Autumn and Halloween Decorations

dreamgoddessOctober 19, 2010

I don't really go all out decorating for Autumn and Halloween, but here's a link to my blog where you can see what I've done so far.

Candy, if you see this post, you're the inspiration behind one of the items on the 6th photo. LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: Decorating for Autumn and Halloween

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Dream, wonderful decorations and sounds like Lisette has you under a Spell already. Fun story to go with the decs. Darling scarecrows, candle holder and pumpkin. I really like your place mat. The hall tree is nice and I need to know what Candy inspired. Wish I had more time and I would be going back to every post of Candy's to figure out this mystery.LOL

I love the orange witch boots. Very cool decorations.


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Candy had a very cool crystal ball on her dining table that she posted. She put it together from items she found at the TS. I just loved it!

I found the lamp globe at the TS this past weekend and the pillar candleholder. Well, I actually bought two globes. One was clear glass, which was the one I wanted to use...but my daughter really liked the crackle glass globe, so I used it for her.

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I like the crackled ball.
Would you believe???? I have those very same boots in hot pink!!!
The scarecrow couple is really cute.
I don't worry about decorations clashing with my regular decor, because the decorations are just temporary.
Also, much of my decor is fairly neutral so it doesn't clash too much. However, my Christmas bedding is red and green and my bedroom is mostly burgundy, so there is some clashing going on then!!

Great job! I hope Lisette doesn't bewitch anyone! LOL


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Dream...your decorations are just wonderful and Very Creative!
Those Boots are too much >> lol
I love the idea with the gloves on the table and the hanging feather boa. Great crystal ball and your Jack O Lantern is just screams 'Halloween' . I love it.
You have so many lovely fall touches and they all look
so warm and inviting. I enjoyed seeing everything you've done.

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Dream, Your decorations are wonderful. I think Lissette must be related to Lucinda [I think that is her name, She told every one she met something different] who visited with me last year and completely took over my house. She was as beautiful as she was devious. Gotta watch out for those witches!!!

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You've done lots of fall decorating, I think. I love the story that goes with the pix. Okay, where did you get those boots? I'm in love with them, you know the frou-frou thing and all.

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dream...your kitchen island looks very lovely with your Fall decor ...that crystal cookie jar is beautiful. Love that you used Fall harvest colors, nature's gifts to us & that pair of cute along with that elegant pumpkin. Linen choice ties it all tog, too. Love this area!

When you said, "I really don't go all out..." you were kidding, of course! Wow, your dining room area is certainly decked out for all the ghosts, goblins & witches passing thru! Those witches boots are to "die" for! I'm sure Lisette would cast another spell on anyone who tries to walk in her shoes! Ahhhh, I can't even go into describing your fantastic buffet!

Everything is just booutiful, dream! Looks like you are having a great time & keeping Lisette on her toes (err, broomstick) reading your dialog! Happy Halloween! Jeanne S.

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Fun and pretty too, Dream. Love the witch's attire on the halltree. And those boots! Where in the world did you find orange boots like that???? I think the crackled glass is perfect and like how you topped it off. Must say your "witchy" jack o lantern is a really scary guy--must be those eyes! LOL

I know what you mean about mixing Fall/Halloween in with your pastels--I have the same problem in my house too. Like Candy, I just do it and don't worry too much about it. It does kinda mess up the "atmosphere" when trying to take Halloween pictures at my house though. ;o(


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Thanks Dream, I do remember Candy's crystal ball. She has so many neat things that I had forgot about it.


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Candy, how cool that you have the boots in hot pink! I really think the clear glass would have been better to use as it's bigger. I think the skull is a little too large for the crackled glass and I needed something on top of it to disguise the fact that the top is flat.

Jane, that Jack is quite bright, isn't it! I think it's all the orange inside reflecting. Almost hurts to look at it.

Nana, I think Lisette and Lucinda need to meet up! In fact, I need to meet she posted here somewhere?

Frou, the boots were a TS find a couple of weeks ago. I actually left them sitting in the store 2 different times. After leaving the second time, I turned right around and went back to get them. I only paid $2.99 for them and they really look like they've never been worn at all.

Jeanne, considering some of the decorating I've seen here, my contributions are pathetic! Until coming here, I never really decorated for anything except Christmas. I'm slowly getting "stuff" to decorate for other seasons and holidays. You know, it's all these Enablers here...sometimes you just have to go with the flow. LOL

Luvs, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem! It's just so glaring though as I have alot of pink and roses type of stuff. Then you see all the fall colors...sort of jarring to the senses. I've decided I'm going to do the same thing - just not worry about it.

Punk, I agree! Candy's table was a pure pleasure to look at.

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