door is open. To me, when the door is open, it sounds like floor fan in a confined space (which is what it is.) So, as laat said, the noise may not be abnormal for a small, high speed fan in a confined space. I can't compare it with my previous experience with convection fans because all my prior convection ovens automatically shut down the fan when the door was opened. Thus, I never found out what the GE's fan would have sounded like with the oven door open. The NXR is my first stove with a purely manual convection fan.

Interesting that you mention rust on a cooktop grate. Somebody asked last week if there were any reports of this. (I think it was the poster with questions about the 48" NXR model.) I had not heard of this problem before. But, I second jolb57's advice to treat the grates like the cast iron they are: wire brush the rust and re-season just as you would do if you found rust on a cast iron skillet.

In the meantime, Duro is who you call for warranty service, as explained on page 19 of the owner's manual. That page lists the number to call as 1-877-639-7264. I don't know if they have a different number for Canadian purchasers, but it can't hurt to try that number on Monday.

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If this was my range, I would tend to wait at least several months before contacting any company for a service call to see if something much more serious and solid in the way of a problem you can bring to them turns up. Don't shred your credibility on minor stuff right off the bat and thus provide them with lame excuses to keep ignoring you in the future.

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Personally the fan noise is over the top would you concur on the accuracy of the video. Costco return policy is the Ace in the whole here.

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I agree that the fan noise in the video seems way too loud and way louder than the level on my own NXR. But I am not asserting that the stove is fine or not fine. I am simply saying I cannot tell from the video whether it is or is not. As I said, I can't tell from an on-line video whether it is really too loud or whether, instead, the apparent noise level is an artifact of being recorded by a consumer video cam which "enhances" the sound level.

To me, the main question is how loud it sounds with the oven door closed (i.e., normal operating conditions.)

But, I'll offer a counterpoint to the suggestion by laat2. Seems to me that you paid $2000 for the stove. For that kind of price, they can send somebody out to verify that the fan is not defective/broken. They can't ignore you in the future because, as jolb57 says, you can just take the stove back to Costco. To return it to Costco you don't need any more reason than you don't like the stove.

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Yes I agree with JWVideo that's why I asked OP regarding perceived sound level.

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Well the sound from when it initial turns on when oven is cold to after oven warms up is considerably louder. The sound should be the same whether oven is hot or cold.

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I hear a ticking/rattle in the fan and the roaring noise could be a loose shaft to bearing.

Have the fan replaced

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You've now got three votes for calling warranty service. Let us know if that phone number is also the right one for Canadians. Please keep us posted on developments..

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My fan is much quieter than the one in the GE profile it replaced. I'd call cause of the noise - it sounds like two pieces hitting each other.

I've used convection a lot - including the time I blinkin' forgot to turn the fan off and it ran all night and it doesn't sound like that. It's been splashed, smoked and chicken fat greased and it doesn't sound like that.

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That number was correct. I'm waiting for service company to call me to schedule an appointment.

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Still haven't got a call from the service company plus I noticed my cast iron grates are chipping. As I see black paint chips under them. The chips aren't coming from the top of the grates where there is contact, it's from the bottom. Anyone else getting this?

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Not on mine.

A good reason to call the warranty number again. Also, remind them of the need for service on the fan.

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Might get someone out today to fix it. I got a stain on one of my burners not sure what it is. How can you clean those?

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This is just my suggestion, but I'd ignore it. If you wipe off the burner head, it will eventually burn off (in less time than you'd think).

If you do anything strenuous about it, it's likely to wear the coating off the burner heads completely after a while.

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Got myself one more issue that popped up today. On my stovetop for one of my knobs it keeps trying to ignite the gas. It gets stuck and keeps on ticking. It only stops ticking when I put the knob to low. Anyone see this? How can I fix it?

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The knob is sticking on the bezel (ring). Very easy fix. First, try to see where the knob is rubbing on the bezel so you know which way to move it. (If you are anal, you can mark it with chalk or a soft pencil.) Pull the knob off the shaft. The bezel is held in place with two screws. Photo below. (Thanks to GWbasic who posted the photo last July in an NXR thread). Use a #2 phillips screw driver to loosen the screws and reposition the bezel. Retighten the screws. Push the knob back in place.

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Thanks I will give that a try.

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Stuspick - you posted about your knobs a month after your OP, but did not reveal what happened with your service call, which was the subject of this thread. Can you update us?

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Ah right sorry. Guys came for service and of course my fan failed to get loud when he was here. It seems to have gotten better now. Service guy said maybe it was in storage for to long and needed to be broken in. In regards to the rusty grate he took pictures and sent it in to duro. I was going to follow up this week to see if they are sending a New one.

Also in regards to the ignitor the knobs we fine it was just a wet ignitor which my wife failed to tell me.

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