Suspect a DW leak - who to call first?

LinelleJune 18, 2014

I have a Bosch 300 series dishwasher I bought in May 2013, so it should have just passed out of warranty. :)

Yesterday I noticed a *very* slight warping on a piece of hardwood floor adjacent to the toekick at right angles to the DW. All I can think of is a possible leak and the DW is the likely culprit.

I want to get this looked at and dealt with soon. My question is how to proceed. Do I call Bosch and have them send someone? Or do I call my local appliance store where I bought the DW and who installed it? I know that either way I'll have to pay.

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I would call a local repair place - not necessarily your dealer - find one with a good reputation. I don't know who Bosch uses for service but you might end up with mediocre, expensive service and have to wait a while for your service call.

Before calling for service, you should check under your sink - you might just have a leak there, in which case a plumber is the right call.

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weissman, thanks for your reply. I just looked under my sink, to the left of the DW, and everything looks fine. What initially caught my eye was a slightly higher floor corner to which the arrow is pointing. It's very slight and I thought it might just be a quirk of my vision. There's definitely some textural disturbance under the length of the board, but only discernible through touch. I figured the close proximity of the DW points to it as the perp.

So, an appliance repair place over the dealer? There are two local independent dealers and I think they both might have repair services.

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fyi - one more possibility - a friend of mine got a one-time courtesy repair from Samsung on a refrigerator that was just out of warranty - in her case, the fridge was clearly not working.

I have no idea whether Bosch would do such a thing, but before you ask, make sure the problem is the dishwasher and not something else.

By the way, you should also check to make sure that the drain pipe from the DW has a high loop in it before it enters your plumbing system. If not, it's possible for water from the sink/garbage disposal to back up into the DW which can cause the DW to overflow slightly - this isn't a leak by the way.

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Well, if you were happy with your dealer and they have a repair service then that would be fine - I was just suggesting a repair service rather than the manufacturer's servicer since you're not under warranty. Have you noticed any water or dampness on the board in question? In my previous reply when I mentioned the DW overflowing a little because of the lack of a high loop, you would actually see some water on the floor in front of the DW. It is possible that there is something in the DW that's leaking under the floor and causing the wood to swell.

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I haven't seen any surface water at all. As for high loop, I'm not sure. I have an air gap and assumed that took care of things, whether or not I have a high loop or not. I don't really understand it technically, I'm just parroting back what I've read on GW.

I might as well start with my appliance store's repair department. I want this taken care of.

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Yup an air eliminates the need for a high loop, although most people would rather eliminate the air gap :-)

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although most people would rather eliminate the air gap :-)

Linelle and I live in California - mostly, this isn't elective :-)

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We have all kinds of rules in California. :)

When my kitchen was remodeled I kept my old and un-high-loop DW. I bought this one a few months later. Honestly, having an air gap doesn't bother me at all.

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Call Bosch first.
I've seen them cover repairs for product several months out of warranty but you must call them before the service is done.

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jakvis, you rock!!!

Just got off the phone with Bosch. I'm three weeks out of warranty exactly and they are covering a service call to investigate the leak.

So, for this, Bosch rocks too!

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Bosch covered spare parts (upper spray arm and upper rack) for my unit that I bought used from eBay. Based on the manufacturing date, since i have no receipt, the dishwasher was two years out of warranty when I asked for the parts.


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whirlpool, that's cool. A local person is coming out next week. I want to nip this in the bud.

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Make sure they pull the dw out and check for
Water under it. A Bosch DW leak is the reason for our entire gut and remodel :(. Water had leaked under it and down under flooring and cabinets Good luck!

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katy-lou, thanks for the tip. I'll make sure they do that.

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The first person I would call is someone who knows which end of a screwdriver to use in order to remove the toekick, and also knows how to operate a flashlight.

Generally, that is me. The second person would be determined by what I found.

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weedmeister, I think the appliance service guy would fit the bill. Plus s/he will know how to pull the DW out, and--even better--know how to put it back. I can wield a screwdriver and a flashlight, but I'd prefer a pro to do the rest.

What is found will determine the next step.

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Remove toe kick and look with flashlight. If no obvious water issue, slide some paper under there and run the DW. There's a good chance you'd see the water on the paper if it's not enough to come out the front.

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Service guy just left. A sweetheart. Dry as as a bone under the Bosch, with undisturbed construction dust (i.e., no trails of drips left behind). He looked under my stove (there's one cabinet between them) and found the same conditions. He did replace the kickplate with a slight gap underneath so that if there were any leaks it would immediately appear in front of the DW rather than find its way undetected.

My MB shower is on the opposite side of my kitchen wall, at an angle, but now in the circle of suspicion. Time to get someone under the house and see what they can find.

Under the stove we did find many of Zephyr's missing toys:

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