Air jet tubs and rainhead showers????

loves2cook4sixJune 29, 2012

We're doing an emergency bathroom remodel due to a leaking toilet while we were on vacation. Seeing as this was not planned, we don't have too much money for upgrades as insurance will pay to replace.

Our budget will be $10 000 for upgrades.

So far we will keep out Toto toilet and the shower pan. Everything else that was on the floor has to go.

So far we are contemplating an air jet tub, either the BainUltra Amma or the Neptune Revelation. We had a soaker tub which we used daily. We'd like a tub big enough for two. Are air jets worth the extra money? Anyone have one of the tubs with micro bubbles? Do you like that better than air, do you have both, which do you prefer. I am germophobic so bath must be easy to keep clean so that puts whirlpool and channel air systems out of the question.

In the shower we were considering just a hand held shower on a rod and three jets. Friends have said that we should have a shower head and have recommended a rainhead. Looks like these are too gentle to rinse my thick long hair. Wondering if it's worth the $1000 outlay now to offset possible resale value. We do plan to be in the house at least 6 more years.

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Mom has Bain Ultra Meridian with air jets. She and Dad love it. It gives a nice therapeutic massage. It also has a dual dry cycle to help ensure there is no water in the air holes after the water has drained from the tub. The Amma is similar to their Meridian except it has those "integrated seats" in it. I really like the look of the Amma myself.

On the other hand, I prefer a gentler air bubble bathing experience. We have the Kohler Purist with the effervescence feature (micro bubbles). It's exactly like what I imagined sitting in a tub full of champagne would feel like--soft, relaxing, caressing bubbles. Definitely more my speed.

What does your shower layout look like? We have a regular showerhead, a handheld with multiple settings on a slide bar and a ceiling mount rainhead. We occasionally use the rainhead. With the way we placed the handheld and the main showerhead, we can achieve a very similar experience to the jets. Jets can be very costly, require plenty of water pressure (no running the dishwasher, washing machine or any other baths) while running those jets, and once installed many people use them for the first couple months and then stop. I would really do some serious thinking on the jets--unless you're in a super upscale neighborhood where the houses are all relatively new and have all the latest gadgets, no buyer will expect the jets. However, I do think buyers will expect a shower head and not just a handheld.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks mydreamhome. We are going to go tomorrow to the Kohler store and look at the Purist.

Our shower is not large but definitely not small either. it's about 4' wide and 3' deep. Part of the width is 12" of the tub deck which creates a seat in the shower. I only shower to get clean and wash my hair otherwise I'm a tub girl through and through. DH on the other hand loved the jets he used on a recent hotel stay. The shower is not big enough for two people to use. DH thinks we would be fine with just the hand held shower spray mounted high enough and the jets.

We live in a nice neighborhood. In our town it is in the top 25% of "niceness" but we are close to a big city and if you take in the neighboring towns we are probably very middle of the road. Some of my friends and neighbors who have remodeled bathrooms have done jets, steam and rainhead showers etc and others haven't. Some have even taken out tubs all together. As I told dh, I wouldn't even consider buying a house without a soaker tub at the very least in the MB but I've heard others who wouldn't mind.

I guess we're still trying to figure out if we need an additional fixed shower head or not.

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I'd put in a regular showerhead also. In my experience, a handheld showerhead just doesn't seem to maximize available water pressure unless it is turned on to one of the massage settings. Fixed showerheads are pretty inexpensive in the scheme of things. As I think back on my 10 years of selling homes in my community, buyers do anticipate a fixed showerhead in a shower that is separate from the tub. Body sprays, on the otherhand, would for most people be a bonus that they may or may not see themselves using.

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We're putting in a fixed shower head and a handheld sprayer, would that work for you?

Love airtubs. First had a Sanijet, now have a Vitabath and next one is a Kohler Archer airtub. Haven't gotten to sit in that one yet but I'm looking forward to it. I think they're worth the money but that's just me. Some people really like to just soak in peace and quiet.

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