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dudsiamJanuary 19, 2011

Internet Explorer is my browser of choice. I just downloaded Google Earth, and now Google Chrome seems to have taken over as being my default browser. I want my old Internet Explorer back. Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of Google Chrome.....and get my old IE as my default browser?

I thank you in advance.


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Cancel my request for help. I think I solved the problem. I went in to my Program Files, double clicked on the IE icon. When it opened, it asked if I wanted to make IE my default browser. I emphatically checked the "YES" box. I now able to use IE.


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Just a note for future reference: This is a good reason to exercise caution when installing anything new, whether it's a download or on a CD. As I recall, when installing Google Earth, it automatically installs Chrome unless you notice and un-check that option, and this maybe even gave it permission to be your default browser. This bundling of toolbars and other un-asked-for bloat seems to becoming ever more common. I go a lot slower these days with any install, inspect and fully read every window that opens, and choose "Custom" rather than the (recommended) Automatic install whenever I have that option so I can be fairly sure I know just what is happening and what I am giving permission to.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

You must watch step by step with every download and install these days or you will end up with things you did not want, the extra junk is pre checked by default and it is up to you to pay attention and uncheck it.
this behavior has led to the creation of the hall of shame list which lists all programs that do that kind of shameful stuff.
Installers Hall of Shame (Unwanted add-on)

If you do not want Chrome why not just go to your add remove programs and remove it?

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Anyone know the advantages of Google Earth over using or vice versa? I always use these days rather than have the huge program installed on my confuser.

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Hi owbist good question. I did a search.

"The main advantage of Google Earth is the huge amount of resources that it can use since it is running locally on your machine. This allows the Google Earth application to perform much faster and with better features. Browsers were designed to have limited access to resources to prevent malicious people from gaining control of a computer that visits their site. For this reason, Google Maps are restricted to the browser. Users of Google Maps also need to have a speedy internet connection in order to talk to the Google Maps server. It the connection is very poor, the images make take a long time to load or even fail to in certain instances."


"They differ primarily in Google Maps being based on a 2D model and Google Earth using a 3D model. The other significant difference is that Google Maps is a Web application, while Google Earth is a stand-alone program that connects to the Internet."

"Google Earth provides a more powerful, interactive user experience and offers more tools for learning about a location. The Google Earth experience is one of fast, fluid flight -- zooming and rotating and tilting imagery to view the geographic data you're interested in. You can wind along hairpin turns, view buildings in 3D, and fly to businesses near your favorite location," the Mountain View company explains."

"Also, Google Earth allows you to easily measure distances and areas, draw lines and shapes, and even import your own data."

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I want to thank you all for responding. I know now that I went too fast....thus not unchecking the "Google Chrome" box. Your explanations will save me from further headaches down the road.

In fact, I have something else I was wondering about. I noticed on the Hall of Shame list that Raven posted.....the program "Threat Fire". I have no idea what it is....but from time to time, a little pop-up will say something about Threat Fire. I didnt know what it I have left it on my computer. However, since it was listed on the "Hall of Shame", I am wondering if I should remove it too.

Again, I thank you all for your expertise......and advice.


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open browser look for tools up top, then internet options, then click use default..close the click on home...

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

threatfire is a valid legit program by PC Tools, if you did not install it however I would wonder how you got it on the pc? It would be up to you if you want it or not. Some people like it some don't.

try doing a google search for threatfire reviews to see more, I like to read actual user reviews. On some of the forums I am on there are some that swear by it and again others that say it uses a lot of resources and don't care for it.

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Thank you Zep, it was not laziness that stopped me from investigating but seeing this thread it just occurred to me. Perhaps I will re-load Earth one day, not that the 3D is any use to me as I am unifocal but the other points look very interesting. Thanks again, I appreciate your kindness.

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Thank your RC for the link. I've always wondered how much of the options are needed. I try to stay away from all of them unless I THINK it might be a good thing. Probably none of them are needed or it would be part of the whole app. DAH!

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I didn't remember the content of this thread so I started anew. As I was reading it I began to formulate an opinion and alert to post. Fortunately you already took care of my thoughts. Members/users have to slow down and read everything when installing an application. Even the historically safe and user friendly downloads are now including toolbars and ancillary applications. Fortunately these are not malicious, but just clumsy applications which by design may, or may not, hijack association controls or become default unknowingly.


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Note to OP: I hope you do have another browser installed on your computer other than IE, just in case you should have a problem with IE. Chrome is a great browser, but you do not have to use it as your default browser. Same for Foxfire and Opera. I have them all, but Chrome is my default browser with IE being used only for MS updates.

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I just discovered that I referred to Firefox as "Foxfire". I did this because when I hovered my pointer over the icon in my taskbar, it was named "Mozilla Foxfire". Don't know how this happened, but I have renamed it now and all is well. Sorry for the mistake in prior post.

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