Avira and Luke Filewalker

jerry_njJanuary 12, 2010

I've just come to notice that my "free" version of Avira continues to discover "2 warnings" every time my system is scanned - "Luke Filewalker".

Am I missing a "button" that I must push to remove/disable whatever is causing the "warnings" or is that something one has to purchase the paid version to obtain?

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Not sure what that is but AntiVir scan engine is also known as "Luke Filewalker"


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If you are referring to the 2 files mentioned the 3rd response in the link below, it appears they are not a problem.

Google is a wonderful resource.

Here is a link that might be useful: Avira Forum

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Yes, and Yes, but I wish there was some real competition to Google, they're on the road to being as "bad" as Microsoft.

The provided reference came to the same "don't know what it means"... I figured someone on this expert forum would just know... seems not, or not yet.

The only way I would even know about warnings if if I "drop" in while Luke Filewalker is on his walk. When the walk is complet Luke shuts down and any record of "warnings" is lost. I assume the warnings are referring to the same anomalies only because of the match "2". It is possible that Luke deleted the warning sources and the next scan found two new ones, but who knows?

I would like to avoid the Avia Forum, bur thanks for link.

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